(Clearwisdom.net) It was a Sunday when I sold Shen Yun tickets with a practitioner for the first time this year. Now, during the final period of Fa-rectification, the opportunity to cooperate with others and sell Shen Yun tickets to save people - this time is very precious and should be cherished. Perhaps we have reminded each other during our countless reincarnations throughout history about this predestined relationship!

On the way to the ticket selling site, we shared our understandings with each other: we should support and be considerate of each other, and not complain when a problem arises. It is very important to form one body and reinforce the field of righteous thoughts. As long as we cultivate ourselves well in the Fa, it won't take much effort to sell the tickets, because “Cultivation depends on one’s own efforts, while the transformation of gong is done by one’s master.” (Zhuan Falun)

Our ticket selling site is a grocery store operated by a Chinese person. We have come here for several consecutive weekends. Crowds of customers came and went in front of us. They are of different ethnicities and backgrounds. Some felt surprised to hear about Shen Yun, some expressed their admiration for the show, some were very cold to us, and others waved their hands and said they already had a flyer. No matter how they reacted to me, I told myself, “I am spreading the good news about Shen Yun to save people, and my heart shouldn't be moved.”

I remembered Master's instruction from the fifth exercise (sitting meditation): “Compassion should arise in the heart, and the facial expression should be peaceful.” (The Great Consummation Way of Falun Dafa) I began to have a peaceful smile on my face. Watching the other practitioner introducing Shen Yun to customers with the album in her hands, in another dimension I felt my supernormal abilities emerge with her - the smile that comes from my heart actually carries the power of the Fa.

After a while, two ladies came to our booth and they wanted to buy five tickets. The younger lady told me that they came from another city and they drove more than an hour to come here to buy the tickets. The older lady said she missed the show last year. When she came to the store for grocery shopping last year, she saw our ticket selling booth. She didn't want her family to miss Shen Yun again, and that's why she came here today to buy the tickets. But she said it was a pity that she still wouldn't be able to make it this year. When I asked her why, she told me that she wouldn't be in town when Shen Yun is touring in Canada this coming January. So we immediately explained that a nearby city is going to have their show in December. She wrote down the date right away and also told us that her brother lives in that city and that she would go to see the show with her brother.

When we first came here to sell tickets, I remember the manager telling us that their customers were the same every week, implying that we didn't need to come there every weekend. He thought it would be a waste of time for us. At first, I also had some concerns. But after selling tickets there for several weeks, especially after the two ladies traveled so far to buy tickets, I've completely removed my notions and also had some new understandings about ticket selling sites:

As soon as our ticket selling site is established, in another dimension Master's fashen make arrangements for us to save people. As long as we, as cultivators, have the heart to save people, Master's fashen will bring sentient beings who have predestined relationships to come to us, even if they are hundreds of miles away. Some people are very deeply lost in the mundane world, perhaps they can only be awakened by hearing the good news of Shen Yun several times. The manager's thought that was formed among everyday people, such as: “same customers” or “a waste of time”, etc, isn't applicable to us at all on the issue of cultivation and saving people. On the contrary, if we accept such notions, won't it become an obstacle on our path of saving people? After all, every thought from cultivators will manifest itself in this human dimension. When we firmly believe that people with predestined relationships will come to us, then the customers won't be the “same” ones as usual. When we think that our righteous thoughts will help sentient beings with predestined relationship to break through all the obstacles to buy the tickets, every second becomes important and it won't be “a waste of time”. In my mind, after every ticket selling site is arranged, and it should be cherished by the practitioners who are involved in it.

As soon as I came to this realization, I felt my heart become very determined. When people came and stopped in front of me, I introduced the album and the video playing on the TV as usual. But after a while, the video on the TV disappeared and the screen went black. It turned out that the flyer holder was very close to the TV and when the other practitioner was taking out some flyers, several buttons on the TV were accidentally pressed, stopping the video. The other practitioner tried several times to reset the TV, but it didn't work. Because I was accustomed to introducing Shen Yun using the video, I suddenly felt a little bit uncomfortable. But then I had another thought, I shouldn't complain to anyone, no matter what factor is interfering with me, as long as I keep my heart unmoved, the interfering factor can't have any effect on me.

The practitioner tried several times to reset the TV, but the video still wasn't restored. However, the single thought of mine became ever stronger: even without the video, I shouldn't be interfered with, I should just introduce the show as usual, if I am supposed to sell the tickets, then I will. Within less than a minute, when I turned around, there was a teenager standing behind me with her father; her mother was Chinese. When she first came in, I tried to give the mother a flyer, but because she was standing far from me and was focused on shopping, she didn't immediately notice me. The lady said to me in Chinese that she wanted to buy three tickets. She said, “Our family saw Shen Yun last year, and we liked it very much! I was shopping just now and my husband saw your booth, so he came to me and told me that the wonderful performance we saw last year is back, how about we go see it again?” So after choosing their seats, they bought three tickets. As I was arranging their tickets, the lady picked up the Shen Yun album. While she browsed through it, she said to her daughter, “This is the real traditional culture of China.”

Why did they come and buy the tickets exactly at the time when the TV wasn't working? My understanding was that, when we don't complain and keep a steadfast heart in front of problems, Master's fashen and righteous divine beings in other dimensions will naturally bring people with predestined relationship to us to buy the tickets.

However, during this process, facing every single thought of ours with a righteous mind, and maintaining the operation of every ticket selling spot with righteous thoughts becomes extremely important!