(Clearwisdom.net) In November 2002, I was unjustly detained in the Female Labor Camp of Nanning City, Guangxi Province. I am now writing about the torture that I suffered or saw others subjected to while interred at the camp.

I. Forced extended hard work: Every day we were awakened at 5:00 a.m. After a brief washing and a simple breakfast, we were immediately forced to do hard labor. We were forced to work until 11:00 or 12:00 midnight everyday. If we could not complete all the work we would be forced to work extra hours and were not allowed to sleep.

II. The evil policemen tortured Falun Dafa practitioners and deceived higher authorities. For example,

1. Usually two people were crowded onto a single twin bed. Whenever higher authorities came for inspection, guards would remove one set of blankets and pretend that only one person slept on the bed.

2. We were forced to do hard labor every day. Whenever the higher authorities came for inspection, they would send some people to play games in the courtyard.

3. One evening an evil policeman forced us to kneel down in the corridor. One cadre who came for inspection found out and asked: "Who has punished you like that? Who approved such measures?" The evil police did not dare to admit to it and immediately had practitioners go back to their cells. When the cadre left, the police again forced us to kneel down in the corridor. We were punished again like this the next day. Whenever the police heard that cadre's voice, they would send us back to our cells. When the cadre left, they would continue to force us to kneel down. This was repeated several times.

4. To deal with inspection, the labor camp arranged a library and classroom. Actually, the books were not for us, they were all for show, for deceiving people from the outside.

5. There was brutal torture inflicted on determined Falun Dafa practitioners such as sleep deprivation, forced standing for long periods of time, and forced squatting. For the practitioners who did Falun Gong exercises, their hands were tied to the upper level of the bed. During our detention, a practitioner named Lin Tiemei was very determined. The evil police tortured her very severely. They did things such as cuffing her hands behind her back, forcing her to wear a metal hat and sealing her mouth with tape. One time, I saw that she had been tortured until her body was covered with purple and black bruises. The police also shocked her with electric batons. Ms. Lin Tiemei is still detained in the female labor camp and is still suffering from torture. I appeal to Falun Dafa practitioners to send forth righteous thought to help her.

The address of Nanning City Female Labor Camp:

Female Education Brigade
Yudong Road, Yongning
Nanning City, Guangxi Province
Zip Code: 530221