(Clearwisdom.net) The hospital I work for has several branch locations, and I was assigned to go to on a business trip to sign a contract with a partner company. A finance deputy director from company headquarters also came. The director from the partner company and I had met before. She is a departmental level official and is very talented. After we signed the contract, she had other business and declined our invitation to dinner, so our finance deputy director returned to the hotel first. Before I said goodbye to the director of the partner company, I said to her, “I must tell you something that is extremely important to your life.” She opened her eyes very wide and listened me with full attention. I said, “Nowadays, the moral values are declining very quickly. The Communists claim to serve the people, but, in fact, they are serving themselves.” She said, “That is true. Currently more than 900f the money is held by very few high officials and their relatives.” I told her, “If you quit the Chinese Communist Party (CCP} sincerely and trust Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance, then you will be able to avoid any catastrophe.” She held my hands and said, “I will definitely quit the CCP. From now on you are my older sister. In my heart I can feel your kindness.” Tears came to her eyes. I was very touched, too, and said, “I'm very happy to be your older sister!”

After parting from her, I quickly returned to the hotel because I wanted to talk to the finance deputy director. I should have clarified the facts to him before the meeting. However, I had been arrested by the local 610 Office and sent to a brainwashing session before, and everyone knew about it in our location as well as at headquarters. Before I left for the meeting, my supervisor told me again and again to watch out for my own safety. Thus I was afraid that the finance deputy director would report to headquarters and tell me to leave before the meeting, so I had waited and waited. When I got to the hotel, he had already left for the airport. But I thought he would really run out of chances if I didn't clarify the facts to him. I immediately called him and he got a little worried and asked me whether there were more things to be taken care of. I said that there was one more thing that was related to his life. I told him the persecution facts and asked him to quit the CCP. To my surprise, he said, “From now on, I'll do things according to what you just told me.”

Through many business trips I met many experts and research people in the field as well as the directors of each of the major hospitals. I have established good personal relationships with them and they all recognize my good character. I first gave them a Shen Yun DVD and gradually convinced them to quit the CCP.

My fourth aunt and her husband were the head engineer and a factory director, respectively, of a major state-owned enterprise. Five years ago, I clarified the facts of the persecution to them in my parents' house and tried to convince them to quit the CCP. They just vaguely said okay. They also told me again and again not to participate in politics and that if I angered the CCP, they would make me suffer for the rest of my life or even kill me. At the time, they were both at the peak of their careers. However, my aunt soon had a stroke and had to retire early. Her husband also had to step down to a less intense position to take care of my aunt. Everything immediately changed, and no one cared about them anymore. Every year I sent them a Shen Yun DVD through the mail and they liked it very much. They said the programs were great and the backgrounds were great. However, they never really agreed to quit the CCP.

In the summer of 2011, my aunt had another stroke and was hospitalized. She barely made it through and she was extremely weak. I went to her home and took the opportunity to again clarify the facts and encourage them to quit the CCP. This time, because they clearly saw the evil things done by the CCP in the past several years, not only did they quit the CCP, but they also called their children over to have me talk to them and help them quit the CCP. Before I left, my aunt asked me whether she would make it and I said, “No problem.” She immediately stood up straight and appeared almost 10 years younger.

My mother's fifth brother passed away many years ago, and his wife re-married, so we have not been in touch for many years. I thought about it, and, of all the many people on my mom's side of the family, she was the only one I had not clarified the facts to. Thus I went to visit her in the summer. She was very touched that I had thought of her for this life and death matter, and their entire family quit the CCP.

I went to the wedding of my husband's niece in my husband's hometown. I used every opportunity to clarify the facts to everyone who attended the wedding.

For these many years, I'd always wanted to see my husband's oldest cousin to clarify the facts to her, but I seemed to miss her every time I went there. She was a beautiful woman but has had a miserable life. When she was young, because she was very pretty, she was taken by force by a gangster leader. The family did not dare to speak up. Later the gangster found another woman and abandoned her. She just wanted to find an honest person and ended up marrying someone who was very poor and could barely make a living. In order to make some money, she went to a rural area to do pig farming and also nursed an elderly person. At the wedding, she greeted me, and I barely recognized her. She had completely changed and was now a peasant. In her eyes, I still could see the traces of the mental suffering she had endured. I said to her, “You have suffered so much, and it is all for being eventually saved by Dafa. Good people will receive good rewards.” She grabbed my hands as if grabbing a lifeline and said with tears in her eyes, “That would be so great.”

Then I went to the beautiful Jingbo Lake. On my way, the person who sat next to me was an official of Liaoning Province. She told me that she had cancer and asked me how come I looked so healthy. I told her it was all because I practiced Falun Gong. She told me that she was responsible for overseeing Falun Gong where she worked and that there were several Falun Gong practitioners in her workplace. “Every time my superiors ask me about it, I just tell them that no one from my workplace practices Falun Gong, because I know that the Falun Gong practitioners are the most trustworthy people in the society nowadays. I would never do a wicked thing like report them. But the Falun Gong practitioners have all asked me quit the CCP, and I haven't figured out why.” I told her the importance of it and she happily agreed. We talked a lot, and before we said goodbye, she left me her home address and phone number and asked me to mail her some Shen Yun DVDs, which I did immediately after I returned home.

On my way back from the lake, I took the train to visit Changbai Mountain. On the train, I saw several elderly people who were once officials before they retired and were now selling soybean lecithin. I told them that no health care products could effect a better result than practicing Falun Gong and also clarified the facts to them. They all agreed. The train followed the Yalu River, and I was sitting next to the window and looking outside. The person next to me was a young woman holding a child. I saw that it was quite difficult for her, so I led her have my seat as well and also shared the bananas that I had brought. We talked a lot on the way, and I clarified the facts to her and also helped her quit the CCP.

