(Clearwisdom.net) Recently a local practitioner was taken away by the police. He was detained for two weeks and then taken to other locations. Due to human attachments, his family members did not tell the local practitioners, nor did another practitioner who knew of the arrest. We lost opportunity to rescue the practitioner.

I am writing this to share with practitioners everywhere so we may learn a lesson from it. I also hope to help some local practitioners catch up with the Fa-rectification.

During the Fa-rectification, when a practitioner has a loophole and is being persecuted, it seems on the surface that the persecution is done by the police, but in fact it is the evil forces controlling the actions of the police officers. When an everyday person is arrested by the police, there is no such element, so using everyday people's methods may help resolve the situation. When a practitioner is arrested, if we use an everyday person's mentality it could make matters worse. For example, if we are afraid that the police will find out that this practitioner had contact with other practitioners, or if we try to bribe police, then this gives the evil forces opportunities to intensify the persecution. The persecution by the old forces is aimed at our human notions. From the Fa we have learned that human beings are very weak and can easily be controlled by beings from other dimensions. When a thought occurs to a person, he or she may not know where the thought actually came from. When a practitioner is persecuted, he or she may not have enough righteous thoughts. This limits his or her power and strength enough to prevent the elimination of all evil elements in his or her environment. If at this moment all other practitioners send forth strong righteous thoughts to dissolve the evil, the police officers would be released from the control of the evil forces. We can use various methods to help them understand the truth, awaken, and make the right choice. We learned a lesson from this incident, but the practitioner was persecuted, Dafa work was damaged (we need more practitioners to save more people), and the police officers were even more pitiful.

Teacher said,

"However, per the old forces' sinister arrangements, this wicked-Party-perpetrated persecution of the world--and especially of the Chinese people--that was wrought by the old forces so as to supposedly 'help Dafa disciples achieve Consummation' is unmatched in its severity. By corrupting people and having them commit sins against Dafa, isn't it pushing the Chinese people towards destruction? Even though it was the old forces that arranged this vile persecution, it is nonetheless on account of Dafa disciples that the Chinese people have endured such disgrace and suffering. So from that perspective, shouldn't you go and save them? Shouldn't Dafa disciples open their hearts wide? Aren't even those who carry out the persecution, with the exception of the head of the evil, themselves targeted by the persecution?" ("Fa Teaching at the 2009 Greater New York International Fa Conference")

Practitioners are helping Teacher in Fa-rectification and our responsibility is huge. If we do well, we gain much mighty virtue. But if we don't do well, wouldn't it be a crime?

When we expose the evil, the result depends on our hearts. Teacher said,

"You are Dafa disciples who made vows beforehand after all, and your lives co-exist with Dafa. With such an enormous Fa here, the Fa will be with you when your thoughts are righteous, and this is the greatest assurance. But on the other hand, when your righteous thoughts are inadequate and not in line with the Fa, you will be cut off from the Fa's power, and it will seem like you are alone and getting no help. Even if the things you are doing are Dafa things, you still have to conform to the Fa or else the Fa's power will not be there." ("Fa Teaching Given in Manhattan")

When we expose the evil, the information and energy carried in our acts are different depending on what is in our minds, be it revenge or warning with compassion. The purpose of exposing evil is to prevent it from committing more crimes against the Fa, stopping the persecution, and dissolving the evil elements behind it. If we limit our goal to punishing the police, the power from the Fa would not be manifest and the underlying evil elements would not be dissolved.

Teacher said,

"If your righteous thoughts are strong, the evil will be dissolved. The power of true compassion can dissolve all deviant factors, and when you talk with a person you will be emitting energy outwardly that dissolves evil things, and the evil in other dimensions will not dare to approach or control that person anymore." ("Fa Teaching Given in Manhattan")

When we use righteous thoughts to expose the evil, the energy we send dissolves the evil. The evil is afraid of being exposed. Exposing them is a necessary step in eliminating evil and stopping the persecution. When we need to expose the evil, we should do it. We can't let the old forces use our human attachments to intensify the persecution.

We often say we renounce the old forces' arrangements. It is not enough if we only think or say it. We should act with righteous acts and righteous thoughts.

The nature of the old forces is selfish. In order to protect themselves, they invoke the cause of cleaning the universe to destroy countless sentient beings, including Dafa practitioners whom they deem unqualified. They don't want to change themselves. The selfish thoughts in our minds are part of the old forces' arrangements. If we don't study the Fa well and harbor many human attachments, although on the surface we say we renounce the old forces' arrangements, we are actually following them. It is extremely important that we study the Fa well and maintain righteous thoughts.

Teacher wants us to cultivate to attain selflessness and altruism, and to always think about others first. When we try to save sentient beings, do we consider their feelings, their ability of acceptance, and the degree to which they've been stifled by the tyrannical rule of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP)? Do we eliminate the elements which block them from seeing the truth? How do we to try to wake them up? We may rarely consider these questions. Many practitioners are under pressure and are waiting for the end of the Fa-rectification. Some truth-clarification materials don't consider the readers, but instead only express our own feelings. In our letters to the public, do we write for the public, or do we write from our point of view, only trying to stop the persecution of practitioners?

Teacher has done so much for us! If we hadn't obtained the Fa, wouldn't we be the same as other sentient beings? Before we obtained the Fa, how many of us had righteous thoughts? Yet we fight for our personal gain as others do. We must not be the same as the old forces, who only think about themselves and not the sentient beings.

Teacher said in many lectures that the CCP has been cheating the Chinese people for all these years. If we really consider them, we should use language they can understand to show them how the evil CCP has been cheating and persecuting them. We must also let them know the terrible results of following the CCP, so we can help them become clearheaded. Our goal should not be dissolving the CCP, but instead saving sentient beings through truth clarification.

Sentient beings are being dragged down by the evil CCP every day. How we act will decide their fates. We can't let them be destroyed due to our failure to do well! Let's remind each other to cultivate diligently, study the Fa more, send forth righteous thoughts more, clarify the truth, and complete our historic mission.