(Clearwisdom.net) A fellow practitioner once asked me, “How can one save more sentient beings?” First, one needs to study the Fa well. Then one needs to follow the Fa principles and cultivate oneself. We must also cooperate with fellow practitioners unselfishly and selflessly. Look inward when faced with conflicts, and form a sense of unity with fellow practitioners for saving people. The following are three examples.

I Must Be Wrong

I helped a practitioner who produced Dafa information materials by re-stapling booklets when the staples were out of place and by re-cutting the booklet edges if they were not straight, etc. After a while he looked inward and said, “I was not concentrating enough when I was working on them.” Once, I asked him to make two copies of Hong Yin, and he made four instead. He did not staple them and all of the pages were shuffled together. I managed to arrange two complete copies and stapled them. I burnt the remaining pages in front of Teacher's picture after I prayed and asked the deities on them to leave first.

Once when he delivered materials to me, I told him not to make copies of the Minghui Weekly, since we still had a lot of issues from past weeks. He agreed. But the next time he came, he brought me doubled the amount of the Minghui Weekly. I suppressed my anger and asked him, “Don’t you remember that I asked you not to make copies of the Minghui Weekly?” He said, “Yes, I do. But this issue is really good, so I made some extra.” I did not explode, but I was quite upset. I knew I needed to look inward. But when I did I found I was not at fault, and I could not find anything wrong on my part. I decided to study the Fa. When I finished, I was much calmer. I asked myself why I had been upset. I found it was because he did not listen to me. Then I asked myself, “Why did I tell him not to make them?” It was because fellow practitioners were unwilling to deliver them. Why didn’t I take responsibility for the group? After looking inward I discovered it was my fault. I was finally clear. It was indeed my fault. I combined the new issue with the old ones that were left and put each set in an envelope. I decided to deliver them myself. But other practitioners took them all before I had a chance to do that. I understood that it was Teacher who used this incident to elevate my xinxing. There had been many similar situations in the past, but I did not look inward and missed the opportunity to elevate myself. I learned a lesson: whenever I feel troubled, it must be my fault.

Be Honest to Others

In 2008, I was responsible for delivering the Minghui Weekly to a few practitioners who lived 9 kilometers away. I went there every Monday by bicycle. One cold winter day, with a northeastern wind blowing and snow flakes in the air, I walked my bike very slowly. It took me one hour to go just three kilometers. I wondered why I was still going on such a cold winter day. Then I thought of “The Story of the Golden Buddha.” Everything a practitioner faces is a measure of his cultivation. I decided that no matter how cold it was, I would go. The normal half-hour trip took me over three hours. When I walked into the practitioner’s home, he looked at me in awe and said, “You came here in such cold weather, we have hard time staying outside for just a few minutes. Why have you delivered the Weekly?” Then he said with tears in his eyes, “If we do not work hard in the future, we will be ashamed to face you. We will really have a hard time facing Teacher.” My example inspired the practitioner’s whole family to work very diligently from then on.

Treat Others with Benevolence

A Clearwisdom.net article talked about a practitioner who did not harbor any resentment when his head was hit and injured by a criminal in a forced labor camp. His celestial eye was open and he saw that as the man hit him, he was stepping into hell. The practitioner cried and yelled, “Stop!” The man was stunned and stopped. The practitioner told him, “You were stepping into hell when you hit me. Had you hit me one more time you would have entered hell. Then no one would be able to save you. I want you to have a good future so I stopped you.” The man knelt on the ground and said, “You practitioners are just great. You don’t hate me when I hit you and you even thought of my future. From now on I will not hit practitioners. I would be dammed if I do.” Indeed practitioners are great. Only Zhuan Falun can create such great and benevolent practitioners.

I am writing this article to remind myself to look inward all the time. I hope fellow practitioners can all work together and also look inward to form a sense of unity and save sentient beings. Heshi.