(Clearwisdom.net) I went into town to get truth clarification DVDs from a fellow practitioner on September 7, 2009. On my way back, I missed my bus. In order to distribute the DVDs to people sooner, I decided to walk back home instead.

It was already dark, so I walked quickly to rush home. To ease the fear, I sang songs performed by Shen Yun while walking. When I came to a desolate part of town, a man on his motorcycle suddenly stopped and offered me a ride. Since I did not know him, I declined his offer. To persuade me to go along with him, he told me that his uncle also lived in the town market. I knew it was a lie because the person this man mentioned as his uncle is actually my own uncle, and he does not have a nephew.

I had heard there were many gamblers in this village. When the market was open, the gambling tables sometimes extended to the front of the police station. The police chief was in cahoots with those gamblers. Violent events often occurred in the neighborhood.

I ignored the man, but he followed me closely, watching the passing cars as he did. I feared what he might do. I could not ask for help from anyone passing by because I did not have any evidence of wrongdoing. So, I silently asked Master for help. Surprisingly, the man's motorcycle engine suddenly stopped. The man tried to restart the engine several times to no avail. As I walked to a river near my house, the man pulled up his motorcycle in front of me. Greedily staring at my bag, he said that I should not walk alone with such a big bag on such a dark night. He again followed me closely. Suddenly, his motorcycle engine stopped again, and he could not restart it this time, no matter how hard he tried.

Looking at him pushing his motorcycle, I realized in my heart that Master had protected me.