(Clearwisdom.net) This is a true story that happened just two weeks ago in Madison, Wisconsin. Madison is the capital of Wisconsin and also where the University of Wisconsin is located. City Hall stands in the center of the city. Every year, from early summer to the end of fall, a very famous farmers' market is held there on weekends. Over 100 booths surround the city hall in a big circle. This farmers' market attracts over ten thousand people with its unique local products and cultural items. Some people drive 2 to 3 hours to get to the market to shop or simply to have fun. Several organizations also come to share their messages with the market visitors.

For several years, local Falun Dafa practitioners have spread the Fa here. Starting last month, because Shen Yun Performing Arts will be held in Madison, the local practitioners began handing out pamphlets about the show. About two weekends ago, the practitioners were handing out Shen Yun pamphlets to the public as usual. One lady practitioner noticed that an American man kept taking pictures of her with his camera, so she stepped forward to ask him about it. The man said, “Last week you gave me a Shen Yun pamphlet, and I used the website address to search for Shen Yun on the Internet. I was very glad to learn that such a great show is coming to Madison. After I checked out the information provided on the website, I was cheered up. Today I came here again and again saw you giving out pamphlets." He explained that he started to notice a unique phenomena: Many people who visited the market were stone-faced and had serious expressions, and their eyes were constantly shifting. But when they got the Shen Yun pamphlets, their eyes turned brighter and they started smiling. He kept standing there, watching, and saw one person after the other come by, take a Shen Yun pamphlet, and his or her expression would change instantly, which the man found very exciting and uplifting.

This man was stunned by how instantly people changed, and he thought that the Shen Yun pamphlets must have some special power to wake up peoples' inner selves and improve their spirits. He wanted to keep a record of this astonishing change, so he photographed the bright smiling faces of people when they were given the Shen Yun pamphlets. He showed all his pictures in his camera to the practitioners: one by one the bright and smiling faces appeared. He said that he had taken over 1000 photographs.

Yes, even an ordinary person like that man could realize how lucky those people were who had the chance to get the Shen Yun pamphlets. They smiled because they felt happy inside. A life can be saved by the Fa, which is extremely lucky for that individual. Yet there are so many sentient beings eagerly waiting to be saved.