(Clearwisdom.net) I'm 67 years old, and I used to be sick all the time. I was fortunate to learn Dafa in 1997. Soon after, all my sicknesses were gone. During the past decade, I have experienced many miracles from Dafa. The following are two of the most amazing stories I'd like to share with you.

Learning to Read in My Old Age

I came from a very poor family and didn't get any formal education. When I first saw Master's picture in a Dafa book, I realized that Master and the Fa were what I'd been searching for.

While I was extremely happy to obtain a copy of Zhuan Falun, I was deeply concerned about my inability to read. There were so many words in the book, yet all I understood was the word "one." What was I supposed to do? I made a vow that I must read through the book word by word. So I took a pen in my trembling hand and copied the words from the book on both sides of some little square cards. I kept them in my pockets, and wherever I went, I took every opportunity to ask for help. Master also taught me and enlightened me many times in my dreams.

One day I dreamed of Master giving me many keys. Shortly after that dream I was able to read through Zhuan Falun. Now I can read through all of Master's lectures and scriptures. My excitement is beyond words. I never thought I'd have the good fortune to learn to read at my age, be happily bathed in the Buddha light, and be saved by Master.

Dafa Saved My Grandson

My grandson, who was a pre-teen, fell into a ten-meter-deep lime pit last summer when he was out playing. Although the fire was out when it happened, the remaining heat still made the pit as hot as an oven. My grandson was in deep coma, blood streaming from his face. The people who rushed to help were all stunned. I ran to the site, took him from my son, and held him tightly in my arms. I said over and over in a firm and loud voice, "Falun Dafa is good. Master, please save him." I knew Master was the only hope to save him.

The ambulance came and took him to the county hospital. After checking him over, the doctor refused to take him. So he was transferred to a city hospital where the doctors intended to do the same. My daughter-in-law was bathed in tears and insisted that the doctor admit him. The doctor hesitated: "Since you insist, we'll have to do brain surgery right away. But with the location and degree of the injury, his chance of survival is very slim. The expense for the treatment is another factor you have to consider. You must be prepared for the worst." After my daughter-in-law's repeated pleas, the doctor finally agreed to do the surgery. A nurse shaved my grandson's head.

I hurried to the hospital. Knowing the doctor didn't have confidence that he could save my grandson, I said to everybody, "Let's wait till tomorrow morning to make the decision." So the surgery was postponed.

Overnight, I repeatedly murmured in his ears, "Falun Dafa is good." I asked him to follow the words in his heart if he could hear me. Amazingly, the second half of the night, he moved a bit, and one time he opened his eyes. By the morning his situation was much improved. He could move, his eyes were open, and some of his memory had returned. When the doctors came by for their daily rounds, everyone in the room, including the other patients, were surprised to see how he had improved. They concluded that he must have been protected by gods. It was a big relief to us when the doctor suggested that we cancel the surgery and wait for him to recover since he'd passed the critical time.

I took the opportunity to tell every witness that it was Master who saved him. It was the words "Falun Dafa is good" that I repeated in his ears that created this miracle. With that explanation, I also clarified the truth to them. I had the impulse to run into a busy street and tell many, many more people that "Falun Dafa is good."

My grandson soon recovered and went back to school.

For over a decade, my family and I have received Master's compassionate salvation. I want to spread the wonderfulness of Falun Dafa to more people. Whether in the mountains or plains, cities or temples, wherever people live, they are my targets for truth-clarification. I hope that all the good-hearted people in the world will get to know the truth.