(Clearwisdom.net) I was introduced to Falun Gong by my mother in 1998. At the time I was more of an “average person who hears the Tao” and was not determined to cultivate. So when the persecution began in 1999, I pretty much stopped practicing. For the next ten years, I read Zhuan Falun only a few times, and I thus had only a superficial understanding of the Fa. But Teacher never gave up on me, and has always pushed me forward and cared for me. In April 2009, I suddenly enlightened that I needed to be determined and cultivate. Soon enough, with help from fellow practitioners, I hungrily read all of the Fa several times. Studying the Fa helped me enlighten to the Fa principles. For the first time, I realized that as Dafa practitioners, we all have the historic mission to assist Teacher in rectifying the Fa and saving sentient beings, while reaching consummation. This is an opportunity that one will not have even in tens of thousands of years. We must value this precious opportunity!

Clarifying the Facts and Convincing Co-workers to Quit the CCP

I worked at a large state-owned enterprise, and I was responsible for personnel records management, labor discipline management, as well as labor contract management. I had to be a Chinese Communist Party (CCP) member due to the nature of the job. When I began cultivation, I soon felt that this job did not fit me. It was a CCP position and I was also the party group leader. I felt like it was a contradictory situation. I knew I must break away from the CCP, but I was also working in that position. It was quite awkward. So, I submitted my resignation as the group leader to the supervisors, but it was not approved. Because I had just started cultivation, I had no experience and did not know what to do or what to say.

Once I clarified the facts of the persecution to a colleague. Because my words were extreme, the colleague did not understand it and felt offended. He also brought up the matter in the company's senior management team meeting. At the meeting, many of the managers did not believe that I practiced Falun Gong and all said he must be joking. Several of them had conversations with me afterward and some threatened me, “This position is a CCP member position. CCP members cannot practice Falun Gong. If you must practice Falun Gong, then you will have to leave this position.” At the time I said, “Sure. I can work on other things that are unrelated to the CCP. I can do other tasks related to human resources, since I am a senior human resource manager.” (Now when I think about it, this kind of thought was a gap.) So, I still clarified the truth to whomever I talked to and convinced them to quit the CCP. I talked to my co-workers, friends, other general workers, mid-level managers, personnel who came to me to get approval letters, people who came to me for signing or terminating their labor contracts, and to anyone I met on my way to and from work, on the bus, in bus stations, and so on.

Some people immediately agreed to quit. There were also people who would not quit even after I talked with them for a long time. I've also had people who pretended to listen to me but then went to the managers to report me. Because at the time I still had many attachments and did not send forth righteous thoughts enough, the evil factors were able to take advantage. People reporting me to the managers frequently. One time a manager said to me, “Don't discuss this anymore in the company. If you do it again, we'll have to transfer you to do labor work.” I said, “I'm saving people. If you transfer me to do labor work, that's persecuting me.” They didn't know what to do and finally called my husband and asked him to persuade me. My husband said, “If you want to practice, just practice at home. Please don't go out and talk about it anymore.” I said, “I'm saving people. I'm doing a good thing.” He said, “You can't even protect yourself and you say you are saving other people. Are you stupid?” I said, “I don't care about my safety. I must do it.” He saw that I was determined and gave up. In the end, my company had other solutions, and used the excuse of “reducing staff members” to transfer me to be the manager of a newly formed department. I knew that it was because the managers were afraid of losing their jobs. The entire company knew that I was one of the most able employees, so they couldn't find anything wrong with my work. I understood how they felt. In order to not give them any trouble (this thought was a gap too), I agreed. I thought, “I can save sentient beings wherever I go. I will have a new environment and get to know more people, and continue to save sentient beings. That's good, too.”

