Greetings, Great, Benevolent Master!
Greetings, Fellow practitioners!

I would like to share my understanding during a recent rescue mission of fellow disciples.

Walking the Path Master Arranged by Looking Inside

Before cultivating Falun Dafa, I had formed a selfish and self-protecting mindset. After having obtained the Fa, I learned that only by acting according to Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance can one can be a genuinely good person. Falun Gong is cultivation, and cultivating oneself is first and foremost. Things we face in work, life, interpersonal relationships, these all expose what we need to cultivate away. Master taught me how to look inward. I often had xinxing tests. During the early years, I failed to cultivate my speech once, had a big fall, picked myself up and found where I was wrong.

This time we rescued fellow practitioner B. We were very familiar, all belonging to one local group. His family and friends all know that practitioner B became a good person upon learning Falun Dafa. We study the Fa together, share experiences, and help fellow practitioners who are not diligent. We were like a big sister and a younger brother, and had learned to naturally look inside under all circumstances in the past ten years of cultivation. One day practitioner B called me and told me that his employer had taken him to a brainwashing center. He gave me some names and phone numbers and asked me to talk to his employer if he still had not returned home in three days.

I immediately went out to notify fellow practitioners to send forth righteous thoughts in order to rescue practitioner B. I thought that since this incident happened near me, it must not be accidental. I first looked inside; what attachment of mine was exposed? I found it was sentimentality between fellow practitioners. I must let it go, otherwise the evil would continue to exploit my gap. I may also not be so rational. I also found that I was not up to par recently in doing the three things, as I often fell asleep when sending forth righteous thoughts. I also found an attachment to leisure.

At that time, it was almost time for me to go to work. My family finances are tight due to my child getting married. My attachment to profit was exposed. Since I found it, I needed to cultivate it away as well. Master taught us, “The next person's things are your things,1 and your things are his things. (“Teaching the Fa at the Washington, D.C. Fa Conference”).

Upon recalling Master's words, it was easy to let go of these attachments. I decided to take time off from work, and shared what I found when looking inside with our local group. I said that fellow practitioner B was forced into the brainwashing center, and we all shoulder the responsibility to rescue him. We all need to look inside and think of others first. Our one body upgraded its understanding, changed our notions, and we realized that even though we did not do well, the old forces still are not worthy of testing us. Master can help correct our shortcomings. We quickly shared about the loopholes we found, and overcame a bad habit from before – that when hearing of a practitioner having any issues, fellow practitioners would point out their shortcomings. This time we negated the old forces' arrangements and did not allow the old forces to utilize our notions to enlarge our attachment of looking outwardly. We did well on our first step to rescue fellow practitioner B.

The Process of Rescuing Fellow Practitioners Is Also a Good Opportunity to Save Sentient Beings

Fellow practitioner A and I went to practitioner B's house and asked his mother, “Aunty, do you dare to request the brainwashing center to release your son?” She answered, “Falun Dafa saved my son, and saved our family. He was a prodigal son. If Dafa hadn't changed him, I probably would have already died of anger because of him. As long as you two are here, I dare to go anywhere with you.”

This rescue plan was carried out fast, with disciples working simultaneously. Some sent forth righteous thoughts intensively, some exposed the persecution on the Clearwisdom website, some contacted the brainwashing center and fellow practitioner B's employer. We formed a unified body in a few hours. We all were determined to rescue our fellow practitioner, and strong righteous thoughts determined our rescue mission to be successful, and that the evil must fail. The process was positive and one that involved all of us cultivating ourselves.

We agreed that disciples of Dafa are the main characters in this play, but on the surface, his family played the main role. We formed an energy field: one group went to the brainwashing center to request the release of our fellow practitioner, one group went to his employer, one group was responsible for communication and the rest sent forth righteous thoughts. Our Dafa net enabled each disciple to maintain sufficient righteous thoughts with a calm and rational mindset.

