(Clearwisdom.net) There are many Falun Dafa practitioners who have had experiences in which they were in dangerous situations, but emerged safely. The following are only a few examples taken from many of these events.

1. One of my relative's entire family practiced Falun Dafa around 1995. They lived in a one-floor house with a yard and a well on the grounds. The well was several meters deep and filled with water and mud. On one occasion, my relative was carrying a washing machine into the yard, but didn't see the well. He stepped into the hole and fell down the well. A second relative was helping him carry the washing machine, but didn't see what happened and wondered how he had disappeared. Then, he saw someone's upper body emerge from the well, covered by blackish mud. He pulled him out, and his entire body was covered with the black mud except for his white teeth when he spoke. He said, “When I fell inside, the water was so deep that I couldn't touch the bottom. Suddenly, I was pushed all the way out of the well by an unseen force.” This was incredible, because his feet couldn't touch the bottom and there was nothing for him to push against. What force helped him up? The type of well he fell in had a small opening, but was much larger on the inside. When someone falls into this type of well, he most likely won't be able to escape without help. We all knew that he practiced Falun Dafa, and we understood that Teacher's law body saved him. This was also an opportunity for him to repay some of his karma.

2. I have another relative whose backyard had a pigpen with a stack of cornstalks next to it used for firewood. The stack of cornstalks was about two or three meters high. Around May 1999, he wanted to clean up the stack a little, and to avoid the trouble of getting a ladder, he just climbed onto the stack by stepping on tree branches and stumps. Just as he stepped onto the top of the stack, he fell off, head first. He didn't see that his head was about to hit a metal pig trough, which would've caused serious injury. A miracle occurred at that critical moment. A tree branch somehow caught onto his pants pocket, and his body hung in the air. He then was able to turn around and step down to the ground. The only damage was that his pocket was torn, but he wasn't hurt at all. From this experience, he, and everyone around him realized that what Teacher said was indeed the truth:

“Therefore, some dangerous things may occur in the course of cultivation practice. When these things take place, however, you will not be scared, and neither will real danger be allowed to happen to you.” (Zhuan Falun)

3. Around 1996 or 1997, there was a farmer living in Jilin Province, who was probably a little less than 60 years old. He and his wife were making pickled cabbage at home. The way that northeastern Chinese make pickled cabbage is to first dip the cabbage in boiling water, and then pickle them in big cylinders with additional water and other ingredients. Then, they put weights on the top, and wait for them to ferment. That day, they were home alone. They were using a lot of firewood, because there was a lot of cabbage to pickle. In northeastern China, people usually sleep on kang, and fire burns in the stove below it. There were mats, leather covers, and other items on top of the kang, but the fire below got too big, and these items became overheated and caught on fire. Then, the curtain next to the kang also caught fire. There was a motorcycle nearby with a full gas tank, which was very dangerous. When the couple saw the fire, the flames were already very big. Their children were not at home and there wasn't time to go to the neighbors for help. With no other options and without thinking, the elderly man picked up a washbasin with just a little water in it, and splashed it on the fire. Then, a miracle happened - that big fire was put out with only this little amount of water. Later, he explained to others that the flames were so big at the time, that they were about to reach the ceiling. The ceiling had several layers of paper glued together, and would have easily caught on fire. Yet for some reason, the flames didn't rise, but instead were all turned downwards. Their home was saved, and many people visited them to see what had happened for themselves, and realized that Falun Gong practitioners were protected by their Teacher whenever they encountered dangerous situations.

4. There was a very large insect infestation in a rural area near Changchun, Jilin Province around June and July of 2008. The unanimous solution by the farmers was to use pesticides. There was a female practitioner whose husband was working in another town and not home at the time. She was opposed to using pesticides. One day, she went to the farm and said to the insects, “If I use pesticides to kill you, it is killing and not in accordance with the Fa. If I don't use pesticides, you'll eat all my crops. If I don't use pesticides on you, will you all go elsewhere?” She went home, and after several days, she went back to the field. To her surprise, there were no insects left on her field. The fields on both sides of hers still had insects, but there were none in her field. Other farmers used lots of pesticides, but still suffered losses.

5. There was a major drought in Qian'an County, Jilin Province in 1998. Everyone saw on the news that even the leaves on the cornstalks were dried out and brown. However, out of the entire county, only Qizijing had plenty of rain. It was as if the rain knew the village borders, because the villages and towns next to Qizijing had no rain at all. Many people said that this was because there were a lot of practitioners in Qizijing, who all followed Falun Gong's requirements to cultivate themselves, and everyone there benefited from it.

6. There was a major flood in Liaoning Province in 1998. One village was completely destroyed, except for one little house. When the water reached this house, it circled around without touching it. The local people all thought that it was miraculous. Reporters went there to interview them and take videos. What was so special about this house? The owner was a Falun Gong practitioner.