(Clearwisdom.net) I have a younger brother who is the president of a factory in one of the several big cities in China which is controlled directly by the central government. Through years of experience in his work he had already become quite aware of the evil deeds of the CCP (Chinese Communist Party). However, before he learned the truth about Falun Gong and the persecution, he always berated me whenever we talked, telling me: "Don't do that thing (practicing Falun Gong)."

My brother came to the city where I lived on a business trip in 2001; before I met him, he told me that he was going to persuade me to give up Falun Gong and warned me to be prepared. I believed that all of the people that I was going to meet had to have predestined relationships with Dafa, and I must try to save them, because they were all lives who came here for the Fa. I did a careful preparation and brought the DVDs of the Nine Commentaries as well as other truth clarification materials with me when I left to have dinner with them.

When I arrived at the room reserved for the occasion, including my brother's colleagues, there were thirteen people sitting there; everybody gave me warm greetings except for my younger brother. His face darkened with a cigarette dangling in his mouth. He greeted me coldly, "You are here." He wanted to put on airs right at the beginning of our meeting. I thought to myself: a Dafa practitioner is coming here to save you. Thus I greeted everyone warmly, saying: "It is so hard to get the opportunity to meet you here; this must be because of our predestined relationship." My brother's cigarette was still dangling and he did not look at me directly.

One person said to my brother, "I find your sister has good manners, and you are the younger one who should show her respect, so how can you act like that?" My brother said, "What older sister are you talking about? She is my enemy."

I replied kindly, "As a Falun Dafa practitioner, I do not have enemies. Falun Gong teaches me to be a good person..." When I was trying to clarify the truth of Falun Gong to them, a bank director sitting next to me intervened, "You know what, I read that book (Zhuan Falun). What it says is really good, it makes a lot of sense. He (Master Li) is truly capable; so many people from all over the world study his teachings. In my view, no leader from any country could achieve that; what does that Jiang Zemin amount to? Even those members of the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau are having differing opinions from each other. He is completely incapable, but still dares to envy others..."

I realized that that was Master trying to give me a hand. I looked straight at my brother and sent forth righteous thoughts to clean out the evil elements that blocked him from learning the truth. When my brother could not say anything, I took out the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party and other truth clarification materials. Everyone got up from their chairs and took a copy from me. At that moment, I put out another thought: This is the hope for your salvation, you must look at the material carefully and value it! My younger brother also took a copy and looked at it briefly. He then started to describe the persecution of Falun Gong practitioners in his city. From his words I understood that my brother acted the way that he did because of his worries for my safety, and my children's future.

When the dinner came to an end, my brother said to me, "I will take you home. I do not want to stay at the hotel anymore, I want to stay at your home." That night, after I finished sending the 12:00 a.m. righteous thoughts, I saw that the lights in his room were still on. When I asked him to have breakfast in the morning, he told me, "I did not go to sleep all night last night. When I finished reading the Nine Commentaries it was already 5:00 a.m."

I asked him: "What do you think of it?" He nodded his head, but did not say a word. I told him immediately: Your visiting here this time must be for this. It is a predestined relationship. I am saying this truly for your good, please quit the CCP! He readily agreed. I asked him what name he chose to use. He said: “Just use my real name!”

At the time when my younger brother was about to leave, I was listening to Master's lectures on an MP3 player. He said jokingly, "Sister, who are you sending a telegraph to?" I handed him my MP3 player. He listened to it for a while and said, "I have never heard this before, why don't you give it to me?" When I was hesitating, he added immediately: “Then lend it to me, I will give it back to you next time.” I realized that I could still get another one, but he could not, so I gave it to him.

He listened to the MP3 player on his train ride home. The train police found out and took the MP3 player away from him and searched his luggage and his body. Fortunately, the Nine Commentaries and other materials were in another suitcase, and he had only the MP3 player with him. The police asked him where the MP3 player came from. My brother told them that he had picked it up in the train station waiting room, and since he felt so bored riding on the train, he was trying to learn how to use it. The police could not anything else to prove he was involved in Falun Gong activities; after detaining my brother for a little over two hours, they released him.

After he got home, he told his close friend - who was the head of a police department – what had happened. After his friend read the truth clarification material that my brother brought to him, he released all of the Falun Gong practitioners in the brainwashing program.

My brother's daughter had been married for years, but had been unable to have a child. Not too long after she quit the CCP upon reading the truth clarification material and learning the truth, she became pregnant.

This article was sent on September 17, 2011; and renewed at 20:00:11 on September 17, 2011.