(Clearwisdom.net) This year's peak tourist season is already over in Europe; however, even more than in previous years, tour groups from China are still coming in the off-peak season. Chinese tourists are very actively withdrawing from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and its affiliated organizations. In the past, when Chinese tourists saw Falun Gong practitioners, they would quickly walk away or even choose a different path. Nowadays, groups of tourists will come forward to watch Falun Gong practitioners practicing the exercises, take photos and talk to practitioners. Some say, “It looks good and I feel very comfortable.” Some call out loudly, “Falun Dafa is good! I could only say this in my heart in China. Here I can speak out loudly.” A few tour guides who learned the facts about Falun Gong voluntarily help practitioners clarify the facts and advise tourists to renounce the CCP. One gentleman who has been observing Falun Gong practitioners' efforts for a few years recently announced his withdrawal from the CCP and its affiliated organizations. The words tourists most often say to practitioners are, “Please help us to renounce the CCP. We only want to be safe.”

Tour guide: What a great opportunity – don't miss it!

A Falun Gong volunteer knew a young tour guide who just got off a tour bus. The volunteer had helped him to renounce the CCP three years ago. That day was the volunteer's birthday. The young man said excitedly, “When I go home today, I will definitely celebrate your birthday.”

The volunteer walked over to the tour guide when he just got off the bus. She heard the guide telling the tourists on the bus: “There is a remarkable elder sister at this attraction site. She is very kind-hearted. She used to suffer a lot of illnesses.” The volunteer knew the tour guide was talking about her. She interrupted him with a smile: “Are you talking about me?” The tour guide smiled back and said to his passengers: “This is the elder sister I just mentioned. She is over seventy years old. What do you think?” People were amazed: “No way. I am just over fifty. But you are in much better shape.” The volunteer replied: “What your tour guide told you is true. I used to have illnesses all over my body and I needed a cane to get around. But after practicing Falun Gong, my illnesses are all gone. I don't need to take the cable car – I can climb up that mountain in two hours.” With a thumbs up, some tourists said: “That's remarkable!” The volunteer continued: “This is a result of practicing Falun Dafa. Please remember the beauty of Falun Dafa.” Some tourists shouted out loudly: “Falun Dafa is good!”

The tour guide said further: “This elder sister is very kind-hearted. You should listen to her. What she says makes sense.” Some tourists said: “As you live in such a nice and clean environment, you would surely be fit and healthy.” The volunteer replied: “Not necessarily. I had already lived here for a few years before I started practicing Falun Gong. Every time I went back to China to visit my family, I didn't do anything but visit doctors and buy various medicines. I visited Chinese and Western medical doctors in China and abroad. Many of them are renowned experts. But none of my illnesses improved. Even the best landscape views could not raise my spirits.” A tourist said: “Now you are very fit and healthy. Wonderful.” Some people shouted out again: “Falun Dafa is good!”

When withdrawing from the CCP was mentioned, a middle-aged lady hesitated. The tour guide said: “What a great opportunity you have. Don't miss it. You should do it quickly. Many people have already done it.”

The volunteer said: “Why do we advise you to quit the Chinese Communist Party? It is to help everyone stay away from the evil and avoid possible adversity. Nowadays the world is not very peaceful. China is also not peaceful. Over 100 million Chinese people have already quit the CCP. Whatever happens in the future, we hope that people can be safe.” The tourists all agreed. Some said: “You don't know how people in China live. There is no sense of security at all. Even to get three meals a day, people worry about it.” The volunteer said: “Isn't this all caused by the CCP?”

The volunteer continued: “Don't be nervous. One can avoid adversity by quitting the CCP and its affiliated organizations. Don't become its martyr. I can help everyone to quit the CCP by using an alias. After that, you can continue your sightseeing and go home with peace of mind.” Immediately the tourists replied one after another, “I want to quit,” “I also want to quit!” Soon the whole group quit the CCP.

The tour guide was standing by, smiling. The volunteer said to him: “Young man, you helped to save these people. You have accumulated great virtue and will receive good fortune. Look at you, you look much younger than I saw you a few years ago.” The tour guide agreed.

A person who observed the withdrawals for many years announced his withdrawal

The Falun Gong volunteer was telling the facts to tourists. A gentleman who is about fifty years old came over and asked while pointing to the booklet in her hand, “What are you doing with this booklet?” The volunteer replied: “Writing down names.” The man said: “I am most interested in your booklet. Is this a record of how many copies you distributed so that you can go back and claim a reward?” The volunteer replied: “We never collect a penny from anyone. All these newspapers and materials are made using our own money. We saved this money by living frugally. The booklet contains the aliases of those who quit the CCP. There are no secrets. You can take a look.”

The volunteer showed the booklet to the man. After looking through it, he said: “Your approach has a problem. Don't ask people to quit the CCP immediately. You should talk to them first.” The volunteer said: “We will pay attention to your suggestion, but we never rush to advise people to do it. Even though time is short, we always clarify the facts first. One must quit the CCP voluntarily.”

The man said: “I have observed you here for a few years now.” The volunteer said: “I also see you often. I have been explaining the facts here for years.” He said: “Do you suspect me as a Chinese spy?” The volunteer said: “Your behaviour and speech is a bit strange. Are you a member of the Chinese State Security Bureau?” He said: “If I were a member of the State Security Bureau, I would not have reminded you.” The volunteer replied: “It's very good that you are not. The spies are in an even more dangerous situation. They need to be saved more urgently. We cherish them all.” The man was a bit moved after hearing this.

He said: “Chinese people are very realistic. Mention water and they will immediately think of the polluted water in China. Talk about eating, and they think of serious food safety issues in China. Mention air, they immediately think of the dirty air in China. The things they eat, drink and breathe are all not safe, affecting their health and lives. They can't live with peace of mind. These are the practical problems ordinary people face in China.”

The volunteer replied: “Listening to what you just said, you are a sensible person. Have you quit the CCP?” The man said: “I have nothing to quit. I only joined the CCP Young Pioneers when I was in primary school.” The volunteer told him: “You still need to quit. You made a vow under the CCP's flag with your fist raised. It states: the young pioneers' red scarf is a corner of the Chinese Communist Party's red flag. It is made red by the martyr's blood.” The man said: “Yes. That's right.”

The volunteer said: “Firstly, these martyrs are questionable. The red scarf stained by these unknown dead people's blood was put around your neck. How could that be lucky for you? Would you be at peace if you don't quit? When the CCP collapses, will you be able to escape?”

The man sighed and said: “I accept your analysis.” The volunteer replied: “If you agree, I can give you an alias to quit the CCP's Young Pioneers.” The man didn't responded directly. The volunteer continued: “You have to tell me directly. This is a very serious issue in your life. It's not a joke. If you agree to quit, I will write it down in my booklet.” The man smiled and said: “Yes. Thank you.”