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If I can save 100 people, I would not stop at 99

Practitioner C is in her 60s, and even though she never went to school she had the wisdom to believe in Teacher and Dafa right from the start. She takes a fellow practitioner with her to help hang up truth-clarification banners and she takes her grandson with her to put up posters and to hand out flyers while explaining the facts about Falun Gong to everyone. Over the years, her relatives would always notify her whenever they got together. She understood that each time it was Teacher who arranged the opportunity for her to save people and she never missed these opportunities. She would miss out on all the food in order to clarify the facts to about fifty to sixty people during the gathering.

When traveling by bus, she would help passengers to quit the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and its affiliated organizations. Practitioner C said to her local practitioners: “I'll take care of any village where the facts of Falun Gong have not been spread and anyone who hasn’t understood the truth; let me know and I will do my best to help them.”

One day while riding her bicycle she very quickly was sandwiched in between two vehicles. The pedal stick went through the arch of her foot breaking her foot, and pushing a bone out. She quickly thought to herself: “Evil old forces, you can't stop me from clarifying the facts and saving sentient beings.” With that determination she didn't go home until she had helped six or seven people with the quit the Party. After she got home, her foot had swelled up. She ignored the old force arrangements and kept studying the Fa, doing the exercises, sending forth righteous thoughts and clarifying the facts. A week later her foot was completely healed.

This practitioner often helps other practitioners. She took the initiative to coordinate practitioners in her local township, by working with her local coordinators in doing Dafa projects. She has helped with building up a positive environment for fellow practitioners to help the Chinese people understand the truth about Falun Gong.

She asked other practitioners: All of you know how to write "Falun Dafa is good," "Truth-Compassion-Forbearance is good.” I need to learn how to write these words too. Please write down the words for me, then I'll try to copy them myself.”

For now, these are the only nine words that Practitioner C knows how to write, and she writes them wherever she goes. She had one thought in her mind: “Teacher, if I can save 100 people, I will not stop at 99. If there is anywhere I fall short, Teacher, please enlighten me to it so I can improve quickly."

Shen Yun DVDs have a miraculous effect

Practitioner D is 59 years old. Although her education was cut short during the Cultural Revolution, leaving her with an education level of the 2nd grade, she can read all of Teacher's lectures. She has been going to her daughter's home in the city to babysit her granddaughter, going there every Sunday afternoon and coming back Friday afternoons. Every week, she brings with her two big bags of Shen Yun DVDs, truth-clarification flyers and Falun Gong DVDs. On the bus, she treats everyone as people with who have a predestined relationship with her, and she has given each of them a Shen Yun DVD. She takes her granddaughter out every day to clarify the facts to people, help them with quit the communist party, and hand out Shen Yun DVDs and flyers.

She has had many remarkable experiences while clarifying the facts. One day in 2008, a man limped into the same park where this practitioner often goes. After she told him about Falun Gong and the persecution she helped him withdraw from the CCP and she also gave him the 2008 Shen Yun DVD.

Three weeks later, at the same park she saw this man telling other people about the miracles of Dafa. He said, “Falun Gong healed my legs, with only a Shen Yun DVD, it's truly amazing!" When Practitioner D looked at him, he was walking just like a normal person. Actually he had already been talking about his leg for a few days at the park. Seeing practitioner D, he really wanted to thank her. Practitioner D said to him, "Please thank my Teacher. It was my Teacher who arranged for me to meet you." He then said, "Thank you Dafa Teacher, thank you Dafa Teacher!" After that, he went away to talk to others about the miracles of Dafa.

That day police officers arrived and put the man into their vehicle. They were also shouting out that they were looking for an elderly lady carrying a large pink bag. This practitioner understood that the police were looking for her. Practitioner D passed on her bag to a lady beside her. She pretended that she was helping her granddaughter when her granddaughter said, “Grandma is so selfish.” Hearing this, Practitioner D enlightened that she should not leave her flyers and bag with an ordinary person. She took back her bag and granddaughter and started walking out. When they were passing by the entrance, a police officer saw her and said, "You are the one with the pink bag! Stay there!" She asked, "What's wrong with carrying a pink bag? Why won't you let me go?" Then he said, "I want to see what you have in the bag." Then he reached out to take her bag and Practitioner D said, "Stop it!"

While they were arguing, the team leader of the police officers came over. He called practitioner D over to a quiet corner, then he said, "I've been waiting for you at the park for a few days, aren't you afraid of us?" Practitioner D replied, "No. Because you are the most pitiful people; you don't know the truth of Falun Gong. You have been deceived by Jiang Zemin, and by doing bad deeds, and especially for persecuting Falun Gong, that leaves you with no good fortune. Didn't you hear people all over all cursing the CCP?" The policeman said, "I often come to this park, and I always see that you pass on Shen Yun DVDs to others. I also know that handicapped man who comes to this park as well, and now see that his leg problem has been healed. Is that really because of the DVD he watched?" Practitioner D responded, "Yes." The police officer said, "My wife has been bedridden for a few years. Can you give us a Shen Yun DVD?"

