(Clearwisdom.net) I noticed that many practitioners do not look inward according to Dafa, thus they do not know how to cultivate. There are practitioners like this in all regions. All the practitioners who have overcome tribulations during these years possess strong righteous thoughts and know how to look within. Otherwise, it would be very difficult for them to upgrade in levels. Here we'd like to share our understandings on how to help others who do not know how to look within.

When we share our insights in our Fa study group, instead of directly pointing practitioners' attachments, it is better to share our own cultivation experiences, tribulations that we overcame recently and how we have enlightened from the Fa. We should first turn the group Fa study environment into one of looking inward. Meanwhile, we may talk about our experiences in truth clarification, realizations, and help encourage those who have not stepped forward.

If some practitioners in the group do not know how to look inward, then those who know how should take the lead to discuss about how they searched within in cultivation and passed various tests. After forming this kind of environment, we encourage other practitioners to share their cultivation stories. We should observe and help other practitioners find their problems in cultivation. Then we need to share our understandings from the Fa to help them improve and elevate to a rational understanding of Dafa. After helping a fellow practitioner pass several tests, you will see that they start to look within when they run into conflicts.

Some practitioners can find their attachments when conflicts emerge at work or in their family, but they cannot let go of them. For example, a practitioner could not pass a test whenever there was a certain conflict, and she had stagnated at this level for several years. After talking with her, we found that after she recognized her attachments, she put them aside without cultivating herself. We helped her to use the Fa to evaluate the attachments.

Another practitioner shared once that she was involved in an affair ten years ago. She said she had realized her wrongdoing and never made the same mistake. We realized from her discussion that she did not meet the Fa's requirements on this aspect at all. We told her with compassion, “If you only separated with him physically yet still think of him often, you have not passed the test.” She suddenly enlightened to it and said, “Yes, I often think of him. When I see someone that looks like him my heart palpitates with excitement and I even think how nice it would be if I could live with him.” We clearly told her that those thoughts should be eliminated. After that conversation, the practitioner learned how to cultivate and look inward.

A practitioner from another area attended our group Fa study for ten days. Upon leaving, she said that she had practiced Dafa for over ten years, yet only until now has she learned how to look inward and cultivate herself. After she returned to her area she became very diligent and helped other practitioners. As a result, they overcame lots of barriers in truth clarification and were able to help many people withdraw from the Chinese Communist Party and its affiliated organizations.

The above is the understanding from our local Fa study group. Don't be too anxious to see immediate results when helping other practitioners. Every frustration during this process is a chance to improve. When we always possess compassion and do things completely for the benefit of others, the result will be very good. For practitioners who know how to cultivate, we should point out their attachments directly, and with compassion. When helping fellow practitioners, don't forget to always look within and see if we have the same attachments.

As fellow practitioners, we should help and remind one another so that we may strive forward together diligently and best fulfill what Master wants. This is our current understanding, please kindly point out anything inappropriate.