(Clearwisdom.net) Greetings Master, greetings fellow practitioners!

During Fa study and sharing amongst the European group every Saturday, as well as daily with Northern European practitioners, I came to realize the importance and the significance of the NTDTV New Year Spectacular. My understanding was shallow at that time, but I thought that since this is what Master asked us to do, as a disciple I should unconditionally do and harmonize with what Master wants us to do. In an attempt to stop the Spectacular, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) had created a lot of interference, and at that time every practitioner was asked to pick up the phone and call the related high-level government departments in the CCP. It's been several years since I was involved in calling China to do truth clarification, and at the very beginning, xiaobangshou had not been invented yet. What I did was limited to downloading the recording from a website, manually dialing the number, and then playing the recording to the people at the other end of the phones in China. I rarely clarified the truth to them with my own mouth. I had always wanted to break through this, but I was never able to succeed. My heart would already be beating very fast before the call was made. It was actually the attachment of fear that played the part. I've tried to talk to people directly, but the dialog always ended with a big fight because I was not patient and could not sustain my xinxing level. Of course this was related to my xinxing level at that time, and to my cultivation status. I had not studied the Fa well enough, and my xinxing hadn't reached the level required. It was no surprise that there was such an outcome.

As they swiftly break through during the process of Fa-rectification, the requirements for Dafa disciples are getting higher and higher. This year, it was our Master himself who was managing the NTDTV Spectacular, doing Fa-rectification, and displaying the righteous and divine culture to human beings with the widely accepted and widely enjoyed NTDTV Spectacular. Master uses the most beautiful art forms to deliver the beauty of Dafa to those people who have predestined relationships in a most relaxed and joyful atmosphere with elegant singing and dancing, in order for those people to hear the truth, hear the compassionate call from the divine beings and Buddhas. As disciples, we should harmonize with what Master wants, and we should thus validate the Fa in the human world. How should we do that? With a heart of fear? With a heart not filled with compassion? This will definitely not be able to reach Master's requirement and the requirement of Fa-rectification. I enlightened to the following: On a superficial level, calling the people at high levels in the CCP government suppresses the evil, but it also contains the elements of saving people. In the mean time, I also enlightened to the fact that since we are cultivators, of course there are also elements of improvement in cultivation and breaking through ourselves involved. If we do not dare pick up the phone and call, won't the evil be even more wanton? If those people who were supposed to hear the truth are now not able to, wouldn't that be delaying the matter of saving sentient beings? If out of fear we didn't want to make phone calls, isn't that fear an attachment? If we don't eliminate this attachment, how can we improve ourselves and reach Consummation? I said to myself, "From now on you have to pick up the phone and clarify the facts to people. Don't be afraid, for we are doing the most righteous things in this world, we are saving sentient beings It's our greatest honor to be able to validate the Fa while our compassionate Master leads us in this human world; how can I still have fear? How can I not do things well?" So I made up my mind to clarify the truth over the phone.

First I sent forth righteous thoughts, adjusted my heart and mind, and told myself to be calm and unmoved by the reactions on the other side of the phone. I opened the Yellow book from Beijing, and the first phone number is the International Department Central Committee of the evil CCP. If it was before, I would think that I should call to the low level government officials first, in order to get experience, and then switch to those at the high level. But this time, my righteous thoughts were very strong. This is just the place where I should clarify the truth, and it is a good opportunity for me to eliminate my fear and break through myself. I made the call, and a lady answered the phone. I told her that I was a Chinese person living in Europe, and that I wanted to tell her something about how the CCP ruins our culture. Then I told her what I wanted to say. She listened quietly, and replied politely after I finished, "You tell me this, but I cannot do anything, I am only an operator, but concerning this issue, I really have no idea where to relay your call." I replied immediately, "Could you relay it to the Political Bureau?" She said she was not able to do that. I proposed some other bureaus, but she could do none of them. I could feel her bewilderment, so then I said, "Then if such chance exists, could you report what I told you to your superior?" she agreed. Though it might be true that she could not do anything about it, at least she herself heard the truth, and could position her attitude on this matter at the right place. This way, the first call finished smoothly. I knew Master was encouraging me and reinforcing me. As long as our righteous thoughts are strong, Master helps us.