Practitioner D said, "Even though you want to watch the DVD, how can you arrest an innocent person in order to get it?" The police team leader understood right away and told the other police officers to release that man. He also apologized to the man for having him arrested. Then Practitioner D gave the police officer a set of Shen Yun DVDs. When they all left, practitioner D went home as well.

A while later the team leader sent police officers to the park to find Practitioner D again, and not until then, did she know that he was the person in charge of the police bureau. He told Practitioner D how his entire family watched the Shen Yun DVD: In the evening, he had all his relatives gathered at his father-in-law's home, and they watched the Shen Yun DVD together. After watching the first disc, it was his wife who got up and changed the disc. Seeing this, his relatives were all stunned by the miracle that they just witnessed. Only when his family members pointed it out in alarm, did she realize that she could walk again. A person who has been bedridden for a few years could walk again. She was moved to tears. All his family members truly felt the goodness and power of Dafa. With gratitude, they finished watching the DVD.

After that, Practitioner D clarified the facts about Falun Gong in depth, and helped the officer quit the CCP. He said, "My relatives and myself, altogether a few dozen of us, all quit the Party. I have also helped many of my colleagues to quit as well. I have personally witnessed the miracles of Dafa. I also want to practice Falun Gong."

Practitioner D gave him a copy of Zhuan Falun. From then on, their family began to practice. Their relatives, some of whom were also police officers, began to practice as well.

One day in 2009, when Practitioner D was handing out Shen Yun DVDs on the bus, two people wearing police uniforms saw her. The younger police officer said, “We are looking for you, and we have caught you handing these out in front of us?” When they picked up the Shen Yun DVD, Practitioner D began to clarify the truth to them. The older police officer realized the truth and said, “It's truly a predestined relationship.”

The younger one appeared to be hot-tempered, but the passengers on the bus began to scold the two police officers. A male passenger grabbed the Shen Yun DVD from the younger police officer, and said, “If you don’t want it, I’ll take it.” The young policeman told Practitioner D to go with them to the municipal police bureau. There were twenty police officers working then, and a young police officer took one DVD from Practitioner D's bag and put into the DVD player. This young police officer called his colleagues over to watch it with him. Practitioner D was sending forth righteous thoughts, at the same time while explaining the facts to them. She said, “Take a look and see how great our Teacher is. Don't believe what's said on the TV. Past political movements under the evil CCP have resulted in the deaths of 80 million Chinese people and now the CCP continues to murder innocent Chinese by persecuting Falun Gong. The CCP fabricated the 'self-immolation' incident and launched a slanderous propaganda campaign to destroy the good reputation of Falun Dafa. If you wish to be free of the impending doom of the CCP you can declare your withdrawal from the Party and only then will you be safe.” Afterwards, 22 police officers made their withdrawals. Practitioner D had a smile on her face when she walked out of the police bureau.

Now Practitioner D plays truth-clarification DVDs, such as “False Fire,” the “Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party,” and Shen Yun on the bus with an MP5 player. While playing them, she also talks to the driver and passengers to help them withdraw from the Party.

Coordinating well demonstrates great power

Practitioner E is sixty years old, and has had only five years of primary school education. Even so, her education level ranks the top among all the five ladies. She is also one of the main coordinators in a township in our area.

Since 2005, when the article “Turning the Wheel Towards the Human World” was published, she has been coordinating local practitioners to go to households to clarify the truth and help people quit the CCP. Practitioner E also coordinates practitioners to go to government buildings, the police department and juridical department to send forth righteous thoughts. She also coordinates local practitioners go to the brainwashing centers in neighborhood provinces and Beijing’s Tiananmen Square to send forth righteous thoughts. On their way, they talk about Falun Gong to people on the buses and trains. Since 2002, they have been going to each household in their areas to clarify the truth, and in some cases, it took them four years of strenuous efforts before people understood the truth. At the end 2008, out of thirty thousand people, 95% of them quit the CCP.

Since 1998, practitioners have been going to supermarkets to hand out DVDs and calendars with facts about Falun Gong written on it. The demand for calendars often exceeded their supply. They also asked people to come to their homes to pick up calendars at the end of each year.

In June 1, 2011, when hearing that at some schools, they were organizing kids to sing CCP songs, Practitioner E asked fellow practitioners to send forth righteous thoughts three days ahead of the time, to prevent the children from being poisoned by the CCP’s propaganda songs. On June 1, there was a power outrage covering the entire township and it lasted for three days. On the fourth day, when people from the school wanted to make up for the lost days, the practitioners sent forth righteous thoughts to have the sound system be out of order. Staff from the school spent a few hours trying to fix it, but in the end they couldn’t.

For a coordinator to have her fellow township practitioners elevate together and work as one body, she had given much of herself. Now every practitioner in her township can work as a coordinator.

Although I'm very familiar with these five practitioners, it took me over two months to write this article. During this process, I truly felt that while writing this article, I'm disintegrating the evil and improving myself. The personal experience of these five practitioners validates that the Fa that Teacher imparted to us is true. Let us treasure this precious opportunity. Before the Fa-rectification arrives in the human world, we must assist Teacher in rectifying the Fa, work diligently, and complete our vow made before the dawn of history. Thank you Teacher, thank you fellow practitioners!