The next day, we went to the brainwashing center. We told them we were from fellow practitioner B's family, and had come to request his release. At the same time another group arrived at practitioner B's employer's office. The authorities refused our request to visit practitioner B. His mother said without any fear, “My son became a good person after learning Falun Dafa; what kind of person do you want to brainwash him into? Do you want him to revert back to the bad person he was before? No way! I must visit him, and I want to pick him up now!”

After a long time, the evil factors in other dimensions were restrained. The brainwashing center head said, “It's not our policy, but we will let you see him. But you're not allowed to talk with him. This visit would ruin our three days of mental work.” We saw that practitioner B was very calm; we could see it in his eyes. We knew he was rational and was sending forth strong righteous thoughts.

Before we went back home, we heard that practitioner C, who was detained, had died in the hospital. Also, that practitioner D was taken into custody by the police. We quickly discussed simultaneous rescue plans, provided feedback on the progress of rescuing practitioner B. But my heart was heavy and was a bit anxious to complete all our tasks. At that time, Master's teaching appeared in my mind, “...just by having your heart unaffected you will be able to handle all situations.” (“Eliminate Your Last Attachment(s),” Essentials for Further Advancement II)

I calmed down and realized that it must be evil interference blocking disciples from forming one body. The following week, only practitioner B's wife went to the brainwashing center and to his employer, and the result was not good. Not only was she not allowed to see him, but she was brainwashed by the evil. She used to clarify the truth to anyone who thought ill of Dafa, telling people how Dafa helped change her husband to be a completely new and good person. Why was she brainwashed by the evil this time? We looked inside: it must be because we had loopholes. And I found we slacked off on the rescue of practitioner B those days.

We immediately went to talk with practitioner B's wife. We said, “You know he turned into a good person, but you speak on the evil's side, not only failing to rescue him, but also ruining your future. Disciples are saving people, while the evil is harming people. When the big weeding out arrives, you will be eliminated together with the evil, how pitiful! If you help rescue a disciple, you choose a bright future for yourself! This would be a huge blessing”!

Practitioner B's wife smiled upon hearing us. She said, “My sisters, how come I spoke for the evil these days? Even my mother-in-law was brainwashed, please help her!” I answered, “Please rest assured, I will definitely talk to her. What we do is what Master wants; we must rescue your husband successfully.” Through this experience I learned that rescuing fellow practitioners is a process in saving sentient beings and cultivating ourselves.

We went to practitioner B's sister's home, where his mother stayed. The whole family took us as their own family. Some of us talked, while the rest were sending forth righteous thoughts quietly. We further clarified the truth about Falun Dafa: how the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) persecutes good people, how we should not listen to the evil lies, and how we should help our family members to escape the evil dens. His family developed strong righteous thoughts and said they would go to his employer and the brainwashing center, determined to rescue him.

Finally, fellow practitioner B's family formed a strong unified body with us that was indestructible. We sent righteous thoughts with mercy, and without grievance or hatred, and directed whoever took him to the brainwashing center to go pick him up. This was giving sentient begins another chance to choose their future. His family carried strong righteous thoughts; even his son told the 610 Office agents, “I respect my daddy's choice!” His wife said, “He is impossible to “transform”; I would have to divorce him if he reverted back to how he was before cultivation.” His mother said, “I gave birth to him, but Falun Dafa taught him how to be a good person. My son is my support, please let him be a good person.”

Without the evil factors manipulating in other realms, practitioner B's employer further learned the truth, and came to support us. In this process, practitioner B's family and employer were all saved, and positioned themselves for a beautiful future. Practitioner B returned home after 35 days of arduous rescue efforts. He resumed his normal work. This is the power of one body cooperation, the mighty virtue of Falun Dafa.

I enlightened that during this process, all of what we did was done by Master; we just moved our lips and walked some steps. As long as we reached a high xinxing standard, and looked inside, Master left for disciples the opportunity to gain mighty virtue.