(Clearwisdom.net) At the end of 2008 while I was busy preparing for my child's wedding, more than 4,000 cucumber seedlings in my 80-meter-long shed developed a downy mildew, a serious disease to cucumber seedlings. My family members blamed me for not taking care of them well and other people gossiped about me. If I threw them all out, I knew what the consequence would be to our livelihood. My family used many remedies to solve the problem but to no avail.

Long ago I developed the habit of arguing heatedly when facing these kinds of difficulties both inside and outside of my family. This time I was surprisingly calm. It was as if Master was at my side. My first thought was that this is not a problem. On the path of cultivation good and bad things are both good. Conflicts in life give us opportunities to improve our xinxing.

What should I do? Maybe I should talk to the seedlings? Recalling that Master said that plants are living beings as well, I said to them: "I don't blame you for being like this. I as your owner did not look after you well and neglected you in the process of growing up and didn't tend to your needs. I sincerely apologize for this. I'm really sorry. Please forgive me for my carelessness." I told them in a formal manner, "Your owner is a Falun Gong practitioner. Falun Gong is the universe's great law. All the myriad of things in the world must assimilate to this great law. I hope that we can both become healthy under the nurturing of the Buddha law.”

I said what I needed to say and did what I needed to do. I didn't think much and my heart felt light and spacious.

What happened afterwards that year was the same as usual. I followed all the conventional procedures for planting small seedlings. After a month I smiled when I saw that the seedlings in the shed were all bright green. I greeted and acknowledged them. After uprooting the plants and selling them I calculated the economic benefits. Compared to the previous few years, this season was the most successful.

I knew deeply that Master had assisted me and helped me to enlighten. He helped me to let go of all wordly attachments. If it is yours you won't lose it, if it is not yours don't try to get it.