March 15, 2002

( I am a Dafa practitioner in Hunan province. I was illegally forced into a labor camp for a year because I went to Beijing to appeal and for persisting in practicing Falun Dafa. During my stay in the labor camp, I suffered severe torture, both physically and mentally.

In the labor camp, Dafa practitioners were forced to work 18 hours a day. This work was valued at more than 1000 Yuan per month, but the rewards were just spoiled rice and rotten vegetables. This is a typical case of slavery and intentional torture. I witnessed that all those who were forced into the labor camp were treated as slaves.

The persecution applied to Dafa practitioners by the police was far more severe than the treatment of ordinary laborers in the camp. Police took turns brainwashing Dafa practitioners in order to exhaust them. Practitioners were not allowed to sleep or to practice of Falun Gong. When sitting on a bed, one's legs had to be motionless; otherwise the police would accuse you of practicing. No lip movements were allowed, or police would accuse you of reciting Dafa articles. At the same time, they used all means and shameless methods to defraud, harass, and intimidate Dafa practitioners.

Dafa practitioners are actually held in an "additional jail" inside the labor camp. Police coerce criminals to take three shifts every day to monitor and control Dafa practitioners. In every group, two or three criminals keep an eye on one Dafa practitioner. Dafa practitioners were confined in a 10 square meter room all day long and bullied by criminals. Practitioners are even monitored when going to the toilet. Police have even forced drug addicts to beat Dafa practitioners.

Xiong Gaijian who was in the Fourth Brigade in Xinkaipu labor camp, Hunan Province was once tortured in the bathroom where police beat him with an electric baton. In such a vicious environment, and in the face of these tribulations, Dafa practitioners have been following the principle of Zhen-Shan-Ren (Truthfulness, Benevolence, Forbearance), by showing great kindness and compassion.

So what work was actually done in the labor camp? They made bootleg copies of best sellers and famous or classic books. They also secretly make pornographic books and magazines. This has happened in different labor camps everywhere in the country. They say they want to "reform" people. Aren't they transforming people into something worse?

The persecution acts by the evil forces against Dafa practitioners are too numerous to record. We hope all people with a righteous mind will denounce those who are ill hearted, defend the righteous, and uphold the truth.