(Clearwisdom.net) An official at a brainwashing center who has worked hard to persecute Falun Gong practitioners ordered that practitioners be deprived of sleep and be given much less food in order to make them give up their beliefs. Because of his crimes, he was put on the "Vicious Persecutors" list on the Minghui website (Chinese version of Clearwisdom.net).

Since his name was listed as one of the "Vicious Persecutors," he received many calls and messages from within the country and overseas, including from Northeast China, Northwest China, Xinjiang Province (the most remote province of China), America, Canada, Taiwan, etc. One practitioner from overseas clarified the truth to him on the phone for over two hours. Some practitioners sent him short messages about retribution cases related with the persecution of Falun Gong. Gradually he understood the truth.

The practitioners advised him to make amends for his crimes by doing good deeds. He first tried to transfer to another job, but was unsuccessful. So he chose not to work hard in his job. If unavoidable, he would talk with the practitioners in a casual way. He immediately provided help if a practitioner had difficulties with the living situation or with food. He also told practitioners how to deal with the situation to reduce further persecution. When he was asked to report to the police if he received any calls or short messages from Falun Gong practitioners so that the police could investigate them, he told them it wasn't necessary.

This official was previously the first in line to be promoted. Now the changes in him have surprised his colleagues. Those who wanted to learn from him to gain credit through persecuting practitioners have restrained their behavior, especially those who used to be practitioners but then turned around to help with the brainwashing. Some of them have resigned. Some just went through the motions at their jobs. Some even told the practitioners to believe in Master and Dafa and have righteous thoughts and righteous actions to eliminate the evil.

Another person was in charge of assessing the status of the brainwashing efforts. Because of his harsh attitude, many practitioners were given extended detention terms, and some were even detained for an additional year. Some were sent to a forced labor camp or sentenced to jail time. He was put on the list of "Vicious Persecutors" on the Minghui website, and he started receiving calls and messages. He ignored the calls and messages at first, and even used them as part of his brainwashing material. Later he had a bad car accident and almost lost his life. He came back to work several months later and had changed his attitude and no longer persecuted practitioners.

To those Dafa practitioners who are involved in calling and sending messages, every call and message you make has a direct impact on the evil. It will suppress those involved in the persecution and eliminate the Communist Party's evil spirits, demons, and ghosts behind them, and therefore save those lives. It will also indirectly protect and support those practitioners with righteous thoughts and righteous actions in the demon's dens, and ease the persecution.