(Clearwisdom.net) In April 2011, a veteran practitioner from our area downloaded a false scripture from the Internet titled “Master's lecture in Mount Hope from the year before last year.” He said that it was very high level and could only be circulated within a small group. Many practitioners felt like they had obtained some kind of treasure.

I also received the article. Initially, I thought that it was really Master's latest lecture and I also passed it on to two other practitioners. However, later I discovered that it was not one of the new scriptures that Master published on the Minghui website (Chinese version of Clearwisdom). I contacted the Minghui website, who immediately replied that the article was fabricated by Chinese Communist Party (CCP) agents. Minghui asked that we must stop spreading it. Not long after that, Minghui sent out another notice “To Be Destroyed.”

I immediately shared the letter from Minghui with some of the practitioners who had received the false scripture, and asked them to no longer pass it around and told them to destroy it right away. Some practitioners were able to wake up and stopped passing it around, but some refused to destroy it. Some have read it repeatedly as if it's the Fa and have claimed to have “enlightened to Fa principles from it.” When sharing experiences, some practitioners said, “There are very few people in the country that can reach Consummation. Do what it says right now and don't do the exercises any more.” Since then some people have indeed stopped doing the exercises. When they were told that Minghui issued a notice to stop doing this, they said that Minghui did not represent Master.

I was shocked to hear that. Must it take Master's words? Actually Master already said in “Immutable” from Essentials for Further Advancement:

“It seems that there still exists a problem if we are to keep Dafa unchanged forever. Namely, there are always students who, driven by their desire to show off and their intention of being different, do things that interfere with Dafa as soon as an opportunity arises. This is sometimes really serious.”

“In fact, most interference for Dafa comes internally, from practitioners themselves. External factors can only affect a few individuals and are unable to alter the Fa. Whether it be at present or in the future, those who can undermine our Fa are none other than our own disciples. Be careful! Our Fa is solid like diamond and immutable. Under no circumstances and for no reason can anyone alter even a bit of the movements with which we are to reach Consummation. Otherwise, this person is undermining the Fa, regardless of whether his motives are good or not.”

Master talked about this issue a long time ago. I want to remind those practitioners who refuse to let the false scriptures go, you must pay attention, stop reading, passing or citing false scriptures. Otherwise you are undermining the Fa.

I want to talk about my understanding of the hazards of spreading false scriptures.

First, let's look at what a false scripture is. Here's my understanding: any article published without Master's permission or anything not published on Minghui are false scriptures, including Master's lectures that have not been published but have been spread by practitioners. Master said in “Awakening” from Essentials for Further Advancement:

“Disruption of the Fa takes many forms, of which unintentional disruption by disciples themselves is the most difficult to detect. Sakyamuni’s Buddhism began its deterioration in just this way and the lesson is profound.”

“Disciples must remember: All Falun Dafa texts are the Fa that I have taught, and they are personally revised and edited by me. From now on, no one is allowed to take excerpts from the tape recordings of my Fa-lectures, nor compile them into written materials. Regardless of whatever your excuses are, that is still undermining the Fa; this includes the so-called “contrasting the differences between the speech and its written form,” and so on.”

Master also said in “Stability of the Fa” from Essentials for Further Advancement:

“I have made it clear in the article “Awakening” that there is no excuse for anybody’s transcribing my words into written materials from the tape recordings—doing this is undermining the Fa. Meanwhile, I have repeatedly emphasized that you cannot circulate the private notes that you took during my lectures. Why do you still do that? What frame of mind drove you to write them? Let me tell you that except for the several officially published books of mine and the dated short articles with my signature that are distributed to different regions by the Research Society, everything transcribed without permission is undermining the Fa. Cultivation is your own matter, and it is your own decision what you pursue. Everyday people all have both demon-nature and Buddha-nature. Demon-nature will take effect once a person’s mind is not righteous. Let me tell you again that an outsider can never damage the Fa. Only students can damage the Fa—remember this!”

Let's further talk about its dangers. The first person to spread this false scripture was a veteran practitioner. Everyone believed that he was relatively diligent and had done a lot of things for Dafa. He had done more in clarifying the truth and distributing CDs than anyone else. However, this practitioner did not study the Fa wholeheartedly and was busy doing things, thus he was taken advantage of by the old forces. Only a few days after spreading the false scripture, he was arrested and taken to the local brainwashing center. Soon he was brainwashed and now has completely quit cultivation. He also became a representative of the evil and slandered Dafa and Master. After practicing for more than ten years and experiencing ups and downs, he now made a huge mistake by undermining Dafa due to his human attachments. Not only has he hurt himself, but others as well.

There are still some people who are confused. They think this “is not likely” a false scripture and saw no bad reaction after reading it. They still did not measure this issue with Dafa. Master is compassionate, but Dafa is serious and solemn. If you can recognize that it is not right to spread false scriptures, rectify this situation and make up for the loss you caused to others by spreading the false scripture, it should not be a big problem. It's inevitable for a practitioner to make mistakes in cultivation. However, if after it is repeatedly pointed out by other practitioners and you still ignore it, then you will go down the wrong path farther and farther, which will result in irreparable damage in the future.

It should be noted that some people especially love false scriptures. What they speak and where they stand are based on false scriptures. They often cite what's in the false scriptures, as it has become second nature to them. They have also written long experience-sharing articles to pass around among practitioners. They put these files in people's MP4 players alongside Master's lectures. This is absolutely undermining Dafa and is caused by not being rational and being full of human attachments. They think they cultivate better than others and have become complacent. This in itself is very dangerous.

Fa-rectification is in the final period. How hard cultivation is! The more one moves up, the harder it gets, and it's very easy to fall down and destroy oneself. It is most dangerous when you think you have cultivated to a high level and others should learn from you. One should cultivate his heart and remove attachments in order to move up. Certainly if you see a fellow practitioner having an obvious problem, it's alright to kindly point it out, but don't develop the mentality of showing off, which can be taken advantage of by demons and start your own fall.

I suggest that practitioners who do not listen to different perspectives and who do not believe in Minghui should change their attitude. This is a big issue concerning the fundamentals of cultivation and whether you respect Master and Dafa.

If you don't do things according to the requirements of the Fa, then you are not truly respecting Master and Dafa, and it's impossible to walk a solid path in Fa-rectification.

Above is my personal understanding. Please kindly point out anything inappropriate.