(Clearwisdom.net) Since the RTC (the abbreviation for “Rapid Tuidang Center,” or “Rapid withdrawals from the CCP service center”) platform was established in July last year, I have been using it to call people in China to clarify the truth about Falun Dafa and advise them to quit the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and its affiliated organizations. Fellow practitioners in different countries have shared a lot on the platform, and their suggestions have been very helpful. Therefore, I want to share my experience from another angle. Having misunderstood how to clarify the truth and rectify the Fa through phone calls, I left my misunderstanding behind by finally understanding the problem I faced.

1. Leaving Behind Everyday People's Methods by Focusing on Fa Study and Cultivation

Teacher has stressed the importance of Fa study many times. Sometimes the evil's interference to our Fa study shows itself by us getting busy with everyday people's activities or becoming sleepy. Those are easy to detect, and we can overcome them. However, during the phone call project, I found several hard-to-detect attachments that kept me from studying the Fa diligently.

For example, to be able to converse intelligently about issues puzzling people and be more convincing, I spent a lot of time searching for materials about subjects such as history, culture, and current news. Sometimes I even spent more time on reading those articles than studying the Fa.

At times, after developing a good approach I got attached to it. Then, it stopped working. I then tried to find out other practitioners' approaches and talking points, which helped me modify my scripts. I spent time thinking over every word and how effective they were. I devoted much time into fine-tuning my scripts and ignored studying the Fa. Thus I fell into the methodology trap. For a while, I felt that I was trapped in a maze, feeling tired and unable to get out of it.

This was the case until recently, when I read the Fa about eating “Tofu with Soybean Sauce” in Zhuan Falun,

“In theory, that should be quite a light meal, but eating that all the time was still not good, as the attachment had to be removed.” (“The Issue of Eating Meat,” "Zhuan Falun")

Then, I realized that cultivators should not have any attachments, whether it is meat or tofu or anything else. When moving to a higher level, the connotation of “good” changes. Any attachment, as soon as it develops, should be eliminated. It was helpful to develop a good approach for telling people the facts about Falun Dafa, but as time passed I formed an attachment to it. So, I needed to get rid of it. On the surface, it kept me busy and manifested as the “bottleneck” problem that kept me from studying the Fa diligently.

I finally understood that the key to breaking through the “bottleneck” was not to find the best approach, but rather studying the Fa diligently. Looking for a better method is to seek outwards, which deviates from the Fa. Studying the Fa more, concentrating on Fa study, purifying ourselves, getting rid of attachments to fear, lust, joy, comfort, envy, and competition, and increasing righteous thoughts is the correct way to follow Teacher's arrangement. For each phone call, is it a beautiful voice that solves the listener's problem, or is it fluent mandarin, powerful sentences and facts, or strong arguments? Clearly not. What really moves a person and awakens his kind nature is the practitioner's compassion. Compassion is cultivated from the Fa. It is developed after getting rid of everyday people's sentiments.

For a long time I had been thinking of how to be more compassionate when making phone calls. I had thought of many techniques, such as adjusting the speed and tone of my voice, being patient, staying calm, not giving up, not stirring up the other party's negative emotions, and so on.

Teacher said:

“Whatever is loaded into a person’s mind will for sure affect his outer appearance. For example, if you put something square into a bag, by looking at the outer appearance you will be able to tell; if you put something round into it, you’ll also be able to tell that from the outer appearance. Meaning, whatever kind of thinking is loaded into a person will be visible from the outer appearance.” ("What is a Dafa Disciple")

I suddenly understood that not only the appearance of a human is like this, a practitioner's phone call is also like this. A phone call lets the recipient feel the practitioner's character and intent, including his/her voice and his compassion. If we study the Fa well, then everything is in that voice. It carries the Fa, so it has the mighty power of the Fa. Of course it can save people. Compassion emanates during the phone conversation, from the surface to the microscopic level, covering everything. The recipient's knowing side will understand it. If we don't study the Fa well, our xinxing level drops and we have a lot of human attachments. Then, there is less Fa in our voice. With so many everyday people's thoughts, we can't save people. Also, by studying the Fa I realized that compassion cannot be shown deliberately. Thinking about it too much is another form of attachment; and studying the Fa more and getting rid of attachments will naturally let us achieve the result of being on the Fa.

