(Clearwisdom.net) From Clearwisdom.net I have seen that practitioners are still suffering from brutal persecution in some areas. Losses and damage to Falun Dafa material sites are irretrievable, especially with limited time - people urgently need to know the truth. I am really worried about it. Now I hold my pen to write down several things regarding a practitioner I know who has worked in the material sites for several years. Lets compare in studying, compare in cultivating, and be more diligent together.

Practitioner A and the fellow practitioner who worked with him in the material site both safely walked their path for the past six to seven years. In 2003, when Clearwisdom.net announced the idea of material sites spreading everywhere in China, practitioner A gradually set up sites in different regions of the city. Up to today, as long as the material sites were coordinated by practitioner A, no matter in which city or region, none of them has suffered any losses. These sites in different areas have built up a great effect, blooming and generating great results. I work in one of them.

In his everyday life, it is tough for him. In the past six or seven years, he often just drank Chinese cabbage soup with only a little bit of oil in it. For many years, he hasn't tasted a Popsicle. He always tried to save on purchases of supplies, so that he could buy more materials. We usually would not buy any new machines. We would always fix the old ones and re-use them again and again. It is true that we have saved tens of thousands of yuan in the past several years.

One time practitioner A knew that a practitioner's family was in danger of trouble from the authorities but he still went to help. After he went to that practitioner's house, he found that the authorities were hidden in front of the house. After practitioner A went in, he grabbed the fellow practitioner and they jumped out from the window. When the police came into the house, they had already run very far away. Another time when practitioner A brought materials to another practitioner's house, the police were strolling around. Practitioner A glanced at the police, and only when he had walked far away did the policeman wake up and make a phone call in a hurry.

In our local area, when practitioner B was released from the forced labor camp, practitioner A picked him up and brought him to stay at his place for over forty days in order to help the practitioner to improve. Of course, the local practitioners cooperated well as one body. In order to help this practitioner enlighten in the Fa earlier, they studied the Fa during daytime and had experience sharing at night.

Practitioner A did not feel any hatred towards the police. For example, a section police chief asked him, "What is the reason behind your steadfastness in Falun Dafa, even though you are suffering from such torture?" Practitioner A said, "I am using my life to validate Dafa. It is absolutely correct and our Teacher is very righteous. The real victims are all of you." His words of compassion and righteous insight rid the evil factors behind the police. The policeman lowered his head and never gave him a hard time. Later this policeman was transferred and he did not persecute any more Falun Dafa practitioners.

At one material site, when practitioner B's xinxing was very good, the machine performed normally. Later, due to a busy work schedule and decrease in Fa study, the machine stopped functioning. Practitioner A was very busy and could not find time to help. Thus, when the machine was fixed once, it would break again several days later. This time practitioner A went to fix the machine. He told us, "Anyone working in the material site must strictly meet the xinxing requirements of the Fa, and only then can the work be done well. It must be practitioner B who has a loophole in xinxing. Let's go have a look together."

When we got there, practitioner A was fixing the machine. He directly brought up the xinxing issue. Practitioner A said if one could not truly look inward and find attachments, it would be better to stop working at the site. Better to go pass materials to urge people to quit the CCP. It is also saving people. Practitioner A spoke a lot and practitioner B saw that practitioner A was really good for the whole body. Practitioner A's compassionate words really touched him when he mentioned about all the details of his bad xinxing to us. Also, the practitioner's family members were also practitioners. They very much supported producing the materials. They did not have any fear and didn't just work for themselves. They worried about the surrounding area of practitioners not having any materials. Under the power of Dafa and the practitioners' efforts, the conflict between practitioners was solved, and the material site started to work normally.

There are so many examples like this. The above are the ones known to me.