(Clearwisdom.net) This story is about an incredible event that recently occurred in our region. Two elderly sisters who are practitioners returned to their birthplace to introduce Falun Dafa to the people there. With Master's assistance, they were able to ride a mortorcycle to more quickly get around and distribute their truth-clarifying materials. This allowed them to visit all the villages within a 10-plus kilometer radius of their birthplace.

The two sisters in our region had always wanted to bring Falun Dafa information to people in their remote birthplace. They prepared well, and in the middle of August they went back to their birthplace by bus, carrying a big bag of truth-clarifying materials. They stayed in the home of relatives and learned the roads in the village and surrounding area. They planned to distribute the truth-clarifying materials during the nighttime. They discussed that they could not finish the distribution in one or two nights if they walked to the villages. They did not want to be a bother to their relatives by staying at their home for too long of a time.

The older sister said, “It would be great if one of us could ride a motorcycle. We could then finish doing this in half a night.” The younger sister responded, “Neither of us know how to operate a motorcycle!” The older sister said, “There is one parked at our relative's warehouse. I think that everything in the world comes for Dafa and should be used for Dafa. Today, we want to save people, the most sacred thing. The motorcycle is right here in front of us. It is waiting for us to use it to introduce the Fa and assist Master in Fa Rectification. As long as we have the wish to seize every moment to save sentient beings, I believe Master will help us, teach us, and give us wisdom. Will it then be difficult for us to learn how to ride a motorcycle?”

They discussed the sitation with the relative and she said, “It is no problem. My husband is not at home now, and the motorcycle is idle. Go ahead and use it!” She brought the keys of the motorcycle to the older sister. The older sister sat on the motorcycle and asked Master for help. In her heart she said, “Master! Please help us to ride this motorcycle to distribute the truth-clarifying materials to every household. Let the people see the truth, understand the truth, and then be saved.” The older sister started the motorcycle and it appeared as if someone was next to her giving hands-on training. In just a few minutes, they rode it to the nearby villages to distribute the materials without any difficulties. They were out for about three hours and returned to the relative's home before midnight.

After they were back home, the older sister told the younger sister and the relative, “Even now, I still do not know how the motorcycle was launched and how we got back home.”The relative was surprised, “So you do not know how to ride a motorcycle? I did not realize that because you did it so easily. That's amazing!” The older sister told her, “We both practice Falun Dafa and truly believe in Dafa. With this pure wish, Master gave us the wisdom and taught us to ride the motorcycle so that we could bring the information about Falun Dafa to the folks in our birthplace.” The relative responded, “I really see the miracle of Falun Dafa through what you have done here today!”