A Man's Brain Tumor Is Cured

Mr. Erbo is a farmer in Hongxing Town in the Acheng District, Harbin City, Heilongjiang Province. Five years ago when he was 30 years old, he suddenly developed a headache that was so severe that all he could do was lie in bed; even a slight turn caused him to vomit. The doctor at Harbin Medical University hospital diagnosed him with a tumor on his brainstem, which is a difficult area on which to operate. The doctor told him and his family that he could not guarantee the success of the operation, and that he would not be able to survive longer than six months, even if the operation was successful. The family decided to go with the operation regardless of the risk and costs, considering that Mr. Erbo was so young and that he might have a good chance of survival. Therefore, they sold their house, field, vehicle, and cow for 50,000 to 60,000 yuan to pay for the treatment. Although the operation appeared to be successful, not long after, the doctor started to encourage Mr. Erbo to discontinue all his medications, as his health was not improving.

Mr. Erbo's condition was truly devastating. The surgery had left his face markedly disfigured: His mouth had drifted towards his left cheek, there was a noticeable indention in his right temple, his teeth had shifted and his right eyeball was squeezed into the bridge of his nose, exposing only discolored tissue in the eye socket. He wore a blindfold so as not to alarm anyone. Furthermore, his nervous system had been damaged so that he could not feel cold or warmth, and he lost his ability to speak. He suffered from tremors and paralysis.

Mr. Erbo's family had become desperate and had lost almost all hope. It was at that point when one of his aunts, who had witnessed the miracles of Falun Gong, went to ask a practitioner to teach Mr. Erbo the practice. She said, “Mr. Erbo is seriously sick. We have lost hope for his recovery. But he's so young; even one more day of life is better than nothing to him. Please teach him Falun Gong. We understand it's not your responsibility if he doesn't get better.” However, Mr. Erbo was not even able to sit up in bed by himself, let alone practice the exercises. Regardless, the practitioner taught him the exercises with great patience, with one wish that he would get better. The compassion and kindness of the practitioner moved Mr. Erbo and re-kindled his desire to live.

Upon learning that Mr. Erbo had started practicing Falun Gong, some of his relatives who had been deceived by the Chinese Communist Party's (CCP) hateful propaganda of Falun Gong, went to his home to stop him from practicing the exercises. Nevertheless, Mr. Erbo was clear about what he was doing and was determined in his choice.

The second day of his practice, Mr. Erbo began to experience miracles. His right eye began to regain sensation and return to his eye socket. In fact, he had to remove his blindfold because it was in the way of the eye that was becoming normal. In addition, his tongue became soft and he could talk again. Several months later, he was able to get out of bed and do daily activities, his eyes and mouth became totally normal, and the indentation on his temple disappeared.

Mr. Erbo's surgeon was shocked to hear that he was still alive in 2011. Having witnessed Mr. Erbo's physical changes, many in his area started to learn Falun Gong.

At the end of my interview with Mr. Erbo, he told me with sincere gratitude in his voice, “Please write down my experience and let people know of my gratitude to Master for having saved my life, my thanks to fellow practitioners for their help, and the magnificence of Dafa.”

Fistula of 24 Years Disappears within One Month of Falun Gong Practice

Ms. Xiaojuan is a farmer in Liaodian Town, Acheng District. When she was 18, a fistula started to grow on her leg, which eventually turned into osteomyelitis (bone abscess). She tried many hospitals and visited many doctors, but no one could help her. In the end, she was advised to have her leg amputated, but had to wait for the specialist's availability. During this waiting period, she was in severe pain, which she attempted to relieve by taking six painkillers at a time, although the doctor had only prescribed two. However, even the larger dose did not help control the pain, and she couldn't stand it any longer. She bought a bottle of strong pesticide and told her husband not to save her. Then she asked her child, “Can you live without Mama?” Her child cried terribly, “No, I can't live without my mama.” Her child's sobs made her hesitate to do away with herself right then.

A practitioner was visiting people in Ms. Xiaojuan's neighborhood and telling them the facts about Falun Gong. When she got into Ms. Xiaojuan's home, she asked her why she was in bed during the day. Ms. Xiaojuan then told her about her suffering and her disease, and the practitioner told her all about Dafa's magnificence and power of healing and encouraged her to practice. Incidentally, this practitioner had had two different kinds of cancer before practicing Falun Gong, and she fully regained her health through the practice.

Ms. Xiaojuan has been practicing Falun Gong ever since that practitioner spoke with her. However, her mother and husband were initially opposed to her practicing due to the CCP's defamatory propaganda and the fear of being persecuted themselves. In addition, they didn't believe in Falun Gong. They asked her, “You have had this serious disease for so many years, and many hospitals and doctors have failed to heal you. Why do you think Falun Gong can help you?” Ms. Xiaojuan, however, just brushed aside their objections, being steadfast in her choice.

Four days later, she was able to get out of bed; the egg-sized fistula which had been with her for 24 years had shrunk to the size of a nickel and disappeared within a month. The severe pain, of course, was gone as well, and Ms. Xiaojuan was able to take up some housework. Her mother now is very happy and tells people that her daughter has recovered through practicing Falun Gong.