Experiencing Falun Dafa's Divine Power

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A Huge Metal Door Opens for Nineteen Practitioners with Righteous Thoughts Allowing them to Escape from a Detention Center [2/24/2004]
Dafa Disciples Clarify The Truth And Walk Out Of A Brainwashing Class After Two Hours [9/10/2003]
Remarkable Stories of an Elderly Female Dafa Practitioner [3/3/2003]
Stubborn Skin Disease Cured Through Steadfast Cultivation in Falun Dafa [11/22/2002]
Short Stories of Fa Rectification [9/2/2001]
Unexpected Encouragement from an Old Man When Sending Forth Righteous Thoughts [8/8/2001]
Medical Professor's Testimonial to the Miracles of Falun Dafa [7/31/2001]
Photo Report: The Moment We Sent Forth Righteous Thoughts Together [6/20/2001]
What Little Yueyue Saw While Eradicating the Evil on May 27 [5/31/2001]
What Shanshan Saw in Other Dimensions (VII) [5/30/2001]
Short Stories of Dafa Disciples Eradicating Evil with Righteous Thoughts [5/23/2001]
Wondrous Cultivation Stories from Deep in the Mountains [5/19/2001]
Using Righteous Thoughts to Destroy Evil Beings That Manipulate Ordinary People [5/12/2001]
Obtaining Dafa after Years of Seeking [5/6/2001]
With Teacher at the helm, the Fa saves all beings (Part II) [5/5/2001]
One Wink in the Boundless Dafa (III) [5/5/2001]
"With Teacher at the Helm, The Fa Saves All Beings," Part I [5/4/2001]
What Shanshan Saw in Other Dimensions (III) [5/3/2001]
One Wink in the Boundless Dafa (II) [5/3/2001]
What Shanshan Saw in Other Dimensions (II) [5/2/2001]
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