(Clearwisdom.net) Fa-rectification period cultivation is a process during which one moves toward divinity. We need to be constantly strengthening righteous thoughts and solidly doing well the three things, so that we can better save sentient beings.

In today's society where people are lost in delusion, a Dafa practitioner's attachments can easily be aggravated, distracting the practitioner from offering sentient beings salvation, which can even cause their will for doing cultivation to fade. So, we need to pay attention to Fa study, improve our xinxing, and cultivate well to enable the manifestation of our mighty righteous thoughts.

At the end of 2008, I went to a factory to ask for money that it owed my company. Because the person in charge of the factory had not returned, I took the opportunity to go to a nearby neighborhood to distribute truth-clarification materials. Possibly because I went there in a hurry, I did not completely eliminate the evil and interfering elements in the surrounding environment. Just after I finished placing the materials in one building and when I was preparing to go downstairs to leave, I saw a man rushing towards me. He asked, "Are you distributing flyers?" "Yes, I am giving out flyers. Is there anything wrong?" While I responded, I looked squarely at him and sent righteous thoughts to eliminate the evil that was controlling him. As he hesitated, I walked quickly downstairs and went to the other side of the neighborhood.

As this neighborhood was quite large and I still had many truth-clarification materials that I had not given out yet, I did not want to leave. I went on to another building while sending righteous thoughts. When I was halfway through the building, I heard someone talking, "Some Falun Gong practitioners have come into the neighborhood. Let's go and watch for them." I started to worry after hearing this and my human mentality arose. I hid the remaining materials in a place inside the building where some miscellaneous goods were stored, and then I left the neighborhood. When I approached the gate of the neighborhood, I managed to calm myself down. The more I thought about the incident, the more I felt wrong about it. I was offering sentient beings salvation, which is the greatest thing in the cosmos. Why did I become so scared?

Master said, "However strong the righteous thoughts are, that's how great the power is." ("Also in a Few Words" from Essentials for Further Advancement II) Master's words appeared in my mind. Indeed, for a Dafa disciple who has shouldered many responsibilities of offering salvation to sentient beings, how can he or she become intimidated and driven away by the evil? As I asked Master to help me, I sent forth righteous thoughts to completely eliminate my selfish human mentality and disintegrate all the evil in other dimensions. I should not let the salvation of sentient beings be affected and neither should I let the valuable truth-clarification materials fall into the wrong hands. Once my righteous thoughts emerged, I immediately relaxed and successfully retrieved the materials that I had hidden in the building.

When I returned to the factory, the person in charge was still not back. The room was full of workers, so I gave everyone a set of truth-clarification pamphlets. I also played some truth-clarification VCDs for them, and they watched with great interest. They asked me many questions, and I patiently answered them. As a result, most of them got to know the facts about Falun Gong. Two of them agreed to withdraw from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and its related organizations. There were also others who asked for software that could be used to break through the CCP's Internet blockade and see websites that were hosted overseas.

I was happy because I made the correct choice to do this. Otherwise, I would have lost this opportunity of face-to-face truth-clarification. I came to understand that the difference between a divine being and a human is reflected in that one thought. A Dafa disciple should maintain righteous thoughts that come from absolute faith in Dafa and Master.

When human thoughts emerge in the process of truth-clarification, the consequences can make a big difference. Suspicion, anxiety, being afraid of trouble, seeking comfort, and other human thoughts can make a practitioner miss the opportunity to clarify the truth to those with predestined relationships and thus cause them to lose the opportunity to be saved.

During winter break, my child came to my workplace from the county seat. He was usually looked after by my wife. In the past, because I had not studied the Fa thoroughly and I had done very poorly, I was persecuted by the evil several times. That put a great mental burden on my family members.

In the evening, when I was printing some New Year's cards that were used for truth-clarification, my son played by my side. I thought about whether I should tell him about what I was doing, since he was still a child.

All sentient beings are eagerly waiting for salvation. Is it not right that my family members, who I have a strong karmic relationship with, also want the opportunity of salvation from me? Perhaps my son also represents a huge cosmic system, so he came to establish a predestined relationship and is waiting for Dafa's salvation. With that, I decided to talk to him about Dafa in terms that he could understand.

I gave him a pamphlet and let him flip through it. He instantly became interested in the photo of the giant stone tablet that was formed 270 million years ago and that said, "The Chinese Communist Party perishes." He said, "This is miraculous. There are characters on the stone!" I then told him about how the CCP had framed Falun Gong and the importance of withdrawing from the CCP and its related organizations. I also played a video for him. In fact, because children are very pure, once he knew the facts, he could more easily and directly show where he stood. On that day he quit the Young Pioneers [a CCP organization for children]. In the next few days, he helped me organize truth-clarification materials and VCDs, and showed great enthusiasm in doing Dafa work.

Through this incident, I realized that human thoughts and righteous thoughts co-exist in a Dafa practitioner. When human thoughts become too strong, one will act like an ordinary human being. When one jumps out of the human mentality, his righteous thoughts can be fully displayed, which is the state of an enlightened being. We assist Master in the human world in rectifying the Fa, and clarifying the truth to offer salvation to sentient beings is just a manifestation on the surface. We can do this at will with the wisdom endowed by Dafa.

I know that these things are all arranged by benevolent Master. It is Master who has guided me while I strengthen my righteous thoughts so as to reach the standards of a genuine Dafa disciple.

We are cultivators who are progressing towards divinity. When the greatest thing of Fa-rectification and the salvation of sentient beings has almost reached the end, we are now competing with the evil in order to get people saved. The clear, rational understanding and the differentiation between human thoughts and righteous thoughts can enable us to find our gaps and cultivate ourselves more diligently. Our powerful righteous thoughts are the divine powers that Master has given us for clarifying the truth, resisting the persecution, and eliminating the evil. Let us all cultivate ourselves well and let our powerful righteous thoughts emerge and shine.