(Clearwisdom.net) The book is shining

Ever since I received Zhuan Falun in 1999, I have been eagerly reading it. I studied three chapters a day so that I could finish reading the entire book every three days. My soul was overwhelmed by the Buddha Fa, and my understanding of the world changed significantly. I became healthier and happier, as well. What Master said really touched my heart. However, due to my poor enlightenment quality and the influence of atheist ideology, I did not understand why Master said that the book was shining, when all I could see was the paper and printed words. On one night, it was one o'clock in the morning after I finished reading three chapters, when I suddenly saw some light emitting from the book. It was very colorful and the light was sometimes red, sometimes yellow, sometimes blue, which was amazing. I was so surprised and later on, I realized that Master was encouraging me to believe in Dafa. From that point on, I believed in whatever Master said without any doubt.

One day, after I spent a whole day reading Master's lectures in Australia, I had a dream that Master came to my room. He was very tall and smiled at me, holding my hands. I felt that every one of my cells was shaking. After I woke up, I understood that Master was encouraging me to study the Fa. Sometimes, when I study the Fa for one to two hours, I felt that a warm current was passing through my whole body and my body was shaking from inside out. Master was purifying my body. There are times when I cried as I read the Fa. It was my true self that was touched. My experiences with the wonders of Dafa are hard to describe in words.

A fixed piece of ceiling

After I started doing cultivation, many magical things have happened in my home.

One day, when I was boiling some water, I forgot to turn off the stove. I went to talk with my sister-in-law about the facts of Dafa and three hours later, I thought of the water and hurried back to the kitchen. I found that the stove was off and the water was boiling. Another day, when I was using the pressure cooker, since the pot was too old, the cover was not able to hold the pressure any more and it exploded. The boiling soup splattered everywhere onto my body and I was very scared. However, I was not hurt. Another time when I was washing clothes, there was spilled water everywhere on the floor. When I was about to stand up, I fell down and hit my head. My family was afraid that I was seriously hurt and helped me up, but I was fine, as I knew that Master was protecting me.

My mother-in-law is more that ninety years old and she also studies the Fa every day, but she does not do the exercises. One day when she was at home by herself and she went to the bathroom, she fell down and was not able to get up. Someone else helped her up and she felt some pain in her face. She looked at herself in the mirror and found that she was fine. She went to the other rooms, but she found no one at home but herself. She realized that it was Master that helped her off the ground. She made the heshi gesture and thanked Master.

In 2002, my daughter was getting married at the same time as when we were busy renovating her home. The carpenter was in a hurry, and part of the ceiling in the dining room fell down when the painter was working there. I called the carpenter and asked him to fix it. Two days later, that piece fell down again. It was two days before when we were to move in and four days before her wedding. I was very upset and asked the carpenter to see what he had done. I was not tolerant and blamed him. He was embarrassed and said that he would fix it the next morning.

After I got home, I looked inward. The carpenter did not do that on purpose. I am a practitioner and should be tolerant. How could I have blamed him? Since this happened, I should just let it go naturally. I had not studied the Fa for several days. I knew that I should just go ahead and study the Fa, which is what I did next. The next morning, I went to the new home and met both the carpenter and painter there. I opened the door, and we were so surprised that the piece had already been fixed. We looked at each other and could not figure out what had happened. Later on, I thought of what I said to myself the night before, and I told them what happened. Since I had been talking to them about the facts of Dafa while they were working in my home, they were both amazed by the wonders of Dafa.