Made in Forced Labor Camps by Practitioners

China's forced labor camps are universally condemned in the free world, yet the Chinese Communist Party has shown no inclination to abolish them. One reason for this, above and beyond the obvious one that they provide convenient, secret places to punish and torture people, is that the goods produced in these camps generate revenue for the Party and its operatives.

Many Western companies turn a blind eye to the fact that products they have manufactured in China are made under duress and in deplorable conditions by innocent people such as Falun Gong practitioners, who have been sent to these camps without being tried simply because they are unwilling to renounce their faith. Other companies make a sincere effort to see that their products are made under humane conditions, but even in these cases, components of their products are often secretly farmed out to forced labor camps. Until such camps and the uncivilized policy of forced labor are completely eliminated, the "Made in China" brand will continue to carry an indelible stain.

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