Ms. Xu Weiwen was a 40-year-old Dafa practitioner. Because she was very determined in cultivating Dafa, she was detained in the Banqiao Female Labor Camp in Tianjin City for 2 years. While in detention, she was subjected to various tortures. Under the instigation of the police, drug addicts there beat her savagely. They also sealed her mouth with tape to prevent her from talking. Not long after she was released, she was arrested again and sent to the Jianxin Female Labor Camp in Tianjin City. In order to protest her illegal detention, she went on a hunger strike. The police tortured her even when she was extremely weak. At the end of 2002, news came out that she had been tortured to death. She was detained at the Fourth Team in the labor camp and the team leader, Jiao Menghua, is one of the parties responsible for her death.

Jianxin Female Labor Camp: 86-22-88251987, 86-22-88250605

Banqiao Female Labor Camp
Post code: 300270
Phone: 86-22-63251823 (Reception), 86-22-63251619 (office)
Discipline Section: 86-22-63251069

"610 Office" in Tianjin
Directors: Zhou Xuanping; Liu Hengqi (cell: 86-13802043848); Li Quanxin (phone: 86-22-63390890, cell: 86-13920299105)

Tianjin City Police Department: 86-22-23353922
Political Security Section: Yao Jiawang, Wang Dashui
Phone: 86-22-23353922 ext 21950

Dagang Police Station: 86-22-62093011, deputy director: Mr. Fei