(Clearwisdom.net) A few days ago when I was studying Master's Fa lectures, I read about "forming karmic relationships." In "Touring North America to Teach the Fa," I encountered the term "reconnecting karmic ties" again:

“Dynasty after dynasty, one after another, they paraded through in this way, formed karmic relationships, left behind history, and created the cultures needed by mankind, performing one scene after another.” ("Touring North America to Teach the Fa")

Suddenly, greater Fa principles were apparent in my mind, and I was moved to tears. I was unable to express the gratitude that I felt in words.

There have been occasions in the past when I have been moved to tears, because I enlightened to the Fa during Fa study. But this was the first time I had such a clear and strong realization. This was the first time I was fully aware of a higher principle or understanding, and this moved me to tears. I realized a deeper meaning to Master's poem "The Difficult Path to Godhood:"

“Predestined ties of countless lifetimes
Each has Dafa as its guiding thread
‘Tis in hardship the golden body is tempered
Why such slow and leisurely steps?”
("The Difficult Path to Godhood" in Hong Yin Volume II)

I knew I was crying for myself. Crying for not knowing to treasure the precious karmic ties with Master. I realized that karmic ties were established with Master when we signed the sacred vow to follow Master and descend through the universe to earth. Karmic ties were also formed when we found Master in China, after coming from distant firmaments. After establishing the ties, Master would reconnect the ties for us dynasty after dynasty, lifetime after lifetime; the ties were never broken. If the ties happened to be broken, in just one lifetime, we might have been severed from Dafa and drifted away. We may have never found our way back. Only Master knows how much thought went into the careful arrangements established through all of our lifetimes. Only he knows how much mercy has been bestowed upon us through the countless ages of compassionate salvation. How could Master not treasure us? Master said:

“In fact, I treasure you more than you treasure yourselves, for you exist together with Master.” ("Teaching the Fa at the Fa Conference in Australia")

How much understanding did I have of Master's words? I only knew Master treasured us. But I had never thought about the hardships Master endured by looking after us lifetime after lifetime. Although I have been concerned about saving people, I have often hesitated or retreated when confronted with interference. I was actually looking for ease and comfort, worrying about hardships, and did not have enough sense of urgency for the task. When a trial came, I searched outside of myself for solutions. When a sizable trial seemed insurmountable, I even expected an untimely death to put an end to the suffering. What I failed to think about was the compassionate salvation provided by Master and the expectations he has had for us throughout the millions upon millions of years. It was impossible for me to not feel remorse when I looked back at myself. I realized today that there is still time for me to make up for the losses. If Fa rectification arrived this moment, would there be time for me to cry? The overwhelming remorse and regret I would feel for not having done enough would be so shocking that I would forget to cry.

My sorrow was also for fellow practitioners who have fallen behind. They could lose the precious karmic ties to Dafa. These karmic ties have lasted through the eons only because Master endured through all the ages to create them. In the past, I thought that it was too bad that fellow practitioners failed to return to cultivation. I thought that I should look for them, but I did not take action immediately. I did a little bit every now and then as opportunities presented themselves. I felt I was doing something extra and volunteering my time. I came to realize the hardships and dangers that Master experienced to save each and every one of his disciples. Think about those of us who have spent 20 years raising our children. How much grief would we feel if we were to watch them fall into dire straits? Yet, Master's care has spanned countless ages. As we reconnect our ties with Dafa in this lifetime, and when we are only one step away from getting on the road leading back to where we originally came from, Master's care and sacrifice through all these eons would go to waste by our falling behind at this juncture. At the same time it would endanger the countless lives in the remote heavenly kingdoms that would be destroyed if we were unable to make our way back there. Can we possibly understand the sorrow that Master experiences on our behalf? We are here to assist Master in rectifying the Fa. Shouldn't we also feel sorrow for not reminding fellow practitioners to strive forward diligently? Those who have fallen behind may not feel sorry about their situation, but we cannot allow ourselves to be that insensitive. Let us reach out to help them reconnect these precious, predestined ties, so that we can together fulfill our sacred mission of assisting Master in rectifying the Fa.

I also had heartfelt sorrow for the people of the world who are not aware of the truth of Dafa, especially those who had committed crimes against Dafa. No matter how much hardship we endure, we are on the path to divinity. The people who are unaware of the truth, or who have committed crimes against Dafa, are the most pitiable. They, too, have been looked after by Master life after life. During this lifetime, they were born in China for Dafa and to reconnect their predestined ties. They are all closely related to Master. Just because they are lost in the maze, we cannot stand back idly and watch while they walk down the path into the abyss or even worse. Everyday people remain in the maze, while we are the only ones who have awakened to the truth. Who else would save them except for us? Clarifying the truth and saving sentient beings are the top priorities for Dafa disciples during the Fa rectification period. We must help those who are lost to get out of the dangerous situations the old forces have pushed them into, and then we will have fulfilled our roles well. They can join the new universe that Master has prepared for all the people of this world.

My sorrow today was different from the sorrow I have felt in the past. I felt genuine concern for everyday people, instead of normal human sadness. There was an urgency and sense of responsibility for me to cultivate myself and to hurry up and help save people. I experienced a profound enlightenment to Master's immense compassionate benevolence and the boundless inner meanings of Dafa.

I saw a bottomless abyss with my celestial eye. I think this sight symbolized the immensely deep meaning of the term "forming karmic ties." It brought me to the understanding of the incomparably mighty power of the boundless Buddha Fa, and, in turn, this encouraged me to doubly treasure my ties with Dafa and Master. Master has endured countless ages of hardship with endless compassion. I thought about how each word in Master's Fa lectures carries such limitless inner meaning and what the entire volume of Zhuan Falun must entail. Then again I thought, “What is the boundless measure of Master's full set of books? How can we describe in human language Master's generosity, compassion, and the endurance of his hardships?” It is impossible to describe even with heartfelt expression, for it is beyond my understanding.

Fellow practitioners, let us study the Fa well and take the Fa into our hearts. What exists in the Fa is everything that Master has bestowed upon us. The Fa has everything that can help us mature quickly, and it has everything that can help us to carry out the three things well.

Please correct my omissions and errors.