Fa-study and Doing Things

I have been dutifully working at a materials production site for the past several years. In my humble understanding, Fa-study must be the first priority because it provides the source of all energy for each practitioner. I’m currently reciting Zhuan Falun, covering at least one lecture per day, and have recited the book more than 90 times. I then rotate and read other lectures. In the course of cultivation practice, as soon as a tribulation comes, the Fa emerges in my mind and makes it easier for me to pass the test. Additionally, the equipment works more smoothly. Even if there is a problem, I don't have to fix it with my hands. I normally put down everything in my hands and begin studying the Fa. The equipment then returns to normal after my Fa-study is finished. Generally, twice as much work can be accomplished with half the effort, due to this emphasis on Fa-study.

In my area, because we have done a great deal of truth-clarification by writing phrases on currency bills, the evil has resented and feared us very much. They have been trying to find the materials production site by ransacking almost every practitioner’s home. Regardless of whether they have ransacked one home several times or ransacked several homes simultaneously, they failed to achieve their goal.

Master Kept Me Safe in Difficult Times

The materials site has been moved several times during the past few years. Master’s protection was the only reason that it has survived to this day.

One time, the coordinator’s frequent visits to the materials site had drawn the evil’s attention. I asked her not to visit the site, but she persisted. Around the same time, she lost her key to the site (an apartment), and then suddenly someone from the gas company came to check the gas pipeline. A variety of abnormalities occurred after that. The bathroom pipe leaked, the meter's fuse blew, the light kept going out by itself, and neighbors who ran into me looked scared, instead of greeting me as usual. These were all warning signs given by Master to urge me to move the site, but I hesitated. One day I dreamed that several police officers were breaking into the apartment, and in my mind I knew it was noontime the next day. I also dreamed of having a flat tire on my bike. I woke up suddenly, convinced that Master was telling me to move the materials site immediately. It was 4:00 a.m. I first moved the most important items, such as the computer, Dafa books, and Master’s portrait. Using my bike, I then came back to pack the equipment. I called other practitioners as soon as day broke and moved the rest. When I later returned the keys to the landlord, he said, “I knew who you were.” I was startled. Even the landlord knew. Thankfully we had Master’s protection; otherwise, the consequences could have been disastrous!

On one occasion when an illegal trial was to be held for several practitioners, other practitioners, including me, decided to sit inside the courtroom and send forth righteous thoughts. However, for several days in a row, I dreamed that the courtroom had many cameras, and that all the practitioners sitting inside were wearing prisoners’ clothes. I didn’t pay much attention to it. On the night before the trial, I dreamed that all the practitioners were standing along one side of a river, and I was by myself on the other. A voice told me, “You just do your job well. Other practitioners will take care of it.” So I didn't go to the court the next day. I instead sent forth righteous thoughts at home for a half-day. I later found out that all the practitioners who went to court that day had been videotaped, and they have been harassed repeatedly for quite a long time.

Being Devoted and Dutiful

I provide truth-clarification materials to local practitioners and those from surrounding areas. I have made a lot of truth-clarification currency bills, but I noticed that the characters had become illegible when the bills returned. I read a tip on Clearwisdom.net about waxing the bills, which would make them water-resistant. So I used the following method: When the rice cooker was making rice, I waxed the bills on the rice cooker cover. Although it took an extra step, the bills looked clean when they returned.

When working at the materials production site became my primary duty, I had fewer chances to directly persuade people to quit the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and its affiliated organizations. Most of the time I felt it was Master’s Fashen who arranged and pushed me to do it. Typically, when something suddenly occurs to me, which isn’t an absolute necessity, but I have a strong urge to do it, then I will go do it. When doing so, I typically run into someone and persuade that person to quit the CCP and its affiliated organizations. For example, one day I suddenly wanted to buy batteries for the water heater, and I went and successfully persuaded the salesperson to quit the CCP and its affiliated organizations. Another example was one day when my computer mouse suddenly stopped working, and I had to buy a new one. Again I smoothly persuaded that salesperson to quit the CCP and its affiliated organizations. When I returned with a new mouse, the old one was working again.

It now only takes a few sentences to successfully persuade people to quit the CCP and its affiliated organizations. One day I ran into three trash collectors, two of whom were CCP members, and the third was a Youth League member. I successfully persuaded them to quit the CCP and the Youth League. When I left, the old man threw his arm into the air and shouted, “I am safe!” That heartfelt cheer almost drove me to tears. Another day, when I was persuading a man to quit the CCP and its affiliated organizations, he asked me, “Are you a messenger? A Falun Dafa messenger?” I said, “Yes, I am a Falun Dafa messenger. I came before the great catastrophe to tell you how to stay safe.” He quit, with thanks.

I have been using my personal savings to make truth-clarification materials. When I almost ran out of money, I received an unexpected debt re-payment of tens of thousands of yuan, from a relative. I had lost hope of getting this money back long prior. Now that I have the money, I put most of it into making truth-clarification materials.

One day, the practitioner in charge of supplies was illegally arrested. Many bad thoughts surfaced in my mind, “Will he tell?” For days, my mind constantly played many scenarios for me to deal with. My state of mind affected the equipment, and once a file refused to open, I realized that my state was bad. I told myself not to follow the bad thoughts, “As long as your thoughts are righteous, no one can persecute you, even if they want to.” I gently patted the computer and said, “Don’t be afraid. We have Master! Master is with us!” I turned off the computer and turned it back on, and the computer worked.

At one point, the materials sites in the surrounding areas were all sabotaged at once, so I temporarily provided practitioners in those areas with truth-clarification materials. But some practitioners in one of those areas failed to cultivate their speech, so in a short month, and with a showoff mentality, they made it well known among practitioners that they had ways of getting truth-clarification materials from my area. Some even tried to find out who was making the materials by asking about my gender and age. At my materials site, the ceiling suddenly started leaking. Seeing the water mixed with lime mortar dripping on the equipment, my heart ached, “How could I stay here any longer?” I wanted to leave. I had a dream that night, where I was singing the song "Jasmine (Mo-Li-Hua)." I woke up in the morning and told myself, “Doesn’t ‘Mo-Li-Hua’ rhyme with ‘Do not leave flower'?” I decided to stay because this is my position. [Materials production sites are often referred to as flowers. The author’s understanding is based on, “Their materials production sites are basically at a household level, and they spring up everywhere.” (“Teaching the Fa in San Francisco, 2005”)

I need to work harder and save more people. Please point out anything improper!