(Clearwisdom.net) I was taken to a brainwashing center during the 2008 Beijing Olympics. While in the brainwashing facility, I met a jurisprudence professor. This woman said she was from the China University of Political Science and Law, and was in the center to do research on religions and law, and to conduct a survey. Some people said she might be a plant from the provincial 610 Office. I discussed this with likewise detained practitioners. All of us agreed that regardless of what role she was playing we would treat her as a sentient being to be saved.

We cooperated as one body. While I explained the truth to her from a legal perspective, others sent righteous thoughts to support me. I am now documenting what happened during the conversation, in hopes it will help those practitioners who take legal action against the evildoers.

When I sat down with the professor I went straight to the point: "Article 300 in China's Criminal Law is about using evil religious organizations to sabotage the implementation of the laws of the state. Any legal professional such as a judge, a public prosecutor, a lawyer must understand the basic concepts of what an evil sect represents, what an evil religious organization is, and what implementation of the state law actually means - if they want to apply this law properly. Lacking such correct comprehension, these legal professionals would be unable to define the behavior of an individual or a civil organization, and determine if their actions constitute the crime of sabotaging the implementation of state laws.

"The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has long fouled people's minds with an incorrect legal notion - that the law reflects the will of the ruling class. Put simply, it means that whoever is in power is the ruling class, and that what they say is the truth, the law. This notion is nothing more than a variant of the domineering fallacy that power is truth. With such a twisted interpretation of law, how can it be that 'everyone is equal before of the law?'

"As for 'evil cult,' I would like to offer this definition: Any teaching that encourages people to openly and unscrupulously do evil is an evil cult, and any teaching that encourages people to do evil with a mentality of escaping punishment by sheer luck is an evil cult. Additionally, any teaching that turns people into animals and political hooligans who are immoral and inhumane, and who reject their kin and betray their conscience for immediate personal gains is an evil cult."

I asked the professor if she agreed with what I said. She said yes, but asked if I could explain the definition I said in a simpler and more specific manner. I agreed.

First, with regard to encouraging people to openly and unscrupulously do evil, I often use this metaphor: A person had inherited an estate that was passed on to him from three generations. He also worked very hard all his life and accumulated great wealth for later generations, including a large estate of 100 mu (about 16 acres) and a large shop in the city. While being wealthy, his family also did philanthropic work. He built private schools, providing education for the local children, based on the principles of benevolence, righteousness, etiquette, wisdom, and credibility. As a result, this person enjoyed high prestige and respect in the region.

However, in 1949, an organization came on the scene made up of poor people. The leader of the organization pointed his finger at this good, rich man and said to the poor people, "Do you know why we are so poor? It is because there are rich people, and because the rich people have exploited us poor people! If we poor people want to get rich, we must arm ourselves and overthrow the rich, beat them to death and share in their wealth."

Someone in the poor people's group said that the rich people had worked hard for their wealth, and if they overthrew them, beat them to death and shared their wealth, wouldn't it be like killing and robbery? The leader said, "How can it be killing and robbery? Ours is a justice revolution! Whoever says our action is killing and robbery is a counter-revolutionary."

Thus, killing and robbery became justified actions for this organization's revolution.

Second, regarding encouraging people to do evil with a mentality of escaping punishment by sheer luck: The Chinese people have historically respected Confucianism, Buddhism, and Taoism, and believed there were gods, Buddhas and heavenly principles. They believed that if good was not rewarded with good and evil with evil, then there must be selfishness involved. The ancient people understood the importance of reflecting upon themselves three times a day, and that if two people did something bad, not only would the two of them know about it, heaven and earth would also know about it. They believed that the principle of retribution and punishment was evident everywhere. So in ancient times, people didn't dare to do evil while thinking they could escape punishment by sheer luck. Consequently, people respected the heavenly principles and cultivated themselves inwardly, and of course there was peace as a result.

After 1949, the same organization advocated atheism throughout China, and forbid people from believing in gods, Buddhas and heavenly principles - of good being rewarded with good and evil being met with evil. Anyone who said that good would be rewarded with good and evil met with evil would be criticized and blamed for spreading feudal superstition.

Why is it that in today's China corruption is everywhere? An important reason is that atheism has dissolved the binding force of natural, ancient laws which restrained people from doing evil. As a result, many people do evil with a mindset they might be lucky and escape punishment.

