(Clearwisdom.net) I live in rural Sichuan Province, China. My family was classified as belonging to the landlord class by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and our family members suffered much humiliation. We were relegated to live as peasants. Children of landlords and wealthy families were given the heavy lifting and dirty work and were forced to take on the lowest standard of living.

As a child, I suffered from numerous ailments, including numbness in my feet. Even when needles were stuck into my feet, I could not feel the pain. In addition, my urinary system did not work properly. I went to the hospital many times but never got better. My sickness only got worse.

In 1985, I finally became completely paralyzed. Because I lost the ability to urinate, my family had to make a hole in my bed so that I could urinate in a pot placed beneath the bed. That sort of life was worse than being dead and I struggled every day with a very desperate feeling. Due to my medical fees, my family owed a huge debt. Everyone thought my life was almost over.

In 1997, I was very lucky to learn about Dafa and was saved by Master Li Hongzhi. Within a short time, I could stand up. I kept studying the Fa and practicing the exercises. Gradually I began to walk and started to do some household chores. My whole family witnessed my transition to this new life, so my wife and child also stepped onto the path of cultivation. The miracles in my life also had a profound impact on my neighbors and they all wanted to learn Dafa.

My wife lived a terrible life before she obtained the Fa. She had an unusual sickness which brought her severe headaches with no known reason plus a terrible toothache. No medicines were able to alleviate these severe pains, which tortured her almost to death. Later, she turned blind and could not walk without feeling her way. As the pain of the headaches continued, her senses were dulled to the point that she did not know whether it was night or day. With her severe pain, she was convinced that she would certainly die.

A miraculous thing occurred as soon as my wife learned Dafa: her headaches, toothaches, and other sicknesses disappeared. Her eyesight was restored and she joined a group of practitioners to study the Fa, practice the exercises, and spread the Fa. It was our revered Master who gave me and my wife a second life. Our good health is testament to the power of Falun Dafa.

In April 1997, I started to get up and walk and I walked like a handicapped person. An accident occurred, and I fell from a high cliff. As I struggled to get up, I saw a transparent Falun rotating above my head. I realized that it was Master Li Hongzhi protecting me. I was wearing a white shirt, but I could not find even a single speck of dust anywhere on my body.

In the latter half of 1997, I carried water for my over 80-year-old mother. Another accident occurred when I fell from a huge rock as high as a two-story building. Once again, with Master's protection, I did not lose even a single hair. People that knew me said that Dafa disciples had good fortune and a good life with Master's protection. Thereafter, I put more effort into introducing Dafa to people with predestined relationships and I cultivated more diligently myself.

One winter day in 1998, I carried two sacks of potatoes on my shoulders to the market for sale. On the highway, a double-decker bus suddenly hit me from behind and knocked me to the ground. I immediately understood that this was to help me dissolve my karma. I did not ask for one penny from the driver and told him, "You can go now, I am alright. I am a Dafa practitioner."

In 2009, I was walking along the highway. All of a sudden, a big truckload of bricks tipped sideways when it passed through a bad stretch of the road with many potholes. A bunch of the bricks hit me and made me fall to the ground. Then a miracle happened. The bricks were smashed into many pieces but I was safe. Dafa practitioners do not give others trouble. Therefore, when the driver tried to give me money, I refused to take it. The crowd of people standing by felt that this was unfair to me. I told the driver that I practiced Falun Gong. I convinced him to quit the Chinese Communist Party and its affiliated organizations and told him again and again to remember in all sincerity that Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good, Falun Dafa is good.

My family planted vegetables in the same field as other villagers. Others always sprayed chemicals to kill the insects and yet their vegetables were always damaged by insects. Meanwhile, we never sprayed any chemicals on our plants but our vegetables did not get eaten by worms and they grew wonderfully.

All these miracles surprised the villagers and as a result, some of them started to practice Falun Dafa.