(Clearwisdom.net) As I see it, many practitioners do not truly understand the news of Jiang's possible death and the position suggested by a particular Minghui article about it. I feel that they have not done well in this regard. I have discussed the issue with several of them in my local area. We shared about why many of us did not conduct ourselves according to the Minghui article suggestion. Of course there are also a small number of individuals who still refuse to come to their senses and say that they have different understandings than the Minghui editors and that they are more correct, and so on. The number of practitioners who hold such views is small but the degree of their attachment regarding this issue is beyond what is considered ordinary. As the saying goes, "an announcement posted everywhere still won't make the illiterate aware”.

Even from the standpoint of everyday people, the evil Jiang Zemin, at eighty four years old, is at an age where death is not unexpected. Besides, even if he has not died, he is not far from it and can no longer play any significant role. The destruction of the evil is about to become reality, as is the Fa-rectification of the human world. Then why is it that fellow practitioners still think back and forth and feel hesitant? Is it up to the evil CCP to decide the death of evil Jiang? Doesn't the matter lay in the hands of the divine? Can all this be controlled by the CCP's media? Many of us have practiced Falun Gong for many years now, yet we are still attached to and influenced by the evil CCP's media. Shouldn't we feel alarmed by this?

With regard to the article published on Minghui [Chinese version of Clearwisdom website]: “A Time for Fireworks and Celebration”, why were we so slow in taking action, even though we always say that on important matters we must pay attention to the attitude of Minghui? We discussed it over and over again, but were very slow in taking action. The reasons are very simple; one is an attachment to fear, one is that some practitioners feel that this period has come to an end so quickly and they have not yet cultivated well; another reason is that practitioners did not have a clear understanding about the significance of setting off firecrackers.

Our attachment to fear drove us to push away our responsibility and question if it was appropriate to act according to the Minghui article, or say that Jiang's death had nothing to do with us and we should not “be moved”. As I understand it, however, we Dafa practitioners should have encouraged other people to buy and set off firecrackers instead of just us doing it stealthily. My understanding is that it was not only a cosmic change to completely eliminate evil Jiang's interference, but also an opportunity to clarify the facts to people and save people through encouraging them to set off firecrackers. It is based on the same reasoning as encouraging people to quit the CCP and its associated organizations. Setting off firecrackers demonstrates their determination to break away from the evil and to eliminate the evil. It was a way and an opportunity for people to be saved. Some practitioners even lit a string of firecrackers and posted the photo to Minghui. Can we regard this as clarifying the truth? Such behavior cannot be justified.

On the other hand, when some practitioners heard that evil Jiang was dead, they thought it would soon be the period for Fa-rectification of the human world, and therefore Dafa disciples would soon finish their cultivation and all would be decided. Many fellow practitioners may have felt: “Oh dear, I have not done well enough and I'm still behind in many areas, and there are still many sentient beings to be saved. Will it just end like this?” Some practitioners may have thought this way.

Other practitioners educated in the CCP party culture have ways of thinking and looking at things still following the pattern of the CCP party culture. Even to date, they still only look at things on the surface and have not learned to look at things essentially, on the basis of the Fa. They cannot see clearly what is the main direction and what is trivial. Their way of thinking is rigid and they tend to pay excessive attention to the details of the wording while failing to understand the essence of the matter. This is also one of the reasons why they did not know what to do and thus lost this good opportunity.

In short, it is my understanding that it may be because so many Dafa disciples lacked righteous thoughts that the evil head Jiang re-appeared.