The third item was about turning people into animals and political hooligans who are immoral and inhumane, and who reject their kin and betray their conscience for immediate personal gains. That same organization mentioned above personifies a whole set of theories for its political movements, to "attack and punish" people. Since it came to power, it has launched one political movement after another - to "attack and punish" people. These political motives and movements had a great number of people draw a clear line between factions, and between their parents, in order to gain so-called political fame, and of being "revolutionary, exemplary, active, and progressive." They beat their parents, berated their teachers, fought with their spouses, and reported on their friends. They had indeed reduced the people into animals and inhumane political hooligans and rejected their kin!

Think about it. When organizational theories turn people into such inhumane creatures and political hooligans, isn't it evil? Isn't it correct to call such theories fallacies? Isn't such an organization an evil organization? I think it's very obvious which one is the true evil organization.

From there, I spoke briefly about sabotaging the implementation of state laws: First, let us pinpoint what state laws are. As I said earlier, the fundamental characteristic of laws is punishing evildoers and advocating good. In other words, sabotaging the implementation of state laws means sabotaging the process of punishing the evil and advocating good, and it is a process of conniving at and protecting evil conduct. Accordingly, it is very clear what sabotaging the implementation of state laws is.

Who then are those who, for many years, have used an evil organization to commit so much evil that so severely damaged the Chinese nation and human morals? Historians regard the ten-year period of the Cultural Revolution as the most insane and most evil in human history. How many Chinese people lost their lives during those ten years! Who was the chief culprit that launched the Cultural Revolution? It was the then Chinese Communist Party leader Mao Zedong who used the evil Communist Party organization to sabotage the implementation of state law.

During the past decade, since July 1999, the political hoodlum clique headed by Jiang Zemin and his accomplices, first confused right and wrong and tarnished Falun Dafa, which teaches people to be good people, calling it an evil cult. The hoodlums then began a brutal persecution of practitioners, acts that included and still include unlawful arrest, unlawful trial, and detention. A great number of practitioners, accused of sabotaging the implementation of state laws, were sent to labor camps and prisons, and many lost their lives as a result of torture!

Who are the real criminals that are using this evil organization to sabotage the implementation of state law? No regime or individual should decide whether or not a theory represents an evil religion. The key judging point is whether the theory is teaching people to be good people, or encouraging people to do evil.

Falun Dafa is a righteous Fa that teaches people to be good, as millions of Dafa practitioners have demonstrated to the world with their noble conduct. Since Falun Dafa is not an evil religious organization, how can Dafa disciples' firm belief in Dafa constitute any crime called "using an evil religious organization"? The fundamental nature of law is to punish evil and advocate good. Then isn't Dafa practitioners' firm belief in the principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance itself an act of protecting state law - to punish the evil and advocate good? How can it be accused of sabotaging the implementation of state law?

On the contrary, the CCP is indeed the largest evil organization in the world today, and the persecution of Falun Gong by Jiang Zemin's political hoodlum clique is truly criminal - using an evil organization, the CCP, to sabotage the implementation of state laws. They are the real criminals.

Article 300 in China's Criminal Law was tailor-made for Jiang's political hoodlum clique and the CCP. It is unfortunate that this law has not only failed to be applied to help clear out the evil CCP, which has harmed the Chinese nation for nearly 100 years since its establishment in China, but has also been used to persecute Falun Dafa and those who uphold this great belief. No Chinese laws exist that forbid people from practicing Falun Gong. To convict practitioners for practicing their belief system not only proves that the CCP is not ruling according to the rule of law, but also provides the most plausible evidence that the CCP does not apply the rule of any law in the persecution of Falun Gong, instead using only hoodlum means.

I said to the professor: "I used to work in legal news editing. You are a jurisprudence professor. Such a tragedy is happening in our lifetime. It is a travesty for every one of us who is engaged in legal research, and for everyone who works in law enforcement!"

Having said this, I could not go on and looked directly into her by then tear-filled eyes. She said to me, "This is the first time I have heard someone explain in this way what an evil religion is." I said to her, "When a person has learned who the real evil organization is, he/she won't be fooled again and won't continue doing bad things. Instead, he/she will quit this evil organization - the CCP."

Concluding, she stated, "I understand now and I know what to do."

I was very pleased for her that she had learned the facts. At the end of the conversation she said to me kindly, "Don't be too straight-forward in what you say. You must learn to protect yourself."

I knew she was being kind to me, and I thanked her.