(Clearwisdom.net) Winter in Europe has been especially cold this year, with the temperatures reaching record lows. Tourist attractions in middle and eastern Europe are covered with snow and there are not very many Western visitors. However, during the Chinese New Year holiday, there were more tour groups from China than in past years.

Seeing the volunteers at the Quitting the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) Center busy working in the snow, a young lady working in a gift shop nearby was moved by what she saw and bought two cakes and took them over to the volunteers. The volunteers did not want to accept them, but she insisted.

One volunteer said, “The tour groups from China are changing day by day. Fewer people shun us, and more people come to say hello, listen to the facts, and then quit the CCP and its affiliated organizations. Fewer people are advising others not to quit the CCP. People quit the CCP openly and are no longer hiding what they are doing. Not as many guides stop tourists from taking Dafa informational materials, and more of them help the volunteers by urging the tourists to quit the CCP.

I Want to Quit Whatever I Joined Before

A couple in their 50s listened to the facts about Dafa. The wife said, “The CCP is truly rotten. Down with the CCP. I did not join the Communist Party, but I was in the Youth League and wore the red scarf. I want to quit.” The husband said, “So do I. I did not join the CCP, but did join the Youth League and the Young Pioneers. I declare that I want to quit them.” Two ladies standing next to them said, “We are not Party members, either. But we are quitting its affiliated organizations, too.”

“I want to quit,” said a 17- or 18-year-old young man. He continued, “I did not join the Party or the Youth League.” People nearby said: “Then you don’t need to quit anything.” The young man said, “Then I’ll quit the Young Pioneers. I feel safe quitting them all.”

A Son Urges His Mother to Quit

A father and son quit the organizations. Seeing that his mother was silent, the son said anxiously, “Mom, why aren't you saying anything? I already have an alias for you. You just need to say, 'Yes.'” The volunteer said, “What he said is true. Heaven wants to save you. If you don’t respond, I cannot do anything to help.” The mother said loudly, “I quit. Thank you.”

Parents Help Their Daughter Quit the CCP While They Quit

There were some parents who quit the CCP and its affiliated organizations. Then they called their daughter over and said to the volunteer, “She wore the red scarf.” The volunteer asked the child, “When you joined the Young Pioneers, didn’t you raise your fist and say that you would be ready to fight for communism?” The child nodded. The volunteer said, “How about you quit now, and nullify the words you said then? Remember, from now on heaven is protecting you and you will be safe.” “Why don’t we used the name 'Xiao Ke'ail' for you to quit with.” The parents agreed, “That is wonderful. Thanks a lot.”

Family of Five Quit the CCP

A middle-aged man said to the volunteer that he was a Christian, implying that quitting the CCP would not apply to him. The volunteer asked him if he had ever joined the CCP, the Youth League, or the Young Pioneers. He said he was a Party member. The volunteer said, “If you are a Christian, you need to quit the CCP. You believe in Christianity, which is righteous, and you also believe in communism that is evil. How can your God guide you? If you want to be a devout Christian, you need to quit the CCP.” The man said: “Sounds reasonable. I will quit the CCP.” He took a copy of the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party and said he would read it at home.

The next day he met the volunteer at the tourist spot again. He smiled and said, “We must have a predestined relationship. Nice to see you again.” He said that he had read the materials he had taken the previous day and found that they were very well written. His father, who was standing next to him, raised his thumb and said to the volunteer: “The Nine Commentaries is indeed outstanding. Everything it said was true. Very convincing.”

His father said that he was a veteran CCP member, but now he wanted to quit the CCP. Because the father quit the CCP, the entire family of five, spanning three generations, all quit the CCP and its affiliates. When they left, the father raised his thumb and said, “Falun Gong is marvelous.”

A Group Praising Life in China Rush to Quit the CCP

A tourist said to one of the volunteers, “Life in China is wonderful. You can have any food or beverage you want.” The volunteer said, “There is everything but safety. Poisoned and counterfeit food is everywhere. It is hard find food that is safe to eat. Chinese tourists often come here to buy powdered milk to take home. They are ridiculed when they go through customs.” A tourist asked immediately, “You can buy powdered milk here? Tell me where. I need to take a few bags home.” The volunteer said, “How many bags will you have to take home to solve the problem?”

Another tourist said, “Even the salad oil sold by a big company such as the Chinese Food Group is made from recycled oil. The companies' explanation as to why they used recycled oil was that because the company is so big, they had no control when something went wrong in the procurement process. No one knows how many horrible things have yet to be uncovered.” The volunteer said, “If you were smart, you would fast.” The tourist said, “True. We cannot stay in five star hotels every day and use only imported products. Nobody is sure what they are actually getting with things that are made in China.” The people standing around began to complain, too.

The volunteer said, “According to Chinese standards, the quality of the water from a waste water treatment plant in Germany is suitable for drinking in China. The tap water from the slums in South Africa is drinkable, but not the water in China. That is probably why the number of people with cancer has increased dramatically. There are over 200 'cancer villages' in China, and the list keeps getting longer. So, this is the wonderful life that the CCP gives to its citizens.”

The tourist who said that life in China was good sighed, “What can we do then? Can you help us to move out?” The volunteer said, “The most realistic thing you can do is to quit the CCP and its affiliated organizations. You can clearly see that the CCP is dishonest. You need to quit and pray to heaven to save you.” Everyone nodded and lined up to quit the CCP.

A Van Load of Officials: “We Understand, We Want to Quit”

Seven or eight people came out of a fancy watch store. Apparently, they were a group of Chinese officials. A volunteer handed them some Dafa information materials, but they refused to take them with a stern look on their faces. The volunteer said, “We are standing here in such cold weather and offering you free information. Why? Because we do not want you to miss this opportunity.” The volunteer pointed to a newspaper and said, “The headline reads, ‘2012 Must Read.’” The head official took a quick look and said. “Then why don’t you give me one.” The volunteer said. “I know you are a high official, but you may not know the information contained in these materials.” The official flipped through the Fact News, Nine Commentaries, Marx’s Path to the Demon, etc. and then placed them in his bag.

The volunteer said, “I can see that you are all high officials. You earned your positions because in your previous lives you did a lot of good and accumulated good fortune.” One of them asked, “Is it Falun Gong?” The volunteer said, “I am a Falun Gong practitioner. Let me tell you, nowadays only Falun Gong practitioners can tell you the facts. I hope all of you can avoid tribulations and be safe. Can the CCP protect you? Can the CCP tell you heavenly secrets? Quitting the CCP will help you avoid tribulations. But the CCP does not allow you to quit. If everyone were to quit the CCP, it would collapse. But if you don’t, you will die with it.”

Everyone in the van listened quietly. One person said, “I got it. Let’s all quit the CCP.” The volunteer said, “Great. I will give each of you a pseudonym to quit with. Remember, after you quit, you need be a good person and do good, respect the divine, and treat Falun Gong practitioners well.” The head official set an example by thanking the volunteer, and, after they all gave their thanks, they left happily.