(Clearwisdom.net) I have practiced Falun Dafa for 14 years. There have been lots of tribulations along the way, but Master has helped me, and I was able to overcome them. When I was illegally arrested and detained, Master encouraged me to stand up and overcome the difficulties. When I was very worried about family issues and unable to sleep, Master gave me hints to let go of the attachments. When I did well during cultivation, Master would also let me know in a dream.

I have a materials production site in my home that has been running for seven years. I have not interacted much with other practitioners for security reasons and have been running the site by myself. However, I do not feel lonely, since Master has been helping me all the time. Once when the practitioners I worked with were arrested, I was very nervous and worried about the equipment and materials in my home. Master gave me hints that I should continue, and that everything would be fine. When practitioners needed new materials that I had not worked on in the past, Master gave me wisdom so that I could finish them in a short time. Master also protected me and ensured the safety of the materials site by preventing evildoers from coming by.

With more and more experience, I am not only able to produce truth-clarification materials, but also can prepare Dafa books. Practitioners praised me for this, but I was not complacent and instead considered their words as encouragement to do better. Whenever I prepare materials, I feel that Master is by my side. I also have become more focused on doing things well and improving myself, and letting go of many attachments, including showing off and fear.

My home is also a group meeting place where we gather once a week to study the Fa. I am the only young practitioner here; all of the other practitioners are at least 60 years old. Things did not go well when we first started the group Fa-study because we talked a lot about everyday topics. Also, some practitioners only listened to others and were unwilling to share. About one week later, I met Practitioner A who had practiced for a long time. We talked about a few things, and I mentioned the situation of the group Fa-study. She said, “Sounds like your group Fa-study would be suitable for me. Can I join as well?” I said, "Of course." After Practitioner A joined, our Fa-study group experienced a big change. Within several months everyone became more diligent.

Fa-study made me realize that the previous group Fa-study situation was actually an opportunity for me to improve.

Master said in Zhuan Falun,

“If the person did not create this situation for you, how could you upgrade your xinxing? If both you and I are nice to each other and sit there in harmony, how can it be possible to increase gong?”

The worry I had was indeed my problem. Why couldn't I be compassionate toward others but instead only focused on myself?

During discussions I often pointed out other practitioners' shortcomings at will, which hurt them a lot. After looking inward and improving my tone, I was still able to help others by reminding them where they could do better. Everything seemed more natural then, and it became easier for them to accept it.

In Guiding the Voyage, Master said,

“I can tell you that overall you’ve all done things correctly. As for those minor matters or few specific things that you’re unsure of, I think you’ll be able to handle these things well on your own path towards Consummation.” (“Teaching the Fa at the Western U.S. Fa Conference”)

By finding my own shortcomings, I had stronger righteous thoughts during Fa-study. As our group Fa-study improved, we all did better and could focus more on offering sentient beings salvation.

On May 12, 2011, I saw a number of photos on the Minghui website of posters put up carrying the words, “Celebrating May 13th—Falun Dafa Day.” I thought about making some, but it would have been too late if I coordinated with others to do it. I decided to produce some and put them up that night, so that people could see them the next morning. I did it and immediately had a plan of which routes to cover. There were few people on the roads that night and everything went very smoothly.

In order to offer more people salvation, I also mailed truth-clarification materials. Many people changed their behavior once they learned the truth. After reading articles on how successfully other practitioners helped people to quit the Chinese Communist Party and its affiliated organizations, I was also anxious to achieve that. Later on, when looking inward, I found myself focused too much on the number of people agreeing to quit the Party, instead of focusing on really saving them. Continued Fa-study and sharing with others increased my righteous thoughts, and I was able to successfully get people to quit the Party at parks, in stores, or at other locations.

I still have many attachments that I need to eliminate. I will do better to assist Master with the Fa-rectification and saving sentient beings.