(Clearwisdom.net) As Dafa disciples, if we actively assimilate to the Fa and discipline ourselves in every word and action according to the Fa, we can then endure hardships with happiness and be unaffected while going through tribulations. When we reach that level, hardships will be nothing for Dafa disciples and we will not count or measure how much hardship or pressure we have suffered.

Some practitioners have lost their jobs due to persecution and have stayed at home for a long time. While experiencing this isolation, they do know that this is what they must get rid of, so they have been quietly enduring the loneliness. After a long period of time, they feel depressed and often think that others should understand them for they have been suffering great hardships. Once misunderstood, they become upset and release their pent-up emotions.

In my opinion, their quietly enduring the loneliness is passive cultivation that is just for the sake of practicing cultivation. There is actually a strong attachment of loss and gain behind this phenomenon. Those practitioners would often think that they were suffering hardship, thus the hardship would become much bigger for them and that would create a feeling that they could hardly pass through the hardship. Practicing cultivation passively in this way will create an attachment to hardship and pressure, finally causing one to lose the right direction. Therefore, we Dafa disciples should look within to see whether we are actively assimilating to Dafa or passively cultivating. If we can change ourselves from being passive to active, we will suddenly be enlightened and our path underfoot will become naturally smooth.

Actually, if we can really calm down to read articles about practitioners' cultivation insights and experiences, each article will shed some enlightenment. Even a small matter in normal life will help us find our own attachments, and then our realms will elevate gradually.