(Clearwisdom.net) When a female practitioner in Qingdao began to work in an international trading company, she had little experience and was not fluent in English. Within a year, she became a key contributor to her department.

The most difficult part of international trading is developing new clients. Her company had no business connections, little financial resources or publicity. The best they could do at the time was to wait for new customers. As a new employee, she had no clue of what to try. One day while she sat in front of her computer, a thought suddenly came to her: “Mutual generation and mutual inhibition. It is hard to get information directly, but it is easy to get it from existing sales databases. There is a cost for getting clients’ purchasing data, but getting their sales data is free.” It dawned on her that after potential clients buy commodities, they have to sell them, and their marketing information is free. Following this thought, she managed to contact many potential new clients. This practitioner understood that she had benefited from Dafa’s wisdom.

There have been many similar instances among Falun Gong practitioners. The immense and profound Buddha Fa enlightens practitioners’ wisdom. Their minds are elevated, and they can break free from narrow mindsets. After becoming more open minded, they can see the nature of things more easily.

Unmotivated Student Transforms into Outstanding Student in a U.S. College

After the grandson of a Falun Gong practitioner began practicing, he changed from being unmotivated to becoming an outstanding college student in the U.S.

Huifeng is the only child of an affluent family. He was not a good student and liked to hang out in tea houses, internet cafes and hotels. His junior high grades were not good enough for high school, so he entered a junior technical school. After graduating, his parents sent him to a community college. He was still unmotivated and undisciplined. On several occasions, his teachers had to pull him out of bed to attend classes. Neither his teachers nor his parents knew what to do with him.

Huifeng was otherwise a good boy. He told his mom, “I really want to do well in school, but I just cannot sit still.”

Early in 2007, Huifeng went to see his grandmother, who is a Falun Gong practitioner. She told him about the beauty of Dafa and the facts about the persecution. After she told him about the importance of quitting the CCP and its affiliated organizations, he immediately agreed to denounce his membership in the Communist Young Pioneers. The next day, he told her: “Grandma, the principles of Falun Gong are very good. I will begin practicing it.”

Huifeng became a different person. He studied very hard and made remarkable achievements in school and other aspects of life. His teachers, school mates and parents were mystified at the change in him. He told them that he would make up for his six years of lost time. At graduation, he was one of the top five students in his 60-plus member graduating class.

Even without a high school diploma, Huifeng was still accepted by an American university in a pre-college level class. He was given a three-month probationary period to hone his skills in English and other subjects. He did very well and achieved above-average grades. In his freshman year, he completed two years worth of course work. In his sophomore year, he began to take junior level courses.

After he began to practice Dafa in the beginning of 2011, his outlook completely changed.

In U.S. schools, students’ comprehensive capabilities are especially valued. Huifeng wanted to improve his leadership capabilities, but was not sure where to find such opportunities. At the beginning of his sophomore year, the student union asked him to work as a financial director, and he was elected as a member of student government. These activities supplied him with ample opportunities to grow. In 2011, he was recognized twice by the school for his leadership role in student affairs.

Illiterate Elderly Woman Learned to Read Zhuan Falun

In another Clearwisdom article, an elderly lady who was illiterate shared her amazing story. She never attended school and could not read. After she began to practice Falun Gong, she was extremely anxious after seeing all the other people reading Dafa books. One night, she was so saddened by her inability to read that she cried while holding a copy of Zhuan Falun. She began to flip through the book to see what characters she knew. Soon she fell asleep. In her dream, she saw Master Li standing next to a blackboard with the following words from Lunyu:

““The Buddha Fa” is most profound; among all the theories in the world, it is the most intricate and extraordinary science.”

Master taught her to read the whole paragraph word by word. He also asked her to recite the paragraph from memory. Then Master said, “Good.” At that moment, the woman woke up. She immediately opened Zhuan Falun and realized that what she learned in her dream was the first paragraph of “Lunyu”.

Her eldest son was moved by her determination and decided to teach her to read Dafa books. Later she joined a Fa-study group, and kept learning while others were reading. By the following winter, she could read the entire 300-plus-page Zhuan Falun.

[Full story: http://www.clearwisdom.net/html/articles/2011/12/10/130012.html]

Practitioner Employed as a Researcher in a Multinational Company

Another Clearwisdom article reported the story of a Falun Gong practitioner working in a multinational pharmaceutical company in Toronto. This practitioner was a scientist developing a new vaccine. His colleagues usually worked long hours.

He was not attentive to work in the beginning, and his achievement was not satisfactory. Later, he looked inside at his own motivation. He realized that if he did not do his share of the work well, his colleagues would have to do more. His lack of effort did not demonstrate “compassionate” conduct. Master tells practitioners to be good people first. If he did not accomplish his own work, his boss and colleagues would have a negative impression of Falun Gong. He realized that as long as he truly focused on his work, he was able to do a good job. With the wisdom gained through cultivation, he soon did a better job.

He began to pay attention to work and demonstrated the right, unselfish attitude toward his colleagues. His job performance immediately improved. In the next six months, he made very good progress on research and everyone was impressed.

In one business dealing, a software supplier behaved unreasonably. Some colleagues suggested fighting back aggressively. The practitioner insisted on treating the supplier positively. His approach worked and the transaction turned out to be a success. His boss praised him for playing a very positive role for the department.

A cultivator’s wisdom comes from his righteous belief in the Buddha Fa and his own righteous thoughts. The Buddha Fa is boundless, and its wisdom has no limit. Like Master said in “Lunyu”:“The Buddha Fa” is most profound; among all the theories in the world, it is the most intricate and extraordinary science.”

After reading these stories, perhaps you can sit down and learn about Falun Gong. You may also gain important insight and wisdom, and you could begin to explore the mysteries of life and the universe.