Validating the Fa at Work

I constantly reminded myself after I was transferred to my new position that I must follow Dafa's requirements in all aspects in order to better save sentient beings. My new department is listed under the production department and we share the same office. There were five people in the office and when I first got there, the office was extremely dirty and no one was taking the initiative to clean it. I started to clean the office every day, and the others were touched by my efforts. Eventually they started to take the initiative to clean the office, too. I came to work very early each day and left work very late. When there was extra work, I always stayed for extra hours. I didn't fight for fame or gain and I was very tolerant of everything. I ended up being praised by all of the managers, co-workers, and other personnel. I often told them about the beauty of Dafa and the evilness of the CCP, and more than half of the people around me have quit the CCP, with 90% having heard the facts of the persecution from me.

My main task was to monitor the prices of items that the company purchased. Therefore I had to deal with the company's designated purchasing staff, as well as outside suppliers. When I first began the job, I was a little nervous because this was a job that could easily offend others. I was wondering how I could manage all the relationships well. I needed to protect the company's interests and at the same time handle the relationships well with various personnel, and my central task was to save sentient beings. If I was not able to handle these relationships well, then how would I be able to save sentient beings? If this newly formed department did not play its role, then it would probably be disassembled. However, I still felt that as long as I did things according to Dafa's requirements, everything would eventually turn out well.

In fact, every step we took was under Teacher's careful planning and with Teacher's tireless care for us. As long as we do things according to Fa's requirements, we receive hints from Teacher, and as long as our final goal is to save sentient beings, then Teacher will unconditionally help us. I remember that predestined people always seemed to come to me and tell me what to do, such as where there was something lacking, where things needed to be improved, and where there were issues. Although some of these people were from the general staff, I always humbly listened to their opinions, and I was often able to find a solution. In my spare time after talking about work, I always clarified the truth and asked people to quit the CCP. Many people were able to quit the CCP this way. At the same time, I tirelessly did the research at work for everything that the company was purchasing. I found quite a few issues and resolved many of them, thus preventing some losses. During this process, some suppliers found me and wanted to give me gifts, but I refused them all. The purchasing staff of some companies invited me to go out to eat, and I also refused these gestures. They all said that nowadays there were not many people like me, and they all ended up admiring me. I told them, “I'm a Falun Gong practitioner. Falun Gong teaches me to do good things and I won't do things to take advantage of others, like the corrupt CCP.” I then told them about how the CCP persecutes Falun Gong practitioners, and convinced many of them to quit the party. I also gave them DVDs, and some suppliers later told me that they liked the DVD a lot. Some suppliers also asked me for Dafa books and wanted to study the Fa. I enlightened that every tribulation we need to overcome requires Teacher's care and support. After a while, the total amount of money the company was spending on buying things was reduced significantly. I was therefore praised by the company's CEO. He also said that there were not many people like me and he wished there were more. He also gave me a raise in my salary and assigned me more important tasks.

Because my current department was often praised and affirmed by the CEO, my managers were very proud and pleased. My department has grown to five people from the original two, and the office has expanded from five to eight people. This growth of our team has set a base for me to save more sentient beings. I'm very clear in my mind that all of this was arranged by Teacher. I thank Teacher for his compassion.

A Test

When I was studying the Fa one evening, a small piece of paper fell from inside the book. One of Teacher's poems was written on it:

“Be resolute cultivating Dafa, the mind unstirred
Climbing in levels is what’s fundamental
Faced with tests, a person’s true character is revealed
May you Consummate—
a Buddha, Dao, or God”
(“True Character is Revealed,” from Hong Yin Volume II)

I immediately enlightened that nothing is accidental and I felt something was coming.

Indeed, the next day my department supervisor talked to me and said, “Someone reported you for distributing a Falun Gong DVD. You need to be prepared. Some company-level management people will talk to you.” She also asked some other questions, including to whom I had given the DVD. I said, “I can't tell you.” She said, “That's your system and I won't ask too many questions. But you must be careful and know how to protect yourself. Otherwise you may lose your job.” I said, “I have already let go of life and death. Why should I be afraid of losing my job?” She continued, “I want to protect you and help you get through it this time.” (Every so often, the CCP's “610 Office” would ask all the companies to report whether there were Falun Gong practitioners as employees.) Thus, I used that opportunity to tell him the facts about Falun Dafa as well as about how quitting the CCP is related to one's future safety. In the end he said, “You should go back and get prepared.”