During a call to a woman who worked for the Culture Department, after I had only spoken several sentences, the lady said, "Are you crazy?" My heart wasn't moved and I calmly replied, "No, I'm not," and continued. Then she started laughing loudly and ironically. My heart wasn't moved and I continued talking. Finally she quieted down and listened to me until I finished. Afterwards, I called the offices of a lot of media located in Beijing, and institutions related to culture, art, and foreign affairs. The more I called, the easier it went, and the stronger my righteous thoughts became. What's more, I succeeded in persuading several people to quit the CCP, the Youth League, and the Young Pioneers.

After this period, we began to call the Chinese people in New York, Paris, and Berlin to introduce the Spectacular to them. I made dozens of calls almost every day at that time, and became very thirsty afterwards. Sometimes thoughts like, "I want to quickly finish the job," came to me, but I realized immediately that I should not have this thought. What I was doing was not ordinary work, but to make the Chinese there know the beauty of Dafa. I took every phone call seriously, and made sure that predestined people didn't miss the chance. Some people told me after I finished my words, "What you described, and the way you described it is so nice, the Spectacular must be very good too!"

During the time that the Spectacular in New York needed support from practitioners all over the world, I went to New York together with three other western practitioners. It was extraordinarily cold in New York, and my hands and feet were freezing when distributing the flyers, but we continued to warmly distribute the flyers to those people that had predestined relationships. Perhaps it was because our hearts touched them that many people accepted flyers from us.

Visiting shops is also a way of promoting the tickets. During this process, many of our attachments were exposed. Once, the coordinator asked me, a western practitioner, and a student-practitioner to visit all the shops on a street. When we arrived there, I discovered that this was the place where most of the famous brands in Manhattan are concentrated. My human thoughts suddenly came up... How will they look at us? Will they shut their doors against us? At the very beginning, I was too scared to go into the shops, and only followed behind the other two practitioners. I felt lucky that I did not need to talk, because my English was not good. But then I saw that the westerner practitioner, whose English was also not so good, walked in front of all of us in an upright and dignified manner, and used his limited English and his heart to describe the beauty of the Spectacular. Compared with him, I felt ashamed. I told myself, "We are not here to promote some commodity to ordinary people, but to tell those people with predestined-relationships about the Spectacular and the beauty of the Spectacular, and to thus in the end save those who would go to the Spectacular." We were not asking for a favor from them. We were saving them. Master gave such a sacred thing to us disciples to fulfill, and we should feel proud and honored. Why should I be scared? Why should I not be upright and dignified? After laying down my human thoughts, my righteous thoughts became strong. We used almost an entire day to visit all the shops on those streets.

The beings who can watch the live NTDTV Spectacular are very fortunate. In order to give those people with predestined relationships in Holland a chance to see the Spectacular, the Dutch practitioners organized a bus to Paris for the Spectacular. The bus can hold 40 people. Most practitioners involved had no experience about organizing a tour trip, but we separated the work in an orderly way, cooperated as a whole, and coordinated with each other. Those who were not directly involved in practical work brought their family members and friends to the tour with their righteous thoughts. The process of organizing the tour and the whole trip went very smoothly. Like what Master said in "Explaining the Fa During the 2003 Lantern Festival at the U.S. West Fa Conference,"

"For Dafa disciples as a whole, in the process of validating the Fa, when you work together in concert, the Fa power is great."

I deeply understood that as long as the hearts of disciples are in the right place, and as long as the disciples cooperate and coordinate as a whole, Master will reinforce us, and hence the interference will be less.

The above is my experience in cultivation and saving sentient beings during the procedure of promoting the NTDTV Spectacular. Please point out anything that might be incorrect.

Thank you Master! Thank you fellow practitioners!