(Clearwisdom.net) I started practicing Falun Dafa on April 18, 2011. It seemed accidental, but when I look back, I feel that how I obtained the Fa was miraculous.

My husband, my eldest son and I went on a Caribbean cruise on April 9, 2011. On the last day of the trip, despite my husband's constant objections, I insisted that we both participate in a skating game on the ship. We went and I had a hard fall. My ankle swelled up immediately. I was in a considerable amount of pain and unable to walk. After emergency treatment on the ship, I needed to use walking canes to go back to my cabin. I ended the last day of my trip with regret and pain, and went home in a wheelchair.

My husband went out of town on business the day after we arrived home. Only my eldest son and I remained. I had to rely on the support of two canes to walk. It was difficult. I also had to do housework and take care of my son. I felt so helpless, and yet I had no other choice but to keep doing what was expected of me. I felt deeply ashamed that it was because of my desire to play that I was in this state.

I was unable to move easily, and could only stay at home. I decided to surf the Internet one day and started to watch videos on YouTube. There were news stories on there that are blocked in China, so I was very interested in them. While browsing through the videos, a website suddenly caught my eye. I clicked on it without a second thought, and saw the Falun Dafa website. I clicked on the Chinese link and immediately saw information about Falun Dafa. I then clicked the audio link and started listening to the Dafa music.

A kind of force, with which I was totally unfamiliar, made me fold my legs without realizing it, and I did not worry about my bad leg either. While I was listening to the music I couldn't help but to shed tears. The music was so touching. When I became a practitioner and studied the Fa, I gradually realized that it was my knowing side crying. I had lived countless lives and experienced numerous tribulations in search of this Fa, and Master had now bestowed it upon me, taking me out of an inconsequential life. My appreciation to Master is beyond description.

I got up after awhile and went to prepare dinner for my son. I stood up and started walking, forgetting about using my canes. I was shocked when I realized that I was walking, because I used to have unbearable pain when I walked, even with the support of my canes. I later started reading the Dafa books on the website. While I was reading and listening to the Dafa music, I frequently went to the restroom. I noticed that a lot of filthy things were discharged from my body.

I used to have many illnesses such as inflammation of my stomach, bowels, mammary glands and I also suffered from dysmenorrhea. I had spent a lot of money on treatments and tried therapy, Chinese medicine and acupuncture, but none seemed to work. Yet after studying the Fa for only a short time, all my illnesses disappeared and my entire body felt so wonderfully light. I did however experience a resurgence of pain in my joints, especially in my back, where I often had unbearable pain since giving birth to my two sons, both delivered by cesarean. A previous X-ray had shown that I suffered from excessive thickening of bone tissue in my neck and lower back. However, this pain soon went and never appeared again.

The majority of residents in my area are westerners, and Falun Dafa had not reached there yet. I found the contact details of a practitioner and started talking with him over the phone. At the same time, I began reading a lot of reports on the Minghui and The Epoch Times websites, as well as information about Shen Yun. I bought Dafa books, music CDs, and an exercise instruction DVD from the Tianti Books website, and started learning the exercises by myself. I studied the books every day, and listened to Master's lecture in Guangzhou. As I was learning the Fa, Master often gave me hints and guided me further in cultivation. The practitioner later taught me how to send forth righteous thoughts.

I now do the three things every day and try to do them well. Daily Fa study and cultivation during this time helped me to build a firm belief in Dafa. As I progressed in cultivation, I no longer feared what I had feared before, nor worried about what I had worried before.

Master with His boundless grace has bestowed blessings on me and gave me this miraculous experience. Master gave me the chance of a new life. I deeply understand that I'm a life who committed sins and has accumulated karma lifetime after lifetime. But Master did not judge me or turn His back on me. Rather, he dragged me out from hell and cleansed me with His compassion.