On Cultivation within Fa Rectification

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Do Not Allow Human Attachments to Cause Eternal Regrets [8/22/2010]
Let Every Thought Emit the Brilliance of a Splendid God Who is Immersed in and Shaped by Dafa [12/8/2006]
Recalling Liu Chengjun and Our Days Spent Validating Dafa Together [1/10/2004]
Darkness and Light -- Escaping the Swamp of Jiang's Psychological Persecution (Part 2) [12/19/2003]
My Respected Fellow Practitioners [10/20/2003]
Criminals Become Good People and Nobly Resist Persecution after Learning Dafa in Jail [10/7/2003]
In the Past, People in China Were Afraid to Hear the Truth about Dafa - Now, They Are Joyful [10/5/2003]
Testimony on the Benefits of Fa Study and Evidence of the Persecution of Steadfast Practitioners [7/8/2003]
630 Days and Nights of 24 hour Peaceful Appeal in Front of the Chinese Consulate [6/21/2003]
The Importance of Working Together as One Body is Shown by the Collapse of Jilin Brainwashing Class [2/26/2003]
Clarifying the Truth at a Dinner Organized by the Australia-China Friendship Society [2/26/2003]
Unlocking the Hearts of Officials at Chinese Consulates and Embassies Worldwide [2/19/2003]
Blessings from Practitioners in the Wind and Rain -- Singapore Falun Dafa Practitioners Clarify Truth to Visitors from China [2/13/2003]
The Call of "Falun Dafa is Good!" Shocks and Restrains the Police in Daqing City Detention Center, Heilongjiang Province [2/13/2003]
On the Path to Becoming a Noble, Dignified, and Invincible Enlightened Being [12/29/2002]
Report from the Canadian "Urgent: Rescue Family Members in China!" Group [9/12/2002]
Korean Students Recount their Nine Days of Fa-Rectification Activities in Mainland China [9/7/2002]
Shenli Lin's Statement: Truth and Righteousness Will Not Be Defeated [2/27/2002]
"We Came to the World Together with the Same Purpose; Having Obtained Dafa in an Earlier Time." [8/24/2001]
Fa-rectification Stories of Dafa Practitioners in China [8/14/2001]
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