I took taxis to and back from a scenic area around Changbai Mountain, and I clarified the facts to the taxi drivers and helped them to quit the CCP. I also mailed them Shen Yun DVDs when I got home.

Whenever I take a taxi on business trips and vacations, I always clarify the facts to the taxi drivers and give them Shen Yun DVDs.

One time around 7 p.m. I took the train and got off in Jinan. I wanted to take a taxi to my hotel, but I asked several taxi drivers and none of them were willing to take me. It was getting dark and I got a little worried. I went to the side of the road and another taxi stopped and again the driver said he had to change his shift soon and it was not on his way. Then the driver of the taxi behind him said, “Come on. I'll take you.” I got in the car and saw he was elderly. I asked him, “How come only you are are willing to take me?” He said, “Because your hotel is so close to the train station, it isn't good for making money.” I thanked him. He said, “No problem. It's what we ought to do. You are here in the hometown of Confucius and Mencius. Confucius said, 'One shouldn't not do it because it is a small good deed and shouldn't do it because it is a small evil deed.' As taxi drivers, we shouldn't refuse to take someone because it isn't going to make us a big profit. That is against basic human morality as well as contrary to professional ethics.” I was very touched by these words and his character. In today's degenerate and devious society, it is rare to find someone who is still holding on to the traditional values. I used the short amount of time to clarify the facts to him and helped him as well as his family to quit the CCP. He said his entire family all listen to and trust him.

I went to Daming Lake in Jinan and was very drawn to the beautiful surroundings. When the park was about to close, two young boatmen came up to me and said, “Ma'am, how about you take our boat to the exit across the river and you can enjoy the scenery along the way? This ancient type of boat will be replaced next year by the modern ones.” I gladly got on their boat. As we traveled across the river, I thought about how my world in the future will for certain have even more beautiful places than Daming Lake, and there will be boatmen there as well. When I got on the land, I asked the two boatmen to take a rest and I clarified the facts and helped them quit the CCP. They both agreed.

I also went to the mountain sacred to Buddhists, Wutai Mountain. I climbed the mountain along with a woman from Sichuan and a couple from Tibet. The Tibetan man said, “Tibetans and Han people all believe in one Lord Buddha.” I added, “Today, only if one believes in the Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance of Falun Dafa can one be protected by the Lord Buddha and be saved.” The Sichuan woman said, “But the CCP doesn't allow us to believe it.” I said, “One will be eliminated if one listens to the CCP. Look at what the CCP has done. Isn't it completely against the Buddha's teaching?” They all said, “Right!” When we got on the top, we were all impressed by the beautiful scenery and the fresh air of this sacred place. When we returned to the hotel, I helped the Sichuan woman and another girl in the same room to quit the CCP.

The next day I went to Yungang Grottoes. The person who sat next to me on the bus was a middle school teacher. He said to me, “You look so healthy for your age. What is your secret?” Once I told him that it was the result of practicing Falun Gong, he was so scared that he scooted over to the far side of the seat. I asked, “What are you scared of?” He said, “I'm scared when I hear 'Falun Gong.' I'm afraid you guys will encourage others to commit self-immolation.” I said, “Those things on television were all staged.” I started talking about the fabricated self-immolation incident and clarified the persecution facts. As I spoke, he gradually shifted back in the seat and said quietly, “The CCP indeed could do things like that. It is good at lying and framing. I believe you. I believe the Buddha will protect good people, and so I also believe Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is the highest principle of this world and the universe. I agree to quit the CCP.” After touring the Yungang Grottoes, he walked over to me and said, “Miss, I will not go back with the bus, but I truly thank you for your life-saving words!”

The next day I went to visit the Qiao Family Courtyard and Pingyao Ancient City with the tour group. There were two beautiful young girls in the group. I asked them and found out they were college graduates from Xian City. I clarified the facts to them as we toured around and helped them to quit the CCP.

My return flight was the next afternoon, so the next morning I hurriedly went to Jinci Park. When I got to the park, I only had about two hours before I had to get to the airport. I was pulling a big piece of luggage when a middle-aged woman walked out of her photo shop and said, “It's quite inconvenient for you to pull such a big bag. You can leave it here!” I said, “I only have an hour and a half to look around. Will there be a taxi to the airport nearby when I'm done?” She said, “I'll call my husband and he can drive you.” So I left my bag with her and went to tour the park. I glanced at everything, and when I got back, the middle-aged couple were looking in my direction, waiting for me. On the way to the airport, I clarified the facts to them and they happily accepted it. Their simple and honest characters had brought them an opportunity to be saved. When I got to the airport, it was half an hour before my flight.

I looked out the window on the airplane and all the scenes from my vacation played out in my mind. Master's words sounded in my ears,

“Everything in the world was established and created for the Fa-rectification, and Dafa disciples are the great figures of our time. Since ancient times the beings in all realms have waited in anticipation. Gather up and rescue the beings that you are to save! Have righteous thoughts and righteous actions, dissolve all hindrances, and spread the facts widely. Divine beings are among men.” (“To the European Fa Conference in Stockholm”)

Tears came to my eyes. I felt happy for my relatives, friends, and sentient beings who had heard the truth, and I was worried for the many beings who have not had that opportunity. I will use every opportunity to clarify the facts to all the sentient beings who have predestined relationships with me, even if we are only to see each other one time.