I began taking charge of producing truth clarification DVDs in Korea in 2005. I always believed that producing such DVDs was what I should do, and I had nothing to do with any other project. I did not pay attention to making truth clarification phone calls. In 2005, Korea began making such phone calls to mainland China, but I did not get involved since my Chinese wasn't very good. It was difficult for me to express myself in Chinese, let alone make phone calls to explain the truth about Falun Gong. Recently I discovered that the main reason I did not make phone calls was not the language barrier but my attachment to fear. I still had not totally relinquished it, and I felt sorry that I did not follow Master's teaching well.

Last September, another practitioner called me and asked if I was making truth clarification phone calls, informing me that numerous fellow practitioners all over the world were making such calls. When I heard that, I suddenly realized that I was wrong! I have been practicing Falun Gong since 1997, but I could not even compare to new practitioners in clarifying the truth.

I understood right away that Master was hinting that I should seize the moment to clarify the truth, so I immediately called the coordinator and asked to join the phone calling team. I made up my mind to make phone calls. It was not so easy at the beginning. I needed to improve my Chinese and speak more fluently, but most importantly, I had to strengthen my righteous thoughts and compassion to let others be touched by my kindness. Only then could I save them and help them quit the CCP and its affiliated organizations. At least I had to let them know the wonder of Dafa and obtain true peace.

In order to improve my ability to do this, I listened to others make phone calls on a daily basis. After listening for a week, I wrote my own script. I re-wrote it ten times, and, after I finished, I practiced it on the subway to and from work. I also used my breaks to practice. I learned my phone call script by heart, and my Chinese became more fluent. My confidence also improved.

On September 18, I attended the phone call platform. A practitioner from Japan was the coordinator that day. She encouraged me to make my very first phone call. I was nervous, but the righteous field formed by fellow practitioners helped me calm down. I was very lucky that day: I made two phone calls and both times they quit the CCP. I was very excited and my confidence was up. From that day on, I have been making phone calls two to three hours daily, and the results keep getting better and better, and more people are quitting the CCP.

When I called one fellow, I told him about the huge movement to quit the CCP and its youth organizations and hoped he would not miss the chance to secure a safe future. He asked me if I was Chinese. I said I was. He replied, “If you are Chinese, why can't you speak fluent Chinese? You'd better work on your Chinese and then explain the facts to me. Then I will listen to you and consider quitting the CCP.” I was dumbfounded and did not know how to reply. He hung up the phone. But at that moment I realized, “I am a Dafa practitioner. I made a phone call to save him. Even though my Chinese was not good, my heart to save people was sincere.” I called him again and said, “I am sorry to bother you again. You are right, my Chinese is not good. There are 56 minorities in China, and I am Korean. We only had one Chinese class a day when I went to school. Plus, I am already 56 years old. But I have sacrificed my time and used my own money to call to you. Why do you think I made an international call to you? Did I ask you for anything? Did I try to sell you anything or ask you join some kind of organization? I only ask you to avoid disaster and secure your future. How could you not sense my sincerity?” He answered immediately, “Oh, I am sorry. You are a Korean minority, and you are 56 years old--you certainly don't sound that old.” He began to laugh. My heart had moved him, and he agreed to quit the CCP.

I was encouraged to share my calling experiences at a Korean Experience Sharing Conference. In the past I did not talk much in a group because of my poor Chinese. But as I continued to call, I improved my Chinese and also got rid of some of my attachments, such as shyness, fear, etc. I shared my experiences, and fellow practitioners gave me heart-warming applause. Numerous fellow practitioners were greatly encouraged and also wanted to make phone calls. They said, “She can make phone calls with limited Chinese, so why can't we, who have no language barrier?” They began making phone calls with me. At the beginning, the results were not ideal, and we frequently made mistakes. After a period of time, I discovered that each fellow practitioner in our area was doing better and better. More people quit the CCP and related organizations. I believe that Master saw our hearts to save people and helped us.

We all have to work during the day and can only make phone calls at night. Several practitioners came to my home right after work in order to save time. Some of them also handle other projects, but even though they are busy, they still make phone calls a priority, and then go home to finish their own projects late at night. Nobody complains about tiredness. In order not to interfere with the phone calling, I use the late night hours to make truth clarification DVDs. Everyone has seized every moment to save sentient beings. At the beginning, they all used my phone script to make their phone calls, but now they are all doing well without the script, and they each have their own style to let people know why they need to quit the CCP.

We've spoken to all sorts of people. The wisdom Master grants us lets others sense our sincere hearts, which helps persuade them to quit the CCP. On the platform, we learned to be patient, to be kind, and diligently make each and every call. One practitioner talked with a Party member. She clarified the truth and encouraged him to quit and he agreed. Then he asked if he could give us the phone number of his friend who was also a Party member so that we could persuade him to quit as well. We thanked him and called the number right away. We told him about quitting the CCP and other facts, and he agreed to quit, too. From this, we learned that each and every Chinese person is waiting for our phone calls. How they need our help!

Fellow practitioners gather at my house and make phone calls from 8:30 to 10:30 p.m. daily. Then we study the Fa and exchange experiences and pay attention to shortcomings. In order to make the phone calls successful, we never slack off in Fa study or with the exercises. We need to lay a good foundation. We also need to know the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party thoroughly and pay attention to historical times, dates, and names related to the content, so we can answer their questions.

Lately we have been reading the Nine Commentaries and other materials on the Minghui/Clearwisdom website to prepare for the next round of phone calling. With Master's support, the number of people who have quit the CCP and its organizations has been rising. When I began to make phone calls, I persuaded 13 people in September and 66 in October. Then we made phone calls as a group, and the number climbed to 132 in November and 336 in December. By August of this year, we had persuaded 3301 people to quit the CCP, averaging 412 people per month. What does that mean? There is a difference in the energy field between one person making a phone call and a group making phone calls. When our righteous thoughts support each other, we can double the success rate. As long as we break through the attachment of fear and are focused on saving sentient beings, Master will grant us wisdom and ability and help us elevate through the phone calls, getting rid of many attachments.

We know that we still need to strive forward to meet the standard set by Master. We will persevere in making phone calls. I want to thank those practitioners who encouraged me and those who are making the phone calls with me. I want to tell those who speak imperfect Chinese, who have the attachment of fear: Pick up the phone and hurry up and save people. Master will grant you wisdom and righteous thoughts! I am fully aware that fear is a serious attachment. Let us completely eliminate fear and walk forward on the path of cultivation. Let's pick up the phone together. Sentient beings are waiting for our calls - Let every being have a chance to be saved!