(Clearwisdom.net) Ms. Sun Zhongping was recently taken to the Harbin Drug Rehabilitation Forced Labor Camp, despite being ill and weak as a result of previous mistreatment during detention and a car accident.

Ms. Sun had already been arrested and detained once before. Since being released, she has been treated five times at the People's Hospital for high blood pressure and coughing up blood. She was then hit by a car on her way home in mid-May. She was hospitalized at Longnan Hospital and got eight stitches in her head. She has yet to fully recover.

She was arrested last August by Feng Haibo and several officers from the Daqing City Domestic Security Team. The Chengfeng Police Sub-bureau was involved as well. They forced her to sit on a iron chair for two days and ordered two inmates to monitor her, making sure she didn't lay down. Ms. Sun went into shock several times, was unable to walk on her own, and had external injuries.

Even though she was very ill and weak, Deng Hui and several other officers from the Chengfeng Police Sub-bureau took Ms. Sun to the Harbin Drug Rehabilitation Forced Labor Camp. Her leg is now severely swollen and she vomits after meals. Her blood pressure is also dangerously high. Ms. Sun is being held in the No. 3 Ward.

Torture re-enactment: Bound to an iron chair

When Ms. Sun's family went to the Chengfeng Police Sub-bureau to request her release, Officer Deng Hui pretended that he was not involved. After Ms. Sun's family hired an attorney, the Daqing City Domestic Security Team ordered the attorney not to have a hand in the matter.

Ms. Sun's family returned to the forced labor camp several times asking to visit her, but their requests were repeatedly rejected.

Personnel at Harbin Drug Rehabilitation Forced Labor Camp:
Song Zhiyu, officer in the law enforcement section: +86-13945057881 (Cell), +86-451-82437301
Zhang Xu: +86-13796824077
No. 3 Ward: +86-451-82447079