(Clearwisdom.net) Hong Kong media reported the death of Jiang Zemin on July 6, 2011. The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) initially kept silent and then started to deny the news as rumour; but not long after, it deleted its previously-released denial. Now nobody knows for sure if Jiang is dead or dying. How do we Dafa practitioners deal with this issue with righteous thoughts?

Everything in the human world is centered on Dafa, as Master teaches us, and Dafa disciples are the main players in society. Therefore, it is most important that Dafa disciples deal with everything that happens during the Fa-rectification with strong righteous thoughts.

When I read the news about Jiang’s death in the Hong Kong media, my first thought was: “We must not let him die yet; we should keep him for a public trial.” Perhaps many other Dafa disciples also held such a view, their reasoning being that in the last chapter of the book The Real Story of Jiang, Jiang is put on trial in public in Tiananmen Square. Besides, in my opinion, the old forces will also try to keep Jiang 'till the very last, in order to test Dafa disciples.

But none of these is what is needed in Fa-rectification or what Master has arranged. The book The Real Story of Jiang has exposed Jiang’s crimes in history from the perspective of ordinary people, and it helps people to recognize Jiang’s evilness and tells people the principle that good will be rewarded with good and evil will meet with evil. But we must not regard what it says in the book as Jiang's final fate, and we should also be aware that, in my opinion, it is the old forces’ arrangement to keep Jiang until the very end.

Master said,

“Those most evil ones, though, will be used until the very end, because there continue to be Dafa disciples stepping forward, and the evil old forces need to use them to continue to test Dafa disciples.” (From “Dafa is Indestructible” in Essentials for Further Advancement II)

We must not acknowledge any arrangement by the old forces.

Regarding the news about Jiang’s death, I think we must not allow Jiang to continue to live. If one Dafa practitioner thinks, “Jiang should not die yet and we need to keep him for the trial at the end,” and if another practitioners and many more practitioners also think this way, then we would allow Jiang to have a chance to gasp for breath and would provide a material base for him to continue to live.

Jiang has committed monstrous, heinous crimes in persecuting Dafa, and both divine and human beings are furious with him. He has no reason to continue to live, from any perspective. Even ordinary people believe that good will be rewarded with good and evil will meet with retribution. How can we Dafa disciples think he can continue to live?

Master said,

“As I've said, everything that happens today in the ordinary society is the result of Dafa disciples' thoughts. Even though the old forces do exist, if you don't have those thoughts they can't do anything. When your righteous thoughts are strong enough the old forces can't do a thing.” (From “Teaching the Fa at the 2002 Fa Conference in Philadelphia”)

In other words, it is Dafa disciples who determine whether to let Jiang continue to live or die. Dafa disciples are the ones who play a leading role. If we hold the thought, “Let him live so that he can be put on trial in the future,” then he may have a chance to cling to life. If we hold very strong thoughts to let Jiang die, then he would not have any reason to continue to live. Each day such an evil being stays alive, it harms mankind.

Secondly, with regard to this matter, Dafa disciples should strengthen their righteous thoughts to eliminate all rotten demons that are trying to replenish that evil Jiang with energy.

Master said,

“If you send forth righteous thoughts at the head of the evil from nearby it, the evil won't keep replenishing and protecting it fast enough, and that creature will take his last breath. The reason is, it has none of its human things left, and its skin is entirely sustained by the evil beings--sending righteous thoughts eliminates them. If that replenishing can't be kept up it will drop dead.” (From “Touring North America to Teach the Fa”)

If Jiang is faking his death, then we can strengthen our righteous thoughts to make it a reality; if it is truly dead, the evil would gather rotten demons as supplements to maintain an outward appearance. This also provides us a great opportunity to eliminate the evil beings.

The elimination of Jiang will bring us a broader space to offer sentient beings salvation.

Dafa disciples are the main players in today’s history, and all the rest revolves around Fa-rectification. We must have a clear understanding about everything that happens during the Fa-rectification and truly play a leading role for the sake of Fa-rectification and saving sentient beings.

Above is my personal understanding. Please kindly point out anything improper.