(Clearwisdom.net) Master said: “The Fa gained, you now stand divine,” (“Salvation Far and Wide”, Hong Yin). The greatness of Dafa of the cosmos is inconceivable. The “Fa” of the cosmos bestowed to humankind by our merciful Master is unprecedented and has given Fa-rectification disciples a sacred mission and supreme glory. It will also leave a divine path for future generations.

Miracles Occur as Righteous Thoughts Arise

Dafa disciples started clarifying the truth to sentient beings six months after the persecution began. We distributed fliers and displayed banners. Without knowing that we could send righteous thoughts at that time, we just did things with pure minds. Under Master's protection, I have walked the path smoothly and passed all trials safely, one after another. Below are some of the miracles I have experienced while telling people the facts.

One day while riding my motorcycle with my child and some informational materials, two policemen stopped me. One of the policemen wanted to check the box. I calmly and cheerfully said to him: “Didn't you check it out already? Do you want to look again?” He thought for a few seconds and then waved his hand: “You can go now!” Indeed, whenever a Dafa practitioner acts in an open manner and manifests divine power, evils are eliminated.

One evening, I was hanging small colored banners on a string between two trees in the park when a couple walked toward me. As they got closer until they were approximately 20 meters away, I suddenly thought: “This is close enough. Just stay there.” The couple instantly stopped and quietly watched me hang the banners.

It was raining on another evening when I was making banners. On a whim I thought that the rain would stop once I was done and the park would be empty of people so that I could hang the banners. The rain did stop and it turned out to be exactly what I had been thinking! I hung the banners on a rope and tied it to two trees near a busy street so that they could be easily seen by passers-by the next morning.

I rode my motorcycle to hang the truth clarification banners in a park one night. On my way out of the park, I saw a group of teenagers climbing over the gate to get out of the park. They told me the gate was locked. I wondered how I would be able to leave the park with the motorcycle. As I got to the gate, I found that the gate was not locked. Those kids were astonished as they watched me leave. Every time I think about this incident, I feel I experienced a miracle. I then understood that by hanging the truth clarification banners, and by following the Fa principles Master has continuously given to us, Dafa disciples could save all sentient beings, including the gate. Since it was saved, how could the gate not open automatically when needed?

I went to see my mother in a suburban area on a rainy day. I had a fleeting thought that the rain would stop when I was ready to distribute the information, and it did. Once I finished the work, the sky became so dark that it looked like the rain might return soon. I was worried about the fliers that offered salvation being placed outdoors. On my way home, I continuously sent forth righteous thoughts to eliminate the evil. My mother told me the next day that there wasn't any rain in her area after I left. I felt relieved: “Master, I cannot describe how great you are. You have coordinated well with many powerful Gods and made beings in various dimensions assimilate to Dafa.”

I have used my skills and capabilities while validating the Fa. Because everything is given by Master, I have been able to select the perfect materials for the truth clarification banners. Because everything is for the Fa, I have been able to smoothly deliver the truth to people using many different means. Master said: “Cultivation is up to you, gong is up to the master." (Zhuan Falun). As long as I have the wish to save people, Master will let me witness the miraculous power of Dafa.

Merciful Thoughts Subdue Influences of Worldly Things

In the summer of 1998, we practiced the group exercises in the square. On rainy days, we did the exercises in an exterior corridor under the building eaves. On one rainy day, after the group exercises, I rode my motorcycle home in the rain without a raincoat. When I got home, I found my clothes were not wet at all. Our merciful Master must have protected me, and I am very grateful.

At the end of July 2002, I took a trip with my coworkers by train to Mount Tai, where there are many monks and Taoists in temples. Although they have searched for the Fa, they have not obtained it. I felt sorry about their fruitless efforts. I thought about their salvation and the opportunity seemed good to offer them some informational materials.

It was sweltering hot that night inside the train and many of the passengers could not get a good night sleep. But it did not bother me at all. The woman across from my berth asked me why the heat did not bother me. I told her that I was a practitioner and a practitioner usually has good health and is not sensitive to climate changes. Later, I clarified the truth to her.

As a matter of fact, I knew in my heart that Master was encouraging me because of my merciful thoughts for saving sentient beings. Thus, I did not worry about the variations in the world around me, including being hot.

Mind Intent Guides Supernatural Powers

Whenever I clearly understand the Fa from the Fa principles, the power of my righteous thoughts grows stronger and I am able to easily learn how to use supernatural powers. One incident that occurred in 2005 demonstrates the use of supernatural abilities.

In order to pass an audit, everyone in my work unit worked overtime to falsify data. When my supervisor told me to copy fake records, I did what he asked in the beginning. But later on when I walked out of my office to make copies, I all of a sudden realized this was not right: “How could I spend my time doing something bad to support the wicked party?” Immediately after this fleeting thought, the supervisor shouted out: “Stop what you are doing. It is time to go home!”

Because of my attachment of feelings toward my family, I bickered with my father when he did not take my advice to quit the CCP. I even called him negative names such as “stubborn”. Our relationship grew worse as time went by. I finally realized through Fa study that I had been taken advantage of by the evil through my loopholes. I also enlightened that ordinary people like my father would not be able to restrain any bad notions they had from my attachment. I began to send forth righteous thoughts: “My father knows the truth. He will ask me to help him quit the CCP soon.” Within one week, my mother said to me: “Let me tell you the exciting news. Your father decided to withdraw from the CCP a few days ago.” I was surprised at the power of my thoughts and regretted that I did not enlighten to it sooner.

