(Clearwisdom.net) I am 81 years old, a student of Master's first class of spreading the Fa. I am the person that Master mentioned in Zhuan Falun. I had a metal pipe fall on top of my head, but I was fine. Greetings, Master! I miss you! I know you know who I am, I am waiting for your return!


Master began spreading Falun Gong in the spring of 1992. He wore a gray colored sweater, all his clothes were pretty old. His daughter Meige was with him, and Master always brought lunch in a lunch box. Master endured lots of hardships. The first class was on the south side of Monkey Hill in Triumph Park, Changchun City. Master talked to 5-6 people there, then began teaching them the exercises. As soon as this happened, several dozen people joined in, and then Master held classes.

One of Master's early students was a teacher employed by the Changchun City Fifth High School. He borrowed a classroom, and Master held his first class there. The tickets were only ten yuan each. My father died three days before the class started. I told Master I have only several yuan left, not enough to buy a ticket. Master said, I'll let you in for free. Master charged a little money just to pay to print books.

When Master taught the class, his daughter Meige would play outside the classroom. I was taking care of my grandson, so he played together with Meige. Once I bought popsicles for them, but Meige insisted on not taking it. I said, your father is my teacher, so we are like kin in one school. After Meige ate the popsicle, she quietly pulled Master's shirt corner. Master gave her some money, she bought back a popsicle for my grandson. Meige is a very good child. She said Master does not fear anything but is troubled to see sentient beings suffer. Whenever he saw people suffering, he would have tears. We heard Master needed to publish books; so, we took the initiative to donate money. Some donated 100 yuan; some gave 50 yuan. Some people did not learn the practice, but still donated money because they saw Master was such a kind person. Altogether some 40 to 50 people donated money. The book was later published as Falun Gong; it was priced at eight yuan.

There were not many people in the spring of 1992, but by 1993, there were so many people that the east, south and west slopes of Monkey Hill were covered with new practitioners. Master held more classes, one of these classes was in the Aerospace Club, in the vehicle manufacturing area; these I attended. There were so many people; the seats were all full. Many people came from out of town, even foreigners. The Air Force Hotel near Triumph Park was full. There was an old couple, the lady made it, but her husband was stuck home watching their grandson; the husband cried so hard. You see, people know this is the best practice from the bottom of their heart! There was a woman farmer there who had dreamed there would be a Master named "木子"(Master's family name consisted of these two characters); she also came to Changchun City.

One day a volunteer assistant brought an American lady in her 20s. She looked me over, and greeted me with the heshi gesture (hands pressed together in front of the chest). Many people had heard I had been hit on the head with a metal pipe, but was fine. My home was near a construction site. One day when I passed there, a metal pipe suddenly dropped from high above onto my head. It punched my head, then stuck standing in the ground next to me. My head had a small depression, but no bleeding or pain. I said, "Who patted me?" When I turned around, I saw a white Falun turning and ascending! This practice is too good, I truly believe that.

Every morning, I usually was the first to arrive for practice at Triumph Park. I would leave my home between 2 a.m. and 3 a.m., carrying a broom or shovel. I was not hesitant at all. I would start the exercises as soon as I arrived and finish by dawn. I and others in our group would then sweep the place. Many disciples were like that. One old lady lived in Tiebei District; she got up every day at midnight and walked to the park (no bus ran that early). Another old lady lived in Jinqianbao community, a very far suburb north of Changchun. She started her walk every day to our site at 3 a.m. We were poor then and did not have down-filled jackets. We just wore thick cotton shirts and pants. We were so dedicated! Master led the exercises on the steps of the Monkey Hill, we disciples did them in the south wood.

Later Master wanted to charge only 20 yuan for each class ticket. The Qigong Association disagreed and said others all charge 50 yuan. Why should you only charge 20? Master said, "I only need money to print books." Finally, Master agreed to charge 30 yuan. The Qigong Association would not bother you if you charge lots of money, but it interfered with Master because Falun Gong charged less.

There were many miracles during Master spreading the Fa. There was a man on crutches in the Aerospace Club. Master said, "Carry him up to the stage." I did not see Master do anything on the surface; I just heard Master say, "Get up." He got up. Master then said, "Walk." He then walked. Master said, "Walk down from the stage." He walked down by himself. He was so moved!

One student took a photo at our practice site. The photo revealed two white dragons on the head of one student doing the second exercise. Another old lady wearing her hair in a bun (very old style), regained her period. My son's friend knew I became healthy after practicing and recommended it to his parents. His parents practiced a half year. One night during the Chinese New Year Holidays, many came to their home to play Ma-jong. The old lady could not control herself, played too much and stopped practicing Falun Gong. She died with stomach cancer at home. Her family planned to keep her three days for service, but she came alive on the third day. She got up, took off the death clothes, changed into regular clothes, and ate a meal, Then immediately she did the second exercise. She seemed a healthy person, and constantly told others, "Falun Gong is good! I came back to tell you Falun Gong is good! I did not cultivate well, I was wrong." She died again in three days after coming back to life. Her husband's family name is Chen. He came to our site to tell us all, "Falun Gong is good! Cultivate well! This practice is truly miraculous!" Some disciples with their third eye open saw that our practice site had red clouds above it and Master's law-body sat on top. Master was personally teaching us the exercises, and correcting our movements.

I read the book and do the exercises every day and have no health problems. My sons all say my health is better than their health. I send forth righteous thoughts to eliminate the evil and help our detained fellow practitioners escape the evil dens. I write, "Falun Dafa is good" on currency to save people. My only thought is I miss Master and Meige; I cry whenever thinking of Master. When I burn incense for Master, I look at Master's photo for a long time. Although I am still in my home, I feel I am actually with Master in Triumph Park. I am very strong, waiting for Master's return. I want to be a witness for Master; all I said is true. I am living evidence . (The old disciple cried.)