Soon after I returned to my office, I got a call from my previous supervisor. He told me to go see the company's CCP deputy Party secretary. I said, “Why? I'm busy.” He said there was a small issue, and should just go. I sent righteous thoughts on my way there to eliminate the dark minions and rotten demons as well as the Communist evil specter. I also asked for help from Teacher and righteous divine beings. I walked into the office of the deputy Party secretary (also the company's discipline inspection commissioner), and he was sitting behind his desk. On one side of him, there was the discipline inspection deputy commissioner and the other side was my previous supervisor. They each had pens and notebooks in front of them. I sat down facing the deputy Party secretary. He asked, “Do you know why we brought you here?” I answered, “No.” “Someone reported you for distributing a Falun Gong DVD.” “Who said that?” “Is this yours?” He pointed to a DVD on the desk. “Let me look.” I looked at it and remembered that I had only given one copy of this DVD to a purchaser. How did it end up in their hands? I said, “Yes. Is there any problem with it?” He said, “I watched it. There is some content in here that slanders the Party. Who else did you give them to? They must all turn them in.” I thought, “This is very good. He got to watch it. I've always wondered how I could save the high-level managers in the company. Now if they all can watch it once, then they will learn the truth.” I was very relaxed and said, “Article 35 and 36 in the Chinese Constitution provide for freedom of belief and freedom of speech. This includes freedom of publishing materials and books that promote one's ideas. It is completely legal.” His tone became a bit softer, “Who else have you given them to?” “I can't tell you. Betraying friends is not something I will do.” “Can you just give us a scope?” “No. I'm saving people. This is doing good things.” I then began to tell them about the persecution, from the staged Tiananmen Square “self-immolation” to how the CCP has performed live organ harvesting on Falun Gong practitioners, and other crimes. I also touched on the stone which has the words “The CCP Perishes” naturally etched into it, the various natural disasters happening, the April 25th appeal, how officials were persecuted to death during the Cultural Revolution, and so on. They also asked a number of questions and I answered each of them. In the end he said, “It's not that you got persecuted, so please don't talk about it at work, and we will not turn you in.” I said, “Treating Dafa practitioners well will result in good fortune, and is creating a good future for yourself. Dafa practitioners do things according to the principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance. Everything Dafa practitioners do is for saving people.” I then stood up and said goodbye, and righteously walked out of the office. I turned my head and looked at them before I walked away and they still looked numb. Just like this, the originally planned interrogation became a process of clarifying the truth. I knew it was the result of Teacher helping me and enabling me to pass this tribulation.

I later figured out that it was a mid-level manager in my office who had been monitoring me. He told them about me giving the DVD to the purchaser. And it was my previous supervisor who told him to monitor me. Looking within, I found that I still had a mentality of resentment towards my previous supervisor. Although I didn't talk about it, it was still in my mind. I knew it was wrong but I just could not control it. Because he placed me in a vulnerable position, he just seemed to be so bad in my mind. I also had attachments to competitiveness and comparing myself to others. I was thinking something like, “You drove me away, but I'm still good as usual, and still get praised and trusted by the CEO. See, am I not better than you?” I wasn't completely thinking of others. All in all, it was selfishness, and the evil factors took advantage of that.

The Fa-rectification is nearing its end. We can't improve in validating the Fa and saving sentient beings if we don't give up selfishness. Thus we must be more and more diligent, cultivate ourselves well, and make ourselves more broad-minded. I later enlightened that these people were actually quite pitiful. They are lost in fame and gain, and can't pull themselves out. It is quite possible that they've come from very high levels in the universe but now have no way to return. There are possibly a large number of groups of beings that have entrusted their lives to these people and are waiting to be saved. But these people became lost. Therefore, as Dafa practitioners, it is our obligation to do our best to save sentient beings. If we have resentment, then we will not be able to do this. In turn, they may lose their chances to be saved and that would be a huge loss.

Fellow practitioners, let us work hard, let us be diligent, and let us be worthy of the title, “Dafa practitioners in the Fa-rectification period!”