Breaking Through the Tribulations

The old forces have always kept a close eye on Dafa disciples and plotted against them by giving them various tribulations. Under the protection of merciful Master, I not only negated and eliminated the evil, but also continuously upgraded my xinxing and firmly assisted Master to rectify the Fa. If I could validate Dafa immediately, the result would be even better.

On a rainy day in 2003, I was hit by a car and fell off my motorcycle. I lay on the ground and said to the driver and bystanders: “Don't worry. I will be all right. I will not swindle money out of you.” I slowly stood up and pushed the damaged motorcycle home. I must have had a twisted knee joint. It felt painful as I hobbled along the street. I did not dare validate Dafa on the street because I harbored fear from being abducted by police three times in the past. I called the driver a few days later and told him: “I am a practitioner of Falun Gong. Under the protection of Dafa and from practicing cultivation, my injury will soon be healed. I did not ask you to have my motorcycle repaired because my Master always wants us to look inwards at ourselves and be considerate of others.” I then briefly clarified the truth to him and told him to keep in mind that Falun Dafa is good. I felt so relieved afterwards.

The past few years in the city where I live, there have been a lot of robberies. Almost all of the victims were hurt badly and some were even killed. On Jan. 15, 2007, I was grabbed from behind in an alley after I posted the last piece of truth clarification informational material. I cried out loudly in my mind: “Master help me!” and then I passed out.

When I regained consciousness, I saw words and sentences from “On Buddha Law” scrolling on a sheet of paper like slides moving across a computer screen. At the same time I heard someone reciting these messages continuously until the end of the first paragraph. I instantly knew that it was Master who saved me. My profuse gratitude to Master!

When I was ready to go home, I found my bag was gone. I realized that I had been mugged! With this wrong thought, I immediately felt a severe pain in my head. I had a big bump on my head and I temporarily lost my memory. I couldn't remember where I was and why I was there. I went home after I became sober. I was bleeding from my mouth. My head looked like it had been hit by a hammer. My family wanted me to have it checked out at the hospital. I told them that I would be fine because Master had already saved me. To make them feel better, I described the scene I had seen.

I still had some head pain while doing the exercises on Saturday, but it disappeared the next day. I returned to work the following Monday even though I still felt dizzy and nauseated. Two days later the blood that had clotted oozed out to my eye sockets and I had black eyes. I was fully recovered in one week and my two teeth straightened up not long after.

All of my colleagues who knew that I had been mugged and how Dafa saved my life were amazed at the supernatural power of Dafa. I also told those who did not know what happened. Any single event, no matter whether it is a good or bad, is always an opportunity for a practitioner to clarify the truth.

Another attachment that I had to break through was that I was gluttonous. When I sent righteous thoughts to eliminate this attachment, I used to hear a trembling voice coming from my stomach saying “Wow, smells so good!” However, this interference grew weaker and finally vanished when I focused more seriously on righteous thoughts. Nothing is allowed to interfere with me now or keep me from doing the three things well.

By negating the persecution by old forces, I was able to witness the supernatural powers given by Master. This makes me more steadfast in my belief in Master and Dafa. I enlightened that I just cannot wait to negate the old forces' arrangements as they come. I need to actively eliminate them. I also know that there won't be any hardship in this process because this is what has been determined by the universe's Fa.

Wicked Posters Removed after Letting Go of Human Thoughts

I heard one day that many vicious posters that slandered Dafa were displayed inside the community bulletin box. Now that people understood the truth, I felt that their thoughts could not be poisoned again. I went to remove the posters that night. It was raining in the evening. The plastic cover on the bulletin box was too difficult to remove. I sent forth righteous thoughts. Surprisingly, the community removed the wicked posters the next morning. After I thought it over, I realized that I was able to quickly eliminate the evil because I let go of my human thoughts and firmly sent righteous thoughts.


Looking back over the fourteen years of my Dafa cultivation, I recalled my pre-historic path to follow Master to the human world. I allowed my thoughts to hurtle through time and space to refresh my memory.

When I first watched Master's lecture videos in 1996, I saw a merciful Buddha teaching the Fa on the screen. He looked exactly the same as the portrait of The Lord of Buddhas displayed in the “Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance Art Exhibition”. Later, when I would introduce Falun Dafa with merciful thoughts , I would see a colorful Law Wheel rotating. After my xinxing was upgraded, I saw a scene in which many Gods descended to the human world. I did not understand its inner meaning until I watched “The Vow” from the 2008 Shen Yun Performing Arts performance video. Since then I no longer stray when encountering tribulations. I am here to rectify the Fa and I will not miss this precious opportunity that only comes only once in tens of thousands of years.

Through many cycles of reincarnation, my strong desire for Dafa has never ceased. My determination to return to my true nature grows firmer in this fast changing world. I am fortunate that I have experienced the Fa-rectification that Master has done to save sentient beings. I feel thankful and honored that I have assisted Master to rectify the Fa to fulfill my prehistoric vow.