Truth Clarification to Save Sentient Beings

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Police Officer: “Everyone Says 'Falun Dafa Is Good,' and I Witnessed That Today” [1/19/2012]
Every Ticketing Selling Site is Precious and Should be Cherished [12/18/2011]
Bright Smiling Faces Stored in My Camera [11/12/2011]
Practitioners Share Understandings After Attending the New York Fa Conference [9/4/2011]
Distributing Shen Yun DVDs in the Countryside [8/18/2011]
Taiwan: Clarifying the Truth Comprehensively to the Precious Chinese People (Photos) [8/3/2011]
Villagers Grateful to Receive Information about Falun Dafa [6/23/2011]
People with Predestined Relationships Are Coming to the Fa [6/16/2011]
MP3 Players with Master Li Hongzhi's Lectures Draw Many Listeners [2/25/2011]
Falun Dafa Around the World: Osaka, Japan [1/2/2011]
I Became a Falun Gong Practitioner in a Detention Center [12/9/2010]
Falun Dafa Around the World: St. Petersburg (Photos) [11/21/2010]
"Why Didn't You Introduce Such a Good Practice to Me Earlier?" [11/12/2010]
Beautiful Music Can Be Heard in a Detention Center in Baoji City [10/18/2010]
Miracles of Falun Dafa Witnessed in the Hospital [10/4/2010]
The Essential Requirements for Dafa Practitioners Utilizing Technology [8/22/2010]
A Conversation with a Professor from China University of Political Science and Law [7/20/2010]
Hong Kong: Practitioners Urge Tourists from Mainland China to Quit the Chinese Communist Organizations [12/15/2006]
Experiences Helping People to Quit the CCP Over the Phone and Internet [11/15/2006]
My Answers to Some Common Questions about Withdrawing from the CCP [4/18/2005]
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