2. Getting Rid of Pursuit and Harmonizing the Entire Group

Sometimes I paid too much attention to the result of advising people to quit the CCP, and thus developed the attachment of pursuit. Below, I have summarized a list of different types of people that we can encounter when making phone calls. After analyzing their characteristics and methods to help them, I got rid of the pursuit that “every phone call I make will persuade a person quit the CCP.”

I have encountered the following types of people:

(1) Ready to Quit

The good thing is that more and more Chinese people are ready to quit the CCP and its affiliated organizations. They have a good understanding of the CCP and Dafa, so they know what to choose. When I call them, they don't take long to quit the CCP. It is as if they are just waiting for the phone call. I remind myself not to be overjoyed when that happens, because this is the result of other practitioners' clarifying the truth to them. I am just the harvester. I harvest the entire practitioners group's hard work.

(2) With Good Nature But Undecided

These people either partially understand the truth or have a good nature, but they are still confused on some issues, have concerns, or are influenced by the party culture. They are at the edge. For example, some of them may hate the CCP but think that they no longer belong to the Communist Youth League or Young Pioneers since they have passed the age when one is part of these organizations. They need us to give them a hand at this critical moment, so that they can resolve their issues, awaken their conscience, and strengthen their righteous thoughts, enabling them to make the right decision. There is a good chance for these people to be saved over the phone.

(3) Showing No Interest

Normally these people refuse to take the phone call, claiming they are busy or have no interest in the subject matter. But they don't show a strong resistance or negative side. Sometimes when I call them back and offer them a fake name, they will agree to quit the CCP. Sometimes I ask them to remember the nine words “Falun Dafa is good, Truthfulness-Benevolence-Compassion is good” and leave them with the good thought. These nine words can awaken his knowing side and set up the foundation for him to be saved during the next contact. Sometimes I set up a time to call him back.

(4) Feeling Wary

These people have strong fear. They hang up the phone or just listen to our conversation without saying a word. Without any interaction, they can't be saved. However, as long as they listen, I keep talking. I tell them about our media and websites that clarify the truth. This will set up some foundation for them to be saved later and open up their closed minds.

(5) Lost in Party Culture

These people either argue with us using the CCP's fallacies, curse us, or threaten to report us to the police. It's hard for them to listen to or accept the truth. My experience is to stay calm and not be moved by them. At the same time, I send forth righteous thoughts to eliminate the evil factors behind him. It's hard to convince them in one call. Sometimes I call several times or have several practitioners take turns calling him.

(6) Refusing the Truth

These kinds of people are rare, but I have met a couple. They have strong doubts about Falun Dafa and hold a deep misunderstanding. They refuse to listen to the truth. For example, there once was a person that started yelling and said that no one was allowed to mention Falun Gong in front of him. He would not listen to anything. Instead, he kept venting his hatred.

After analyzing the types of people, I gradually got rid of my attachment to the number of people that I persuaded to quit the CCP. We meet all kinds of people every day. They have different misunderstandings and puzzling issues, and can accept the truth to different extents. There are also many complicated factors behind them and complex historical and predestined relationships with the practitioners who call them. These complications can't be summarized in one sentence. I think we should just do well with what we should do, just as Teacher told us, “he should only focus on practicing, without paying attention to obtaining gong." (“The Issue of Pursuit,” Zhuan Falun). We should try our best to bring the truth to them.

Truth is the fundamental basis for people to be saved. It's good if they can quit the CCP right away. But even if they don't, we should lead them closer to the truth and leave them an exit from the current world. This exit is the entrance to the future. Understanding the truth about Falun Dafa is the only way for people to enter the future.

Last, let me end with Teacher's Fa:

"Validate the Fa with rationality, clarify the truth with wisdom, spread the Fa and save people with mercy—this is establishing the mighty virtue of an Enlightened Being.” (Essentials for Further Advancement II", "Rationality)

Thank you Teacher! Thank you fellow practitioners!