Name: Liu Heqing (刘和清)
Gender: Male
Age: 40
Address: Yisuhe Town, Xiangtan County, Hunan Province
Occupation: Technician at the Xiangtan County Crankshaft Factory
Date of Most Recent Arrest: August 26, 2011
Most Recent Place of Detention: Xiangtan City Mental Hospital (市精神病院, 市五人民医院))
City: Xiangtan
Province: Hunan
Persecution Suffered: Electric shocks, forced labor, brainwashing, forced injections/drug administration, beatings, hanging by handcuffs, solitary confinement, torture, dismissal from workplace, physical restraint, unwarranted detention in mental hospital, home ransacking, interrogation, detention, denial of restroom use.

( After Mr. Liu Heqing began cultivating Falun Dafa in 1999, he benefited both mentally and physically from the practice. Since the persecution started, he has been arrested and detained multiple times, been sent to a forced labor camp three times, and been held in a mental hospital twice.

Arrested and Brutally Beaten after Returning Home from a Forced Labor Camp

Mr. Liu Heqing was fired in 2000 after the CCP started to persecute Falun Gong. He was arrested in October 2000, and taken to a forced labor camp for a one-year term. His term was extended an additional six months because he steadfastly kept his faith. Upon returning home, he made a living by driving a motorcycle taxi in the Caichangkou community in Yisihe Town. On the afternoon of March 10, 2003, Town Police Station Director Xie Zhengmiao and former Director Tang Zhengming approached Mr. Liu and asked him to drive them to the station. Mr. Liu did not agree, but Xie quickly called five county 610 Office agents, who forcibly carried Mr. Liu to the station. Mr. Liu saw that Mr. Liu Shuqiu, a fellow practitioner, was also in custody.

After thirty minutes, County Domestic Security Chief Xiong Liangjun and another officer searched Mr. Liu in another room. Mr. Liu protested. Another officer was then called in, and held Mr. Liu down on the floor, stepped on him, and took his copy of Zhuan Falun, his Dafa materials, and a personal phone book. They pulled the sleeve off his shirt. Mr. Liu took back the phone book and tore it to pieces. Mr. Liu was held down on the floor again, and the pieces were taken away. His hands were handcuffed behind his back and he was taken to the county detention center. Inside the detention center other prisoners in the 13th cell slapped him 50-60 times, then punched him in the face, breaking the skin and causing him to bleed.

On March 11, 2003, the county 610 Office conducted an interrogation, with Xiong Liangjun, Tang Wenjian, Liu Guoyun, Officer Yang, and Officer A participating. Officer A first punched and kicked Mr. Liu, Officer Yang insulted him, then Liu Guoyun told Mr. Liu that he should tell the officers what they wanted to know to avoid further torture. Mr. Liu answered, “Falun Gong practitioners clarify the truth and do not violate any laws.” He didn't say anything else. Officer A then beat him again. He was repeatedly tortured for the entire morning. Finally Officer Yang put a pair of 15-kg (33 lb.) shackles on Mr. Liu's ankles. Just then, they all heard Mr. Liu Shuqiu screaming in pain. Later Mr. Liu Heqing learned that they had hung him up by his handcuffs, which were closed behind his back.

Second Time Sent to Forced Labor Camp--Loses Consciousness After being Handcuffed Behind the Back and Hung Up

Mr. Liu was interrogated for two more days but divulged nothing. On the fourth day, two more officers took Mr. Liu to an interrogation room with metal fans. Six to seven officers handcuffed Mr. Liu's hands behind his back, then put a rope through the handcuffs and hung him up on the metal fans.


Torture re-enactment: Handcuffed behind the back and hung up

Because his entire body weight was on his shoulders, Mr. Liu was in extreme pain. The cuffs cut into his flesh, and he could not help but scream, Xiong Liangjun then slapped him. He suffered from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. They did not allow him to use the toilet or eat lunch. When they put him down, he fell down as soon as his feet touched the floor, shivered all over, and then passed out. The prisoners who carried him back to the cell said he looked dead. After coming to he had no feeling in his arms. He could not move his arms until one month later. His wrists still have cuff marks. After a week, Tang Wenjian and officer A ordered Mr. Liu to sign the interrogation record, but he absolutely refused. Officer A beat him again, and Tang Wenjian threatened to hang him up again. Finally they held his hand to get his fingerprint on the record. Two months later, the police sent him to a forced labor camp for one year.

