(Clearwisdom.net) The closer we approach the instant of Fa rectification, the more we realize the demand on us for stricter principles. There is no time left for us to deviate. We must strive forward vigorously, and keep up with the progress of Master's Fa-rectification, eliminating those attachments that are hindering our practice and letting them go.

During this special historical period of helping Master's Fa-rectification, every disciple shoulders the grand mission of saving sentient beings. We must complete our own missions and fulfill our own vows, in order to become qualified Dafa disciples in the Fa-rectification period. If any of our attachments are not given up, it will not only block our progress in cultivation and fulfilling our vows, but it will also give a reason for the old forces to continue the persecution and increase our tribulations, through which they will attempt to destroy us. The nearer we approach the final stage, the more we should attach importance to the upgrading of our xinxing, and not allow any of our attachments to make us fall down. In addition, the elements of the old forces will also find reasons to interfere, and since the time for Fa-rectification is very limited, it will be too late if those attachments of Dafa disciples are still not quickly given up. They will look for chances to interfere, ruthlessly increase and aggravate our tribulations, and make us not be able to advance. It will be more cruel and ruthless for those students who they especially think do not qualify as disciples.

Because some students do not pay attention to cultivating xinxing in everyday life, giving up attachments, or improving themselves through conflicts, this can cause a huge gap, and disaster which is already considerably difficult to overcome. It can be taken advantage of by the evil to exploit and further persecute us.

The persecution and the tribulations of Dafa disciples these past two years appear to have increased and have become more prominent and widespread. It is not just our fellow practitioners that are locked in labor camps and prisons, but we can also see the persecution of Dafa disciples from the appearance of sickness karma in some students. Many fellow practitioners around us have given up their steadfast belief and gone to the hospital. How many fellow practitioners could not pass the test because of huge tribulations and had to resort to the methods of ordinary people? The purpose of the evil is to pull down those practitioners at the final moment, thinking they will not be able to give up their human thinking, not be able to abandon all their human attachments in the world, which will ruin their chances to succeed in cultivation.

Why can't veteran practitioners who have practiced for over ten years, many of whom recovered from their illnesses after practicing Dafa, surpass the birth, old age, illness, and death of ordinary people? As practitioners we have found answers from the Fa's higher principles which are beyond ordinary people's understanding, and that is required of each practitioner. If the standards are not achieved, and we do not accord with the requirements of Dafa at our level, the state of ordinary people may appear. In fact, these lower states are all superficial for Dafa disciples. Those fellow practitioners who study the Fa well and whose practice is firm, will make use of it to quickly get rid of their own attachments and ascend quickly, turning the bad things into good things. The practitioners who do not study the Fa well with a poor foundation for practice, will treat it with human attachments, and only seek ordinary people to cure them because they cannot let go of life and death. This can cause a big tribulation turning good things into bad things. Practitioners who do not study the Fa well and practice looking inward in their everyday life, aren't able to take charge of themselves at key times.

There are two such practitioners I know: both are veteran students that have practiced for over ten years, yet who still have tribulations after so many years and who cannot find their own attachments and deficiencies in their practice.

One is an older female practitioner that has been doing local coordination work for many years, and whose home is also a group Fa study location. Since she did not progress and move up to a higher level, in the past two years this practitioner suddenly had a state in which her leg ached sometimes and she couldn't walk. Her eyesight also started to deteriorate and there appeared a white spot in her eyes, as in the start of a cataract. At the beginning, other fellow practitioners just told her to look at her xinxing and any attachments, and it seemed she had found some attachments, but it still did not get rid of her illnesses. As time passed, she did not do anything different, and just took it as elimination of karma without further thought. It became difficult for her to go out and validate the Fa and save people. Other practitioners told her to not accept it as karma elimination but rather as persecution, yet she still did not change the understanding of it being karma elimination. More than two years went by and her sight became worse to the point where she could not see the words to read. She had to rely on fellow practitioners to help her with Fa study or she listened to Master's recordings. Her eyes were nearly blind, but she still regarded it as elimination of karma.

The other is a male practitioner whose celestial eye has always been open. He has done a lot of work validating the Fa and saving people since the persecution began. One year before, this practitioner suddenly developed an abnormal state. He began to have frequent blood in his urine, and the evil just evolved tests to deceive him and said that would make him eliminate his karma. He was made to see how many frogs he had killed since he was young, how much meat of frogs he had eaten, even had him repay the karma for doing away with a fly or ant. This practitioner believed what he had seen were all facts, so he frequently stayed at home repaying the debt and karma, and was most willing to endure the suffering and the tribulations. The work of validating the Fa and saving sentient beings could not be done. The practitioners around him told him not to admit to the debt, and that this was evil persecuting him. Yet he stated that what is owed others should be repaid. Other practitioners' words could not be heard in his heart, as he just did according to what he had seen.

This practitioner had constant blood in his urine for over a year, constantly had to go to the bathroom day and night. For all that time he could not do anything and had to stay at home, and it was even very hard for him to complete the five exercises. He could only practice the meditation every day, but not the standing exercises. Recently he also cannot eat much, nor sleep. His whole being is sallow and emaciated, and he is out of breath once he tries to speak. Soon his life will be at risk, yet he still regards it as repaying karma. He is just attached to taking what he saw with his own celestial eye as standard. Although he studies the Fa every day, yet he does not compare his own recognitions with the Fa to see if they are right or wrong.

From Master's lectures we know that the karma of Dafa disciples is already very little, even the karma made in this life will be no problem to repay . Master did not arrange for any disciple to stay at home to repay his karma for many years. Master requires us to know how to exert the power of a Dafa disciple at the final moment, to do more things for validating the Fa and saving sentient beings, to fulfill one's own vows and complete one's own mission from which one builds up one's own mighty virtue.

In these two instances, these practitioners believed that suffering from tribulations was repaying their karma, which is incorrect and their downfall. This understanding is a fatal mistake. They are blindly following the arrangements of the old forces without their realizing it. Master says in Zhuan Falun:

"What I just addressed are some problems resulting from practitioners' inability to conduct themselves properly; that is, those problems are caused by an incorrect mind."

The abnormal states that appear among fellow practitioners are not only bringing negative effects to Dafa, but are also blocking their ability to save sentient beings, and interrupting the whole body of Dafa disciples. Every Dafa disciple should pay attention to this matter. The practice of a righteous Fa emphasizes saving people. If you are always repaying karma, how will you be able to save people? We cultivate to save people, how can we fail that because of repaying our karma? With so many lives to repay, isn't that the persecution of the old forces? What else could it be?

We should learn a lesson from these practitioners' mistakes. Master's rectifying the Fa is approaching the end, and we cannot cause damage to Dafa, to sentient beings, and leave forever a regret from our own practice because of our human attachments. We have to give up all attachments to the world as quickly as possible, dissolve into the Fa completely, arrive at our destination with no attachments and be selfless, and truly realize the significance of our own existence in the world today, which is to help Master rectify the Fa and save sentient beings. By fulfilling our own prehistoric vows, all the tribulations and obstructions will be eliminated by our righteous thoughts.

Above are my personal understanding, please point out any incorrect part.