(Clearwisdom.net) I was introduced to Falun Gong and started practicing in 1996. At the beginning, my goal was to cure diseases and improve my health. At the time, I had suffered for many years, both mentally and physically, from a disease called lupus erythematosus, which is a type of leukemia. I attended various major medical centers as soon as I heard there was a doctor who might have a cure for my disease, but to no avail. Meanwhile, in desperation, I used a large amount of traditional Chinese medicine and western medicine to the extent that it made me want to vomit at the thought or sight of drugs.

However, upon practicing Falun Gong, my life changed dramatically. At the start, I read the book, "Zhuan Falun," several times, and each time I read it, I felt that every word was as precious as gold. I understood that I was the only one who could change the path of my life, and that as long as I cultivated myself sincerely according to the Fa, Teacher would re-arrange my future. As a true practitioner, my body would be purified by Teacher. Hence, I immediately let go of my attachment of depending on drugs and stopped using them. It has now been twelve years since I became a practitioner and my health has been quite good. I feel relaxed and feel light when walking down the street. I am able to take care of all the household chores by myself. In the morning I usually get up early to do the exercises and during the day I study the Fa whenever I get the time, without feeling tired at all. Others have told me that I look much younger than before.

My Husband Quit Drinking

Besides doing the exercises and studying the Fa, I am also promoting Falun Gong to my friends and relatives, many of whom have started practicing along with me, with the exception of my husband. Though he is not against Falun Gong and does not bother me, his twenty years of drinking has been a problem, especially in recent years when his addiction worsened. He drank at every meal of the day and talked strangely, losing control of his main consciousness and negatively affecting my cultivation. Ironically, whenever he was sober he would help me deliver Falun Gong materials to fellow practitioners. My initial thought was that he was just helping me improve my moral character, so I did not pay enough attention to his alcohol addiction.

One day in mid-May 2008, as usual, he drank too much. But this time, it was different. His head drooped and could not raise it no matter how hard he tried. He told me to call his parents and that he was on the verge of death. I saw that it was interference by the evil forces. I immediately called fellow practitioners about the situation and they arrived at my home. After some discussion, we decided to take my husband to the hospital. However, fearing possible mishap, we made him take some heart medicine. After awhile his main consciousness became stronger and he became more sober. I then realized this situation was indeed persecution by the evil forces. So, we all started to send forth righteous thoughts and appealed to Teacher for help. By the time we finished, he had become normal again, but I saw a sphere of dark matter in front of my head about the size and shape of a balloon, dangling back and forth wherever I went. Because I had been cultivating with my celestial eye blocked in the past, I was not sure about this, and asked fellow practitioners if they could see it, but they could not. I went and opened the window to let it go out but it wouldn't budge. Later, we held Teacher's photo in our hands and asked for Teacher's help. This time, Teacher took it away, even though some remaining scattered dark matter gradually disappeared after a few days.

The next night, three fellow practitioners came to my home to send forth righteous thoughts together. While we sent forth righteous thoughts, a young practitioner who had his celestial eye open later told others that he saw us marching for long period of time and in a spacious dimension we encountered an evil being wearing a black cloak. This evil being had long piercing teeth and claws and looked like a disgusting animal. He saw us gathering our strength in trying to eliminate this evil being but we were not as fast as this evil being. He narrated that at the end we were very anxious and thought in our minds, "Teacher, let me go faster; let me go faster." Suddenly, Teacher sent out a huge fire ball, while a transparent glass window separated the evil being from us. Then the fire ball hit the evil being, which then vomited blood and fell on the glass. While we were all continuing the next hour of sending forth righteous thoughts, he saw the evil being lying on the ground lifelessly. Then, as everybody sent forth righteous thoughts again, it disappeared.

Amazingly, since then my husband has not had any alcohol and he has never even mentioned anything about drinking. He now lives a normal life.

An Encounter Arranged by Teacher Leads a Former Practitioner to Resume Cultivation

The mother of one of my co-workers at my previous workplace practiced Falun Gong before July 20, 1999. After the persecution started, she feared the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and stopped practicing and her illnesses came back. In 2007, she started to suffer from more illnesses, including diabetes and stroke, which caused her face to be paralyzed. She tried acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine for three months, but this failed to produce any result. Her daughter worried and wanted her to return to practicing Falun Gong.

One day I ran into this former co-worker in a public bathing facility. She complimented me on my fair, smooth, and healthy skin and said I did not look like someone who used to suffer from severe illnesses. I realized it was a good opportunity to talk to her about Falun Gong. So I started telling her about quitting the CCP and its associated organizations. She happily agreed for me to help her quit the Youth League and the Young Pioneers. Additionally, she wanted me to persuade her mother to resume practicing Falun Gong. Later, I went to talk to her mother about the truth of the persecution of Falun Gong and I successfully persuaded her to return to the path of cultivation. Now, three family members of my co-worker have started the journey of cultivation.

Words cannot express my gratitude to Teacher. Once again I want to thank Teacher for his benevolent and painstaking salvation!

August 29, 2008