Third Time Sent to a Forced Labor Camp

In March 2005, police from Majiahe Community Station (in the Yuetang District) arrested Mr. Liu Heqing, and took him directly to Xinkaipu Forced Labor Camp. On June 9, 2005, Mr. Liu shouted, “Falun Dafa is great!” Seventh Warden Dou Xianglin, Hu Qifeng, and Zhou Shixiong then locked him in solitary confinement for seven days, and tortured him for two months in the Strict Management Cell. Mr. Liu was tortured and forced to stand or sit in certain positions for a long time, facing the wall. He was also shocked with electric batons and brutally beaten, among other tortures. The high voltage electric baton shocks caused his right leg to become numb and crippled.

Mr. Liu never followed their orders. He kept shouting, “Falun Dafa is great!” In early August 2005, warden Dou Xianglin and guard He Jun had Mr. Liu “diagnosed” as schizophrenic, and called Mr. Liu's family to pick him up on August 20. Upon returning home, through studying the Fa and doing the exercises, Mr. Liu's crippled leg recovered miraculously.

Sent to a Mental Hospital the First Time

Before the CCP two congresses convened, on the morning of February 25, 2006, local officer Zhao Jianxiang made sure Mr. Liu was home, then Xiangtan County Domestic Security Chief Han Xiaolin and Yisuhe Town Police Station Director Lu Gu arrested Mr. Liu and took him directly to Xiangtan City Mental Hospital. They put shackles on him and forcibly injected him with drugs that damage the central nervous system, which then caused him to fall into a deep sleep. The doctor later found him to be perfectly normal, with no mental illness, but they still would not release him and said he had to wait until the CCP two congresses were over. He was held in the mental hospital for 20 days.


Torture re-enactment: Injected with unknown drugs

Arrested and Detained Multiple Times

At around 4:00 a.m. on June 5, 2007, Mr. Liu and the family of Ms. Lu Mengjun (a fellow practitioner) prepared to visit her on her trial day. As soon as they left the house, less than 50 meters away, the police arrested Mr. Liu and searched him. They interrogated him in Hutan Police Station, then detained him in Xiangtan City Detention Center, where other prisoners beat him cruelly, covering his chest with purple bruises. Mr. Liu shouted, “Falun Dafa is great!” He was released after 35 days.

At around 9:00 p.m. on February 26, 2008, as Mr. Liu was passing by the Coal Mine family housing, he was arrested and searched. The police took him into custody because they found one Falun Gong brochure in his possession. Station director Chen Yixin said the next day, “It's about time for the CCP's two congresses. We have to lock you up.” They took him to the Xiangtan County Detention Center at around 8:00 p.m. As soon as Mr. Liu entered, he started shouting “Falun Dafa is great!” He began a hunger strike without water on March 17, 2008, to protest the persecution. On the fifth day, he could not get up. The detention center was afraid he might die, so they took him home on March 21.

Before the 2008 Beijing Olympics, the CCP staged mass arrests of practitioners. The police tried to arrest him in his home in July, but he escaped and had to leave home to avoid being arrested. In late July 2008, he was carrying a large bag while riding his motorcycle, which made the police suspicious. They then chased him near the Yuhu Park apartment building. When he tried to jump from the building, he sprained his ankle and broke the other foot, which bled profusely. The police had to take him to Xiangtan City Central Hospital for surgery, and he was bedridden for three months before he could stand up.

During this time, He Bo, the former Farming Machinery Bureau head, was promoted to chair of the Xiangtan County 610 Office. He threatened Mr. Liu at home, “If you expose me on the Minghui website, I will torture you to death!” On May 19, 2010, He Bo arrested Mr. Liu and two other practitioners and had them taken to Wujiahuayuan Brainwashing Center. Mr. Liu kept shouting, “Falun Dafa is great!” He was brutally beaten many times by guard Zhou. He once punched Mr. Liu in the chin, causing him to have difficulty eating. The brainwashing session disintegrated after 24 days, and Mr. Liu returned home on June 13, 2010.

Taken to a Mental Hospital Again

Early on the morning of August 26, 2011, Zhu Guangwu, the new CCP Political Security Committee chair, gave orders for Mr. Liu to be taken to a mental hospital (Xiangtan City Fifth Hospital) from home. The doctor, Zhou Jiqian, shackled Mr. Liu's four limbs and personally injected nerve-damaging drugs. Mr. Liu became confused and weak and fell into a deep sleep. Mr. Liu went on a hunger strike for nine days and was brutally force-fed. His asthma recurred, and he was released on October 9, 2011.

Currently Mr. Liu is back at his job at the Crankshaft Factory. Yanjing Community Administration Secretary Guo Qiulian keeps harassing him at home and has been asking for other practitioner's phone numbers.