(Clearwisdom.net) Papers from the Eighth Annual Internet Experience Sharing Conference for Practitioners in China began to be published on Clearwisdom on November 9, 2011. Many western practitioners overseas are inspired by the mainland disciples' diligent and solid cultivation in such a harsh environment.

Finding True Self, 100% Righteous Belief

Ms. Rose is a tourist guide. She said the part that moved her the most is mainland cultivators' firm righteous thoughts. I enlightened that firm righteous thoughts come from diligently studying the Fa and 100% righteous belief. The rationality based on these made them do well with what they should do. Based on such righteous belief, Master and gods are strengthening them all the time.

“Fellow practitioners' firmness moved me,” Rose said, “and I asked myself if I truly know who I am? Do I truly know a cultivator's mission in the Fa-rectification period? I hope I am a solid Dafa disciple, but at the same time, I haven't been able to put down attachments to leisure.” Rose hopes she can study the Fa more, raise her understandings of the Fa principles, and fulfill the sacred mission of a Dafa disciple in Fa-rectification cultivation.

Looking Inside to Cultivate Away the Attachment of Leisure

Ms. Isabelle works in a famous French company. She clarified the truth to her colleagues, and she demonstrates the Falun Gong exercises twice a week. She said, “I often read these sharing papers, which enlightened me to look inside. I found my shortcomings by comparing my cultivation with fellow practitioners in China. Facing the danger of being arrested and jailed, fellow practitioners in China still righteously believe in Master, solidly study the Fa, and clarify the truth well. Now I see how important it is to clarify the truth to Chinese on the street in Paris. Western disciples need to learn from mainland disciples, and not become lost in leisurely lives.”

Every Paper Is a Gift

Mr. Mathieu in France expressed how he feels every paper is a gift to us. “I can feel the power of our Dafa disciples' one body,” he said, adding: “I am deeply moved, and I can feel the energy passing through my body, purifying my system. I learned so much! And I feel very calm. I see our one body upgraded, and I am eager to read the next Fa-conference's papers.”

Helped Me Increase My Belief in Master and Dafa

Ms. Geraldine is also from France, and expressed that the solid faith of mainland disciples to Dafa “made me see my own shortcomings in cultivation. Selfishness and attachment to leisure caused me to not have firm confidence, and not being able to do well what Master requires us to do. These attachments also caused me to look outwardly when coming across problems.” She hopes to cultivate away complicated human attachments, diligently advance, and do the three things well.

Looking Inside to Cultivate Away Attachments

Ms. Corine is living in Switzerland. “These papers showed how fellow practitioners in China incorporate cultivation into their daily life,” she said, “Especially how they seek inwardly on everything, constantly cultivate away human attachments, that helped me so much! I was inspired to solidly cultivate.”

Forming One Body by Breaking Through Walls

Ms. Sofie is in Belgium. She has been bothered by “walls” in between one fellow practitioner and herself for many years. The sharing papers opened up her heart, as she knows that Master is with her all the time. When facing problems, we should be looking inside. After putting down attachments to the fellow practitioner’s attitude towards her, she began to treat fellow practitioners with compassion and tolerance and improving the cultivation environment. She said, “We are one body. Fellow practitioners need to cooperate well. Compassion can break through walls. Being a cultivator is truly a blessing!”